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The Hustle Rundown: Spotify Sells Your Mood; Pepe…

The Hustle's Wes Schlagenhauf breaks down some of the biggest business news of the week. Here he explains how Spotify is capitalizing on your mood.

Target's tech trouble clogs stores with long…

A glitch stalled checkout lines at Target stores worldwide Saturday, exasperating shoppers and potentially eating into sales at a prime time for retailers, the day before Father's Day

Open Salary Models Hold Risks and Benefits

Advocates are encouraging workers to share how much they make. Is it a good idea?

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AP FACT CHECK: Trump's misfires on Iran, trade…

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's misfired on Iran, trade, taxes, Russia and that wall of his

Growers hope standards bring order to hemp…

A new global hemp research lab in Oregon is part of a movement to create a national infrastructure around hemp as the market explodes

The Hustle Rundown: Walmart Goes For In-Home…

The Hustle's Wes Schlagenhauf breaks down some of the biggest business news of the week. Here he explains Walmart's new delivery strategy.

AP Interview: Ex-official urges dropping HK extradition bill

AP Interview: Hong Kong former top civil servant urges leaders to drop unpopular legislation

A Group Of States Want To Block The T-Mobile…

Nine states and Washington D.C. filed a lawsuit Tuesday arguing that the combined company would be too big, violating antitrust laws.

Mnuchin says 2020 deadline for Tubman $20 bill…

Mnuchin calls 'erroneous' newspaper report that 2020 deadline for Tubman $20 bill could have been met

FAA proposes $715,000 fine for Allegiant over…

Allegiant Air faces a possible $715,000 fine after safety regulators say the airline failed to properly fix an engine

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Business Highlights

Business Highlights

Trump administration suspends trade complaint against China

Trump administration suspends a trade complaint against China it made to the WTO

Top dog: Shares of online pet store Chewy soar in…

Chewy, the online seller of pet food and squeaky toys, made its stock market debut Friday

Stocks post small losses; investors look ahead to…

Stocks ended a choppy week of trading with modest losses Friday as investors look forward to getting more clues about the direction of interest rates

Grounding of Boeing plane hovers over big air…

At Paris Air Show, there's likely to be much new talk, but no big orders, for Boeing's grounded 737 Max airliner

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Women strike in Switzerland for fairer pay, more…

Women across Switzerland are walking off the job, burning bras and staging other demonstrations to demand fairer pay, more equality and an end to sexual harassment and violence _ the first such protests in the country in 28 years

Broadcom, Exxon fall while Facebook, ArQule rise

Broadcom, Exxon fall while Facebook, ArQule rise

Markets Right Now: Stocks fall on fresh concerns about trade

Stocks are finishing lower Friday amid more concerns about the business impact of the U.S.-China trade dispute.