Don't Miss! - 10/28

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Erica Garner Lashes Out At Clinton Staff Over…

The emails, published by WikiLeaks, include campaign discussions about Eric Garner's death.

Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Is Ready for Halloween

Chrissy dresses Luna in several adorable costumes for her first Halloween.

AI System That Correctly Predicted Last Three…

An artificial intelligence system has predicted the winner of the forthcoming U.S. presidential election to be Donald Trump.

Superheroes Beat Princesses for Most Popular…

For the first time in eleven years there will be more Superheroes than princesses knocking on your door this Halloween. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) shows the costumes that top the list.

American Television Has Nothing On This British…

"The Great British Bake Off" had more than 14 million viewers for its season finale.

Seahawks' Richard Sherman blasts NFL's…

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman criticizes the NFL for its "inconsistent" disciplinary policies in an essay titled "Common Sense," which was published on Thursday in The Players' Tribune.

Donald Trump Praises FBI Over Hillary Clinton…

Taking the stage just minutes after news broke that the FBI is is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server, Donald Trump praised the bureau and said he hoped the news would shake up the presidential race.

Trump responds to FBI reopening Clinton email…

Donald Trump responds to the news that the FBI is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's personal email server.

Wind Could Play a Huge Factor in Tonight's World…

The weather at Wrigley Field, and more specifically the winds at the 102-year-old ballpark could have an effect on the game Friday night.

Doctor Strange Post-Credit Scenes Explained

Dr. Strange opens wide in theaters on November 4th, and like most Marvel films this one will also have not one, but TWO teasers of what’s next in the MCU

Apps to keep track of kids on Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and kids everywhere will be trick-or-treating. These apps can help keep track of your kids while they're hunting candy.

Jennifer Lopez To Star In Bye Bye Birdie

Jennifer Lopez just scored a new gig. The singer and actress will star in NBC's live performance of Bye Bye Birdie.

Do the Huskies belong in the playoff hunt?

Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples previews the biggest Week 9 games including the No. 4 Washington Huskies versus No. 17 Utah Utes and the No. 3 Clemson Tigers heading to No. 12 Florida State Seminoles.

What’s Behind Trump’s Odd Infatuation with…

He’s running out of despots to praise… but he found a new one this week!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Break Nintendo Pre-Order…

With demo downloads and pre-orders through the roof, Sun and Moon looks be off to a good start.

11 Celebs Who Hail from Boston

The Boston natives made their way to Hollywood!

A Yeast Infection Where?!

The Doctors discuss oral thrush, which is the same organism that causes vaginal yeast infections in women.

A Stranded Motorist Got Some Unexpected Help From…

Donald Trump Jr. and his team were on their way to an event in Arizona when they saw the woman's car stall.

Amy Schumer Issues 2nd Statement About 'Formation…

Comedian issues a lengthy response on 'Medium' saying her take on Beyonce's video was 'never a parody.'

New Images Appear To Show Where Mars Lander…

NASA is continuing to aid in the search for information regarding the crash of Mars lander, Schiaparelli.

Cubs 39-year-old catalyst, David Ross

David Ross may be the little-known backup catcher of the Chicago Cubs trying to end his career with a World Series ring. But to his teammates and the fans in Wrigleyville, he's the heart and soul of the team.

Iceland's Pirate Party Hopes to Win Big in the…

Iceland’s Pirate Party is hoping to win the largest share of the vote in the country’s Oct. 29 general election, not even four years after the fringe political group formed.

Gary Johnson snaps at reporter

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson lost his cool when a reporter questioned his tax policy.

Chicago Cubs Fans Camp Out for Seats at…

As Chicago hosts its first World Series game since 1945, fans have been camping out in front of Wrigleyville bars to get a seat just to watch Game 3 on television. Some bars are charging as much as $250 to enter.

Apple's new mainstream MacBook Pro

It doesn't have the new Touch Bar, but almost everything else has been revamped.

Kim Kardashian's 5 Hottest Halloween Costumes

In honor of Halloween and the always gorgeous Kim Kardashian, we give you Kim's hottest Halloween costumes. Remember when she was Poison Ivy? What about that skeleton costume?

Kevin Garnett joining TNT’s NBA coverage

Recently retired Kevin Garnett made an appearance on Inside the NBA to announce that he will be joining TNT’s NBA coverage.


From early beginnings, Adam & Ryan Goldston knew they wanted to change the game. See how they carved their own path to get there.

Doctor Strange Director Has Idea for a Sequel…

Scott Derrickson talks about the villain he'd most like to explore in a sequel.