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EU Diplomat: 'If We Get A Second Trump Term, We're In Trouble'

Wochit Postables
CNN reports the cozy relationship the US has enjoyed with Europe for the past seventy years is being reconsidered on both sides of the Atlantic. Earlier this week, the EU declined to include the US in its list of 'safe countries.' Americans will be unwelcome inside the bloc for the foreseeable future, due to the eyewatering US coronavirus infection numbers. Sure to irk the Trump administration, the list does include China -- the country where the virus originated -- on the condition of reciprocal arrangements. Velina Tchakarova is from the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy. She says that President Donald Trump is undermining EU efforts to strengthen their autonomy in matters of security and defense. He's doing it, Tchakarova says, through his attacks on the European NATO members, and economic and trade measures. The problem is, officials in DC...have hung on as long as they can but if we get a second Trump term, then we are in real trouble. Velina Tchakarova Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy