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Instagram Might Not Be Great For Young People's…

A public health education group recently looked at how five social media sites impacted users' anxiety, depression and body image.

"The Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay Does Her Best…

What did Rachel really think of her last suitor of the night, Lucas? Plus, get the scoop on her first kiss with Bryan, a tickle monster and more.

Astronomers Gain New Information About Enigmatic…

Astronomers have unraveled some of the mystery surrounding TRAPPIST-1h, the most enigmatic body orbiting the recently discovered and relatively nearby star TRAPPIST-1.

'James Bond' Actor Sir Roger Moore Dies At 89

According to his children, Moore passed away in Switzerland after a "short but brave" battle with cancer.

NFL will allow some TD celebrations this season

Roger Goodell and the NFL are set to loosen their death grip on touchdown celebrations, the league announced Tuesday.

President Trump at Yad Vashem

President Trump visited Israel's Holocaust Museum and Memorial on Tuesday at the tail-end of his brief trip to the nation. During remarks at Yad Vashem, Trump called the Holocaust history's "darkest hour"

Lawsuit Claims James Cameron Ripped Off Family's…

Director James Cameron is facing a $300 million lawsuit from a Florida man claiming Cameron stole his family`s story to create the characters in Titanic.

4 ways to improve battery life on the Galaxy S8

Try using one of these four features to stretch the Galaxy S8's battery life a little further.

Rihanna WARNS Nicki Minaj About Drake

Sunday night was a big night for Drake.. he won 13 Billboard Music Awards and rekindled things with Nicki Minaj oh and he professed his love for her by calling her the love of his life!!

Victor Cruz believes Giants suppressed production…

Former Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz told Power 105.1 FM in New York City that he believes the team suppressed his production in 2016 to make it easier to release him following the season.

PlayStation Network Now Has 70 Million Active…

Sony has announced that its online PlayStation Network now has 70 million monthly active users.

Jeff Sessions Narrows The Scope Of One Of Trump's…

The attorney general released a memo Monday that addresses a district court judge's decision to block part of the order.

Rihanna Wears Parsons School Alum's Design to…

The Grammy winner and designer tells where she looks for fashion inspiration--and it's not in a magazine! Listen.

Report: Pentagon Has Amassed Billions By…

The Pentagon is being accused of amassing billions of dollars by overcharging the military for fuel.

A New Director Will Finish The Upcoming 'Justice…

Original director Zack Snyder stepped away from the Warner Bros. film to deal with a family tragedy.

O.J. Simpson faces parole hearing this summer

O.J. Simpson has a parole hearing and if he is granted parole he could be released as early as October.

In Memoriam: Roger Moore

Roger Moore, the suavely insouciant star of seven James Bond films, has died in Switzerland. He was 89.

Chicago Woman Auctioning off Moon Dust From…

A Chicago woman took NASA to court and won after they accidentally auctioned off a bag a real moon dust to her.

Mysterious star ends its strange dimming event

There's still no solid explanation on why "Tabby's Star" varied in brightness over the past few days. It could have been a planet or some kind of alien structure for all we know.

Katy Perry SPILLS on Taylor Swift Feud During…

The Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift feud has been ongoing for years now… notice how that is plural.. YEARS, and it’s exhausting us all! Katy recently took a drive around the block with James Corden during a Carpool Karaoke session and laid out all the beef!

Steve Kerr unsure about coaching in Finals

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is unsure if he will be able to coach in the NBA Finals, as he continues to work his way back from back surgery complications.

These Bluetooth Retro Controllers are Compatible…

If you're looking to play Nintendo Switch with a certain flair of retro-futurism, controller maker 8Bitdo released a firmware update to its controllers, making them compatible with Nintendo's latest console.

Metre-high emerald found in Brazil


Trump Went Off-Script In His Speech About…

The prepared remarks had President Trump saying "Islamist," but he said "Islamic" when he delivered his speech in Saudi Arabia.

Amanda Seyfried Gushes Over Life as a New Mom

The "Twin Peaks" actress gives an update on what life is like now that she has a little one with husband Thomas Sadoski! Watch.

Woman Accused Of Stealing In-Use Hearse, Dumping…

A driver for a mortuary service was in the midst of transporting a body when his vehicle was stolen.

Jury Selection In Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault…

Finding jurors who can impartially weigh the comedian's high-profile case could be difficult.

Scathing report on Rio Olympics says there was no…

A federal prosecutor looking into last year's Rio de Janeiro Olympics says that many of the venues ''are white elephants'' that were built with ''no planning.''