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'Game of Thrones' Series Finale Post-Mortem

Decompress with us after eight years of nail-biting tension.

Jimmy Kimmel Predicts Bachelorette Winner

Jimmy and Bachelorette Hannah B go through the male contestants on the new season of ABC's 'The Bachelorette' and he reveals who his final four picks are and which one he thinks will ultimately win Hannah's heart. #Rosetradamus

'John Wick 3' Exceeds Box Office Expectations And…

The original 'John Wick' shot its way into theaters back in 2014 with a solid $14 million debut and the franchise has been on the rise ever since.

Bran Stark Speaks: Isaac Hempstead-Wright…

Spoilers for the series finale of Game of Thrones to follow…

Jimmy Kimmel on Game of Thrones Finale

The finale of 'Game of Thrones' was last night and more than 19 million Americans gathered around their televisions for it. Unfortunately, a good deal of the focus today was not on how great the show was, but a dumb little mistake you'd have to be a jewelry repairman to notice. A lot of fans were upset with the ending, because no one is ever happy. Regardless of what you thought of the final episode, this was one of the best shows of all time. Even Donald Trump chimed in on the finale.

Naomi Scott on Aladdin, Will Smith and Shirtless…

Naomi talks about playing Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, working with Will Smith, her brother's obsession with him, and discovering that Guy Ritchie was with a shirtless David Beckham while facetiming with him.

Full House Lannister

There are said to be at least three 'Game of Thrones' spinoff shows in the works. HBO has been very secretive on the subject, but they did release an exclusive first look at one of them which revives a beloved character, giving him new life, and a new TV family.

Jon Hamm on Playing an Angel

Jon talks about playing an angel in the new mini-series 'Good Omens,' and the St. Louis Blues hockey team possibly going to the Stanley Cup.

Jon Hamm on St. Louis, Hockey and Saturday Night…

Jon talks about the St. Louis Blues making it to the NHL Playoffs, what it's like when he goes back to visit friends in St. Louis, and reveals what happened when he was backstage at 'Saturday Night Live.'

Mavis Staples ft. Ben Harper – Change

Mavis Staples ft. Ben Harper – Change

Mavis Staples ft. Ben Harper – We Get By

Mavis Staples ft. Ben Harper – We Get By

Lie Witness News – Game of Thrones Finale

America is very fired up about 'Game of Thrones' and the ending of the show. So we went on the street and asked people to share their reactions to the 'Game of Thrones' finale that hasn't even happened yet. Did that stop people from pretending to weigh in on an episode of television they have never seen? We find out in tonight's Game of Thrones edition of #LieWitnessNews.

Celeste Barber on Recreating Celebrity Instagram…

Celeste talks about her massive Instagram following, recreating photos of celebrities, designer Tom Ford inviting her to New York Fashion week, meeting Russell Westbrook, her podcast 'Celeste at Her Best' and writing her book 'Challenge Accepted.'

Watch Game of Thrones with Your Kids!

'Game of Thrones' is such a big show that even Jimmy's four-year-old daughter knows about it. She asked Jimmy's wife Molly about the dragons and they had to tell her it is too scary for her to watch. That's part of the problem. The show comes on at 6 pm here on the West Coast and Jimmy's kids don't go to sleep until 7pm and 8pm so they have to wait to watch. Jimmy doesn't want to wait though, he wants to see it at the same time as everyone else. So luckily someone was brilliant enough to come up with this great idea.

Rest in Peace Grumpy Cat

It was a bittersweet day as we mourned the passing and celebrated the life of a beloved internet sensation – Grumpy Cat.