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Daniel Brühl On History And Making '7 Days In Entebbe'

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This actor is complicating the realities of terrorism during a 1976 plane hijacking. Brühl plays Wilfred Böse in “7 days in Entebbe,” a radical German leftist who work to free Palestinian POWs by hijacking an Israeli plane. “It makes it dangerous when you dehumanize terrorists.” Brühl stated. “For me these films are important because if you learn about history, you understand better where you are right now. And you do understand better the status quo of 2018. You have all these different perspectives. You here all these voices. You understand where the Palestinians are coming from, and the Germans, and then obviously you have the politician in Israel and the soldiers dealing with it.” The weight of Germany’s history also leaves him with lots of questions. “In Germany, I still grew up with a feeling of guilt. And a conscience, and a lot of knowledge and a lot of knowledge about what had happened in my country. I was still as school when I was a boy the main subject matter. But still I’m very curious to find out more about it. Because I didn’t have the chance to talk to my German grandfather who was already dead when I was born.” “7 Days in Entebbe” is out now.