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Former MLB Pitcher Mat Latos Sparks Mass Brawl at Can-Am Game

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Ex-Major League Baseball player Mat Latos was ejected from a Can-Am baseball game in Little Falls, New Jersey, on June 9, after he sparked a bench-clearing brawl between the his current team, the New Jersey Jackals, and the Rockland Boulders.A clip of the incident shared to YouTube shows Latos throwing a pitch that went just above Boulders’ batter Kevin Krause’s head. After some smack talk, Latos steps off the mound and approaches Krause, causing a number of players from the Boulders’ dugout to charge at him. Latos picks up Krause and bodyslammed him to the ground as both benches raced towards the fight.Latos and Boulders relief pitcher Ryan Deemes were both ejected from the game.The Jackals defeated the Boulders 5-3. Credit: Mike Ashmore/ via Storyful