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Many Say '13 Reasons Why' Is Dangerous; Netflix…

Netflix recently announced the series' second season would feature pre-episode warnings and more resources for viewers.

Trump Says He's Signed Spending Bill Despite…

President Trump on Friday said he's signed the massive spending bill.

Top 3 Things You Missed In Deadpool 2 Trailer

Deadpool 2's latest trailer is an absolute beast, but what did you miss from it? WatchMojo presents the Top 3 Most Important Things You May Have Missed From the Deadpool Trailer! Watch to find out everything you need to know!

The Most Famous Introverts in History

Many famous people are larger than life, but introverts can conquer the world too. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the scoop on the three most influential.

Anton Yelchin's Parents Settle With Carmaker…

The "Star Trek" actor died in 2016 after his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled down his driveway and trapped him against the entrance to his property.

Report: Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor, Jets Agree…

Former Redskins wide receiver Terrelle Pryor has agreed to a deal with the Jets, reports NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

Paris Hilton Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring…

Paris Hilton Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring While Partying in Miami

Blockbuster founder Wayne Huizenga has died

Blockbuster founder Wayne Huizenga has died. He was the only entrepreneur to create three different Fortune 500 companies during his career - Blockbuster video, Waste Management and AutoNation.

Trump Says He ‘Will Never Sign a Bill Like This…

President Donald Trump said Friday he will sign the $1.3 trillion spending bill despite threatening to veto it earlier in the day.

Rupaul’s Season 10 Drag Race Premiere Episode T…

Season 10 of Rupaul’s Drag Race premiered last night and we have some opinions about how it all went down. 10’s seemed to be the theme of the night as everyone from Mayhem Miller to Blair St. Clair killed it! What were you favorite moments from the show? Let us know all your thoughts and feels in the comments below!

Will Kawhi Leonard's Handling of Injury Scare…

Is Kawhi Leonard's ongoing drama with the San Antonio Spurs hurting his stock around the league?

Lil Yachty Says He Once Had a Jewelry Addiction

You truly won't believe some of the pieces the rapper has in his collection.

Here's Why Rick and Morty Season 4 Is Being Held…

During an appearance on Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s SModcast (via Newsweek), Harmon explained contract negotiations between him, Justin Roiland and Adult Swim's parent company Turner is to blame for Season 4's delay. According to Harmon, talks with the network have gotten complicated this time around.

ANTM's Khrystyna Stoloka Is A Positive Activist

This model was rejected for gaining a few pounds — now she’s a top contender on “America’s Next Top Model.” Khrystyana calls herself a positive activist and preaches self-love on Instagram. She says she was once plagued by insecurity, doubt and fear. She explained, “I just crashed, I just fell into a depression. Because for that job, for that opportunity, I moved to Loa Angeles. I was trying to get skinny, trying to get pretty. And then I got rejected, and when I didn’t get the campaign, I just thought maybe I’m ugly.” After being rejected for a national campaign, a photographer friend took her pictures and gave her some advice — to forget everything she knew about modeling. She posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption, “She was there wiping your tears at night, cuddling your spirit, when he left you for another. She embraced your breathing soul, as you are.” The post went viral and Khrystyana started feeling supported by a new community of women, as comments rolled in calling her “beautiful” exactly how she was. She also posted a before and after photo showing how much happier she became once she accepted her body. She is dedicated to using her ANTM platform to advocate for more body positivity in the modeling world.

Trump Signs A Massive Spending Bill, Despite His…

President Donald Trump signed the bill Friday afternoon, just hours after he said on Twitter he was "considering a veto" on the legislation.

Report: Aides Planning Other Departures When…

According to Politico, President Trump's tweet announcing H. R. McMaster's departure was a surprise for some.

This is Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Made a…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made an unannounced visit to Northern Ireland. Buzz60's TC Newman tells you why.

When It Comes To Addressing Social Issues, NBA…

How do the NBA and the NFL differ in how they handle social issues? SI Now host Robin Lundberg shares his thoughts.

President Trump Averts Government Shutdown and…

President Donald Trump held a news conference Friday where announced he had signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill, just hours after he said he would veto it — but he openly expressed his disapproval, saying he only signed it at as a matter of security

Hill: Black people are human beings too

CNN guests Marc Lamont Hill and David Klinger discuss the Austin police chief's description of the Austin bomber, and question whether the sympathetic tone had to do with race.

Southern California Homeless Plan Collapsing as…

A plan to combat homelessness in Orange County, California fell apart after residents balked at the idea of having shelters in their neighborhood.

Offset Welcomes New Baby To The World: Should…

Offset’s alleged baby momma just gave birth to what she claims to be THEIR child. Back in December, Celina Powell announced her pregnancy and claimed that Cardi B’s fiance Offset was the baby’s father. Do you believe Offset is the father of the child? Should Cardi B be worried? Let us know in the comments below!

Are Johnny Manziel's Efforts All for Naught?

Thirteen NFL teams came out to watch Johnny Manziel throw at San Diego pro day. Were they impressed with what they saw?

Bill Hader Remembers the Time He Met Tom Cruise

The star of HBO’s “Barry” tells never-heard stories about his favorite roles—including the one from the children’s movie he doesn’t remember being in.

Fortnite Mobile Is Distracting Kids in School

Kids are neglecting their studies in favour of a quick bout of battle royale with Fortnite Mobile.

The Instant Way to Turn Around a Bad Day

Hit the restart button on a bad day, your career, a friendship, workout, or even a vacation. These expert tips make it simple.

US Sanctions 10 Iranians, 1 Business For Hacking…

The U.S. Treasury Department said Friday it's imposing sanctions on 10 accused individuals and the Iran-based Mabna Institute.

Trump Says He's 'Considering A Veto Of The…

President Trump on Friday threatened to veto the spending bill.

'Black Panther' Breaks Yet Another Record

Marvel's 'Black Panther' has made history on the subscription service MoviePass. Mike Janela has the details.