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Donald Trump Again Lashes Out At Neil Cavuto; Fox News Figures Defend Colleague

Deadline — Ted Johnson

President Donald Trump again griped aboutFox News/Fox Business host Neil Cavuto, a day after going on an extended rant at a rally about Cavuto and one of his guests who was critical of Trump’s debate performances.

Trump tweeted on Friday, “So @TeamCavuto has very bad ratings on @foxnews with his Fake guests like A.B.Stoddard and others that still haven’t figured it all out. Will he get the same treatment as his friend Shepherd  [sic] Smith, who also suffered from the ratings drought?”

Smith asked to be let out of his Fox News contract last October. He handily beat his competitors in the 3 p.m. ET timeslot.

Trump’s Twitter comment echoes those he made in an extended rant about Cavuto at a rally in Colorado on Thursday evening. Earlier in the day, Trump had griped on Twitter about Cavuto and one of his guests, A.B. Stoddard, who had called Trump’s debate performances “disastrous” and “cringeworthy.”

At the rally, as Trump chided the media, he added: “Fox is not that much better. All of their high-rated shows are the ones that like Trump. All of their loser shows, like Cavuto, are the ones that don’t like Trump. How is Shepard Smith doing? He had the lowest ratings and now Neil Cavuto took his place.” Actually, Bill Hemmer took Smith spot, and Trump himself congratulated him when the announcement was made in December.

Ed Henry had been anchoring coverage of the rally, and one of the Fox News contributors, Richard Fowler, saying, “He can run on the good economy, and I will give him points for that, but to sit on this air and trash a good journalist, it speaks to the problem that we have.” Henry called Cavuto “an outstanding man and outstanding journalist, has always been supportive and I want to make sure I stand up for him as well.”

Later, Fox Business host Trish Regan defended Cavuto, telling viewers that her colleague is “someone who is the utmost journalist and always fair. I can tell you that about Neil. He is a fair person, a fair guy and a good man.”

In August, Cavuto pushed back at Trump after the president complained, “Fox isn’t working for us anymore.”

Cavuto said, “My job is to cover you, not to fawn over you or rip you, just report on you, to call balls and strikes on you.”

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