Study: National Park Air Quality Is Similar To…

The study sampled 33 national parks and 20 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas.

Toll Dodger Ordered To Pay $12,500

A woman is facing severe consequences for dodging toll on over 1,600 trips.

Top 10 Movie Franchises That Tried and Failed to…

Forget fresh starts; these were more like fresh stops. From the Bourne movies, to the Mummy franchise, to the Speed films, these franchises tried to shake up their lead actors, but the results weren't great. WatchMojo ranks the top movie franchises that tried and failed to continue with a new lead.

Walmart Reportedly is Building Its Own Streaming…

Walmart is looking at building its own streaming service, according to a new report. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

The Evolution Of Video Games

Video games have influenced our culture and history since 1972. They have evolved from arcade games to consoles to online gaming and smartphones.

Victims of Larry Nassar Receive Arthur Ashe…

Survivors of the Larry Nassar abuse scandal created a powerful moment when they gathered onstage at the ESPYs on Wednesday to accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.



Cable Worker Fights Off Dog Attacking Children in…

An Illinois cable worker is being credited for saving two children who were being attacked by dogs inside a home.

Camila Cabello’s Backstage OUTBURST Explained!

For more Celeb news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhKtUQnfqos&t=43s Celebrities can’t do ANYTHING without people questioning them… at least that was the case for Camila Cabello this week. But there was A LOT to question about her… like why the heck was she screaming at her team?

Jim Kelly Gives Emotional Speech At ESPY Awards

Bills great Jim Kelly was honored with the Jimmy V Award at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night and gave an emotional acceptance speech.

3 Ways to Nail Summer Wedding Style

GQ's creative director-at-large lets you in on the secrets to be the best-dressed guy at every wedding party this season.

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Movie Has A Release Date

The gritty, 80s take on Batman's most iconic villain hits theaters next year.

After 3 Months, Death Toll In Nicaraguan Protests…

Since April, Nicaragua has been rocked by unrest and often violent protests.

Officers Install An Air Conditioner In Elderly…

Police in Forth Worth, Texas recently went out of their way to ensure the health and safety of an elderly woman.

Top 5 Theories About Spider-Man: Far from Home

Start speculating, true believers! From field trips, to Venom cameos, to multiple dimensions, there are lots of theories about what might happen in Tom Holland's second solo movie as Spider-Man. WatchMojo ranks the top possible theories about Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Meghan Markle Has Broken Protocol a Few Times…

Meghan Markle has broke Royal protocol a few times, but Keri Lumm wonders if it really matters.

Orioles Trade Manny Machado to Dodgers For Five…

The Baltimore Orioles traded All-Star shortstop Manny Machado to the Los Angeles Dodgers for five prospects.

Sweden Wildfire

Sweden Wildfire

Lightning Prompts Closure of SoCal Beaches…

All Los Angeles County beaches have been reopened Wednesday afternoon after a threat of lightning from a summer storm prompted closures and evacuations earlier in the day.

How Kim Kardashian Makes A Million Dollars Per…

For more celeb news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klhM0sBTP-E Let’s face it, the Kardashians run the world…or at least their social media does! Kim is fast on the heels of Kylie to also become a Billionaire. You WILL LITERALLY Not believe how quick Kim can make money, honey!

Dodgers Acquire Manny Machado; World Series or…

With Manny Machado headed to Chavez Ravine, are the Los Angeles Dodgers now under more pressure to win the World Series? SI's Albert Chen gives his take.

Go Behind the Scenes With GQ's August Cover Stars…

The stylish, sexy super-couple go all-in on their new shoot.

Xbox Has Some Surprises for Gamescom Next Month

Microsoft unveiling new Xbox hardware at Gamescom, Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting more fighters next month, and the fan-made P.T. remake shut down by Konami.

Here's Why People Are Talking About The Tiny…

In an interview with Fox News, President Trump seemed to indicate he's not fully committed to NATO's mutual defense treaty.

Baby Snake Found Preserved In…

An international team of researchers recently studied a baby snake fossil trapped in 105-million-year-old amber.

Tom Holland LEAKS Title to Spider-Man: Homecoming…

Did you hear that Tom Holland leaked the title to the Spider-Man: Homcoming sequel? That a new trailer for Predator has dropped? What about Sony Casting Jared Leto for a brand new Spider-Man movie titled Morbius? No? We’ve got you covered. Welcome to The CineFiles! A weekly show where we zoom in on the most buzz-worthy news Hollywood and the indie scene has to offer.

Model Breastfeeds Daughter on The Runway

Mara Martin is competing to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, and caught everyone's attention when she breastfed her daughter down the runway. Keri Lumm reports.

Jurrell Casey on National Anthem Protests: "I'm…

Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey plans to protest during the national anthem and pay a fine.