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Team USA Gets Special Jackets For Potentially…

The official designer for the U.S. Olympic team added a touch of warmth to this year's uniforms.

Impress Your Valentine's Date With Dinner in the…

The Palace of Westminster is opening its Member's Dining Room for Valentine's Day. Tony Spitz has the details.

Another British Royal Is Getting Married This Year

Buckingham Palace announced Monday that Princess Eugenie and her longtime boyfriend Jack Brooksbank are engaged.

S.Korea: There is value in sports diplomacy

"Sports events could be a very useful opportunity for the two Koreas to engage in a process of reconciliation," says South Korea's First Vice Minister of F.Affairs.

Geoengineering Earth Might Not Actually Help…

Climate models have shown solar geoengineering might actually make the effects of climate change worse.

Electricians Find Victorian-Era Cigarettes and…

A royal discovery unearthed at Buckingham Palace dating back to the late 1800s. Buzz60's Nick Cardona (@nickcardona93) has that story.

'Den Of Thieves' And '12 Strong' Fight For No. 2…

Both films had to battle for second place behind "Jumanji," which has been at No. 1 for three weeks and counting.

SAG Awards in under 2 minutes

From Nicole Kidman to "This is Us," these are the moments you need to see from the 2018 SAG Awards.

Another Royal wedding in 2018

Now 2018 will have two royal weddings. Princess Eugenie is getting married in the fall after Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle in May.

Tokyo Conducts First Missile Drill Since WWII In…

Announcements telling people to get underground were made via text message and over loudspeakers.

McConnell: If we learned anything, it's this ...

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) contends that shutting down the government over "the issue of illegal immigration" is a strategy the American people didn't understand.

Pence Defends Trump on Disparaging Comments

Vice President Mike Pence on Monday defended President Trump on his recent comments disparaging immigration from Africa and Haiti, insisting the president's "heart" is aimed at a merit-based system that is blind to immigrants' "race or creed." (Jan. 22)

Pence Defends US Embassy Move In Israel To…

Vice President Mike Pence confirmed the U.S. plans to open its embassy in Jerusalem by the end of 2019.

Schumer "went with his heart...not with his head"

CNN's Dana Bash and Jeff Zeleny break down how Minority Leader Schumer moved away from his original demands and towards a compromise to reopen the government.

Kristen Bell jabs at first lady Melania Trump

Kristen Bell took the stage as the first-ever host of the SAG Awards and referenced the first lady, who said that combating cyberbullying would be her key focus during her time in the White House.

TSA Orders Stricter Air Cargo Screening For 5…

The Transportation Security Administration will reportedly conduct stricter air cargo screenings on certain flights to the U.S.

Choosing between a daughter and her dowry

Since the conflict in Yemen escalated, more than two-thirds of girls are married before they turn 18. Halima is 12 years old and is worried her father will soon marry her off and use her dowry to feed the family.

Monday Forecast

Monday Forecast

An Eruption Of The Philippines' Mayon Volcano Is…

The Mayon volcano in the Philippines exploded Monday. And officials say a dangerous eruption is now imminent.

Ed Sheeran may step back from career

Singer Ed Sheeran spoke about stepping back from his musical career when he starts a family with fiancé Cherry Seaborn.

Your bitcoin questions answered: How do banks…

The Yahoo Finance team answers your questions about bitcoin: How do banks view bitcoin? Friend? Foe? Partner?

2 Republican Senators Reportedly Now Support The…

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake reportedly said they'll support the short-term spending bill the Senate is scheduled to vote on Monday.

Flu diagnosis ends up being flesh-eating disease

An Arizona woman who originally thought she had the flu had instead a rare flesh-eating disease.

Your bitcoin questions answered: How is bitcoin…

The Yahoo Finance team answers your questions about bitcoin: How is bitcoin “mined”?

Amazon's First Cashierless Store Just Opened…

The first Amazon Go opened Monday in Seattle

Senators say McConnell willing to deal on DACA

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, and Susan Collins believe if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell uses stronger language to affirm his intention on reaching an immigration deal, the government shutdown could end soon.

Your bitcoin questions answered: What will the…

The Yahoo Finance team answers your questions about bitcoin: What will the price of bitcoin be in 10 years?

Philadelphia Eagles Are The Biggest Super Bowl…

This will be the Eagles' first appearance in the big game since 2005, when they lost to the New England Patriots 24-21.