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NBA schedule 2020: Dates, times, TV channels for the season restart in Orlando

Sporting News — (Jordan Greer)

More than four months after the NBA suspended play following Rudy Gobert's positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test, the league is finally on track to restart its 2020 season.

Play is set to resume July 30 with a doubleheader featuring the Jazz vs. Pelicans and Clippers vs. Lakers. "Seeding games" will continue each day through Aug. 14 to determine playoff positioning. The postseason will follow the typical format with full best-of-seven series all the way through the NBA Finals.

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A total of 22 teams will travel to Orlando, Fla.: the 16 teams currently in playoff position and six teams within six games of the No. 8 seed in either conference (Kings, Pelicans, Spurs, Suns, Trail Blazers, Wizards).

Outside of the game schedule, there are additional unprecedented challenges. Players will be dealing with the threat of the novel coronavirus and injury following such a long layoff, plus the mental challenge of remaining focused on basketball while being largely isolated from the outside world.

The full 2020 NBA regular-season schedule is listed below by date along with the current standings. (Times and TV channels for the final two days of seeding games have not yet been revealed.)

NBA schedule 2020

(All times Eastern)

July 30

GameTime National TV
Jazz vs. Pelicans6:30 p.m.TNT
Clippers vs. Lakers9 p.m.TNT

July 31

GameTime National TV
Magic vs. Nets2:30 p.m.
Grizzlies vs. Trail Blazers4 p.m.NBA TV
Suns vs. Wizards4 p.m.
Celtics vs. Bucks6:30 p.m.ESPN
Kings vs. Spurs8 p.m.
Rockets vs. Mavericks9 p.m.ESPN

Aug. 1 

GameTime National TV
Heat vs. Nuggets1 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV
Jazz vs. Thunder3:30 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV
Pelicans vs. Clippers6 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV
76ers vs. Pacers7 p.m.
Lakers vs. Raptors8:30 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV

Aug. 2

GameTime National TV
Wizards vs. Nets2 p.m.
Trail Blazers vs. Celtics3:30 p.m.ABC/fuboTV
Spurs vs. Grizzlies4 p.m.
Kings vs. Magic6 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Bucks vs. Rockets8:30 p.m.ABC/fuboTV
Mavericks vs. Suns9 p.m.

Aug. 3

GameTime National TV
Raptors vs. Heat1:30 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Nuggets vs. Thunder4 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Pacers vs. Wizards4 p.m.
Grizzlies vs. Pelicans6:30 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV
Spurs vs. 76ers8 p.m.
Lakers vs. Jazz9 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV

Aug. 4

GameTime National TV
Nets vs. Bucks1:30 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Mavericks vs. Kings2:30 p.m.
Suns vs. Clippers4 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Magic vs. Pacers6 p.m.
Celtics vs. Heat6:30 p.m.TNT
Rockets vs. Trail Blazers9 p.m.TNT

Aug. 5

GameTime National TV
Grizzlies vs. Jazz2:30 p.m.
76ers vs. Wizards4 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Nuggets vs. Spurs4 p.m.
Thunder vs. Lakers6:30 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV
Raptors vs. Magic8 p.m.
Nets vs. Celtics9 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV

Aug. 6

GameTime National TV
Pelicans vs. Kings1:30 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Heat vs. Bucks4 p.m.TNT
Pacers vs. Suns4 p.m.
Clippers vs. Mavericks6:30 p.m.TNT
Trail Blazers vs. Nuggets8 p.m.
Lakers vs. Rockets9 p.m.TNT

Aug. 7

GameTime National TV
Jazz vs. Spurs1 p.m.
Thunder vs. Grizzlies4 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Kings vs. Nets5 p.m.
Magic vs. 76ers6:30 p.m.TNT
Wizards vs. Pelicans8 p.m.
Celtics vs. Raptors9 p.m.TNT

Aug. 8

GameTime National TV
Clippers vs. Trail Blazers1 p.m.TNT
Jazz vs. Nuggets3:30 p.m.TNT
Lakers vs. Pacers6 p.m.TNT
Suns vs. Heat7:30 p.m.
Bucks vs. Mavericks8:30 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV

Aug. 9

GameTime National TV
Wizards vs. Thunder12:30 p.m.
Grizzlies vs. Raptors2 p.m.
Spurs vs. Pelicans3 p.m.ABC/fuboTV
Magic vs. Celtics5 p.m.
76ers vs. Trail Blazers6:30 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Rockets vs. Kings8 p.m.
Nets vs. Clippers9 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV

Aug. 10

GameTime National TV
Thunder vs. Suns2:30 p.m.
Mavericks vs. Jazz3 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Raptors vs. Bucks6:30 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV
Pacers vs. Heat8 p.m.
Nuggets vs. Lakers9 p.m.TNT

Aug. 11

GameTime National TV
Nets vs. Magic1 p.m.
Rockets vs. Spurs2 p.m.NBA TV/fuboTV
Suns vs. 76ers4:30 p.m.
Trail Blazers vs. Mavericks5 p.m.
Celtics vs. Grizzlies6:30 p.m.TNT
Pelicans vs. Kings9 p.m.TNT
Bucks vs. Wizards9 p.m.

Aug. 12

GameTime National TV
Pacers vs. Rockets4 p.m.NBA TV
Raptors vs. 76ers6:30 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV
Heat vs. Thunder8 p.m.
Clippers vs. Nuggets9 p.m.ESPN/fuboTV

Aug. 13

GameTime National TV
Wizards vs. CelticsTBDTBD
Trail Blazers vs. NetsTBDTBD
Kings vs. LakersTBDTBD
Bucks vs. GrizzliesTBDTBD
Pelicans vs. MagicTBDTBD
Mavericks vs. SunsTBDTBD
Spurs vs. JazzTBDTBD

Aug. 14

GameTime National TV
76ers vs. RocketsTBDTBD
Heat vs. PacersTBDTBD
Thunder vs. ClippersTBDTBD
Nuggets vs. RaptorsTBDTBD

NBA standings 2020

Here are the current NBA standings as of March 11, the last day official games were played. Teams in bold have been invited to Orlando to finish the regular season.

Eastern Conference

SeedTeamRecordGames back

Western Conference

SeedTeamRecordGames back
Trail Blazers29-3721.5