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Oops: Team's Mannequins Not Exactly Family Fare

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Soccer is resuming in South Korea, and one team added mannequins to the otherwise empty stands to provide a sense of normalcy. One problem: Sharp-eyed fans watching on TV noticed the mannequins looked more like sex dolls, albeit fully clothed ones, reports the Guardian.

One giveaway: Some were sporting advertisements for pornographic sites, reports the BBC. A few apparently had the name of adult live-streamer BJ Chaero, the apparent inspiration for their design.

And as it turns out, the dolls were supplied to team FC Seoul by a company named Dalkom, which does indeed make sex dolls, per the AP.

"We would like to apologize to the fans," FC Seoul said in a statement. "We are deeply sorry." By all accounts, it seems the team had no inkling that the dolls might be a little unseemly.

Based on the explanation of a Dalkom official, the dolls had X-rated logos because a sex-toy company wanted to take promotional photos of them in the stands.

"They were supposed to take all the logos down before the game started," said the exec. "But there were several hairbands and logos left to be caught by public eye."

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