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Suspect in huge Capital One breach seeks release from jail

Lawyers for a transgender woman charged in a massive data breach at Capital One are asking for her to be released from federal custody, saying that for her to remain jailed with men is a serious threat to her mental health

'Good Boys' Takes No. 1 At The Box Office And…

"Good Boys" is the first R-rated comedy to hold the No. 1 spot at the box office in more than three years.

California Police Push For Training On New Use-Of…

California's new rules on police use of force are believed to be the toughest in the country.

Justin & Hailey Bieber EXCITED About Upcoming…

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin are excited about their upcoming wedding ceremony but trying to keep all the details super secret! Also, Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello have RAMPED UP their PDA and taken it international to Canada! We are discussing all this and more in an all new Daily Rewind!

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Harvey Weinstein wants to move trial out of NYC

A Lawyer for Harvey Weinstein has asked that the disgraced movie mogul's upcoming criminal trial be moved out of New York City, saying he can't get a fair trial

This Is How Quickly Vaping Alters the Body

A new study is casting yet another shadow over e-cigarettes. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania say participants who inhaled only vape juice—no nicotine, no flavorings—suffered temporary changes to their cardiovascular system, Wired reports. The study found that brain, heart, and leg arteries in the 31 participants constricted...

Shark bites woman twice while she is swimming in Hawaii bay

Hawaii authorities say that a woman was bitten twice by a 6-foot shark while swimming in a Big Island bay

Earth's future is being written in fast-melting…

Scientists studying the melting of the ice in Greenland this summer are finding themselves working in shirtsleeve weather without the need for gloves

Ransomware attack hits more than 20 Texas local governments

Texas authorities say more than 20 local governments are facing a coordinated ransomware attack

Justice Department sues to block merger of airline IT firms

The Justice Department is suing to block Sabre Corp. from buying a rival that also provides airline booking services

US aims to double financing in Latin America to $12 billion

The United States has created a new agency to promote development around the globe, with a particular emphasis on Latin America

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Judge acquits Mississippi lawmaker accused of…

A judge has acquitted a Mississippi lawmaker on a domestic violence charge after he was accused of punching his wife because she didn't undress quickly enough when he wanted to have sex

3 indicted in immigration scam targeting overseas investors

Prosecutors say three people face federal charges in California for allegedly defrauding foreign investors in a jobs program overseen by U.S. immigration officials

Major League Soccer Will Kick Off In St. Louis in…

The new St. Louis club team is the first female majority-owned club in MLS history.

Millie Bobby Brown Launching A MAKEUP Line…

Millie Bobby Brown and Harry Styles have gone from hanging out at Ariana Grande’s recent show to now making MAJOR headlines. As Millie Bobby Brown just revealed that she is ready to come for the cosmetics world with her own makeup line. And Harry Styles, on the other hand, is making fans go WILD with his shirtless Rolling Stone cover and new album details. Sorry, I should have warned you serious hotness was coming. We’re talking about Harry and Millie right now so stay right where you’re at.

Russia Has A Message For Nuclear Monitors

he Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization is seeking information on monitoring sites that went offline.

LA Opera names lawyer to lead Placido Domingo…

Los Angeles Opera says it will immediately open a 'thorough and independent investigation' into allegations of sexual harassment against the opera star Placido Domingo

Pan Am Games protesters each get 12 months of probation

Protesters at Pan Am Games receive reprimands, 12 months of probation

No camping at Phish shows near Denver over plague concerns

Thousands of people are not being permitted to camp during three days of Phish concerts at a stadium outside Denver. Authorities say there are concerns that fleas in and around nearby prairie dog burrows could spread the plague.

How Sunken Gold Inflicted Its Curse, 150 Years Later

Tommy Thompson was a brilliant gold-hunter who arguably made a huge mistake: He succeeded. Once dubbed a scientific "rock star," the ocean engineer uncovered a shipful of gold that pretty much wrecked his life and turned him into a wild-haired federal inmate who rarely tells the same story twice. In...

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Scientists Make 'Big Leap' in Understanding Earthquakes

Predicting earthquakes is all but impossible, but a new study is being hailed as an important first step. The takeaway: Big quakes are preceded by smaller ones, reports the Los Angeles Times . Researchers took advantage of a new technique developed to find previously undetectable "microquakes," some as small as negative...

'America's Got Talent' continues summer dominance for NBC

With the top two most-watched television shows last week, NBC's 'America's Got Talent' continues its dominance when the heat is on