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Comey Investigated Over Possible Classified Breach

Newser — John Johnson

When James Comey gave four memos to a friend detailing his interactions with President Trump, he took pains to make sure they contained no classified information, the former FBI chief told Congress last year.

However, the Justice Department is now investigating whether he was wrong about that, reports the Wall Street Journal. The department's inspector general is looking at two memos in particular.

In one of them, Comey blacked out information of his own accord that he deemed to be confidential, according to the Journal. The other three he considered safe.

One of those three, however, apparently contained information that was upgraded to classified status after Comey left the FBI.

The situation is similar to one that occurred with Hillary Clinton and her infamous email server—some emails that she circulated were OK at the time she did so but were later upgraded to classified.

No charges were brought against her (by Comey), and it's unclear whether Comey himself would face any charges in this new investigation. Fox News confirms that the inspector general is investigating the possible mishandling of classified info.

One person who needs no convincing: President Trump. Comey "leaked classified information," the president tweeted Thursday night, continuing a familiar theme of his. "WOW! Will the Witch Hunt continue?"

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