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Now Climate Change Has Come For Fish And Chips

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Climate change is threatening fish and chips. The UK might be eating sardines and chips instead. Warmer seas are making cold water species like cod (the key ingredient in fish and chips) move north to colder seas. Instead, sea creatures like sardines, anchovies and squid are being found more often about Britain, which means anchovies might substitute cod for fish and chips. North Sea temperatures have been rising significantly in the past 30 years and are projected to keep rising. Gareth Redmond-King, Head of Energy and Climate at the World Wildlife Fund stated, “The threat to these classic dishes just shows that climate change could impact every aspect of our lives in future if we don’t act now. That’s why we want people to eat more sustainably. That doesn’t necessarily mean going vegan or vegetarian, it means each of us cutting back on the amount of fish, meat and dairy. If each of us takes a small action, together we can combat climate change and future-proof out best-loved dishes.” The British favorite chicken tikka masala isn’t safe, either. By 2050, climate change could cause rice and tomatoes to be more expensive, which are the main ingredients in the dish. World Wildlife Fund is encouraging people to make small changes that can help the environment like not using plastic utensils or paper cups.