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Parts Of Canada Will Soon Experiment With Basic…

Starting this spring, certain citizens in three cities in Ontario will receive a monthly payment.

Channing Tatum Gives Stripper Names to Stars

Is Harry Styles an 'English Muffin'? The "Magic Mike" actor gives stage names to Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West and more in this funny game!

Nuclear Attack Drill Underway In Northern New…

Federal authorities and emergency workers in northern New Jersey are in the midst of a 4-day nuclear attack drill.

ESPN layoffs: Ed Werder, Jayson Stark, Trent…

ESPN laid off about 100 staffers on Wednesday, including recognizable reporters and analysts.

What Highly Successful People Do Right Before…

Here are the nightly routines of the most successful people in the world.

14-Year-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted on Chicago Bus

Chicago police are investigating after a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on a CTA bus in the city's Logan Square neighborhood.

Amazon's Echo Look offers fashion advice. Here's…

Many people immediately judged the Echo Look as "silly," but the fashion industry isn't small potatoes.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott HEATING UP, Selena…

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are cozying up together in their first public outing, and it's safe to say Tyga is in the past. Also, Selena Gomez is NOT looking forward to the Billboard Awards, and Justin Bieber seems like the reason why. Plus, speaking of Justin, his egging incident has come back to bite him, and it's getting ugly. All this in the Hollyscoop Daily Rewind!

Jim Harbaugh gave Pope Francis some Michigan gear

Pope Francis does not wear khakis, but he is now the proud owner of some custom Jordans and a Michigan football helmet.

It Sure Looks Like a Russian Cover-Up

And the Trump White House isn’t even subtle about it.

iHeartRadio IGN Spoken Editions

You can now hear IGN's news, previews, reviews and more with IGN Spoken Editions on iHeartRadio.

Woman’s Escape from Car Trunk Caught on Tape!

The Doctors discuss a woman’s amazing escape after being kidnapped and placed in the trunk of her car.

Waymo Is Giving The Public A Chance To Test Its…

People in the Phoenix metro area can apply to join the early rider program.

Is Johnny Depp Really Broke?

Has the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star gone from riches to $40 million in debt? Find out who Johnny blames for his current financial predicament.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: Trump Has 'No…

During a press briefing on Wednesday, Steven Mnuchin said President Trump has 'no intention' of releasing his tax returns.

'Loyal 'Til The Last Out' teaser

After spending a year inside the 7-Line Army, the New York Mets’ die-hard fan club, SI Films is coming out with its deepest dive yet. “Loyal ‘Til The Last Out’ airs Sunday, April 30 at 10pm ET on MLB Network.

3 Things to Know about the GOPs Latest Plan to…

The GOP health care plan has a few new revisions that you should know about.

New Leads in 2009 Execution-Style Killing of…

Authorities on Wednesday announced that they were following new leads in the 2009 execution-style killing of a prominent civil litigation attorney in Rolling Hills Estates as they renewed pleas to the public for help solving the case.

Big blimp dreams: Sergey Brin's secret airship

The Google co-founder is said to be building a blimp-like aircraft at a NASA hanger.

Coachella Weekend 2 Celebrity Sightings -JS

The second week of Coachella has come and gone, and the performances were just as blazing hot as the desert temperatures. There were also quite a few celebs spotted during the festival. Heather and Stephanie are here to give you a full rundown of who we saw this past weekend.

ULL suspends 13 players for violation of team…

The University of Lousiana-Lafayette football program indefinitely suspended 13 players for a violation of team rules, the school announced.

Bill O’Reilly’s Downfall (and Trump’s, Too?)

How the ouster of O’Reilly offers a roadmap for removing Trump

Halo 6 Will Focus on Master Chief, Won't Feature…

343 Industries' Studio Head Kiki Wolfkill and Franchise Director Frank O'Connor have spoken about fan reaction to Halo 5: Guardians, and their plans for Halo 6.

Michelle Obama To Continue Her ‘College Signing…

Michelle Obama has signed on to attend the ‘College Signing Day,’ gathering slated for May 5 at New York City’s Public Theater.

Mother Allegedly Takes Illegal Drugs during…

The Doctors weigh in on the troubling report of a New Hampshire mother accused of having a friend inject her with heroin and meth as she gave birth. Find out the possible effects this could have on a baby.

Mexico Is The First Country In The Americas To…

Trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness in the world.

Mystery Still Surrounds JonBenet Ramsey's Murder

It's been 20 years since the 6-year-old beauty pageant queen was murdered--so are new secrets about the crime finally coming to light? Watch!

Authorities Arrest Drunk Man After Security Robot…

A security robot in Silicon Valley is said to be doing well following an alleged assault by a drunk man.