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How Do You Even Plan An Inauguration?

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, the chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, sat down with Newsy to explain.

Tarek El Moussa Clears Up Rumors About His Divorce

The "Flip or Flop" star took to social media to speak about against reports about his divorce from Christina that he claims are false.

Ricky Gray Executed For Murdering VA Family, Says…

On Wednesday night, the state of Virginia executed Ricky Gray, the man convicted in the 2006 slaying of a Richmond family.

Vacation in Sweden and Sleep in the Trees

If you have dreamed of going to Sweden and viewing the Aurora Borealis in person, the TreeHotel might be your answer. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports on this unconventional, yet beautiful hotel option.

Broncos head coach Vance Joseph: Sexual assault…

Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph says that sexual assault allegations made against him over a decade ago are false, he told The Denver Post on Wednesday in his first public comments on the issue.

Rick Perry Says He Regrets His Statement About…

He now says he will be a passionate advocate for the department's core missions

From a drug conviction to a life sentence to…

Sharanda Jones was facing life in prison until she learned that she was going to receive a presidential commutation.

Julian Assange Says He Will Return to U.S. After…

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Thursday he will stand by his offer to travel to the United States if Chelsea Manning is released from prison.

Samsung may finally explain Note 7 failure on…

The results of the company's internal investigation could be announced January 23, according to a report. The Note 7 nightmare continues to linger as thousands of Verizon customers are still using the dangerous phone.

OMG! Selena Gomez Also Dated Gigi Hadid's Ex…

So by now you know that Selena Gomez is dating the Weeknd, former lover of Bella Hadid. There’s like some major shade going on in THAT inner circle - so much so that you may have forgotten this very important fact. Selena has dated a Hadid sloppy second before. I know harsh right, but there really isn’t any other way to put it after we uncovered this nugget. And honestly we’re not sure what to think. Selena also dated Cody Simpson - Gigi Hadid’s ex boyfriend. So rewind - Selena and the Weeknd. Bam! Caught kissing. Together. Bella’s all pissed because she and the Weeknd broke up only two months ago. She unfollows Selena on Instagram, starting a war between her sister Gigi Hadid and the singer. Remember, Gigi and Selena are close, so obviously this new relationship is putting strain on their friendship. Gigi is siding with her sister Bella, after all. But let’s take it back a little further and bask in the irony of this situation. In 2015, not that long after Gigi and her boyfriend Cody Simpson broke up, Cody and Selena had a brief fling. Gigi and Cody ended their relationship mutually saying splitting was the best option for them both. Cody even said the lifestyle was getting too crazy. “Going out to dinner and there being paparazzi and stuff as soon as we split, I had the realization that I was straying away from who I was as a whole person. I want to keep it low key and focus on my music.” That’s what he told Dujour magazine. But soon his focus shifted to Selena Gomez. All of a sudden the pair was spotted hanging out together, sparking dating rumors. And Cody even admitted they had a little romance. Cody told that same magazine that he and Selena quote went through a phase - whatever that means. Although we kinda know what that means. But he revealed they didn’t exactly hit it off. “It just got kind of weird,” he said. “It is kind of annoying, because on a daily basis, I don’t hang out with celebs. All my close friends are normal dudes and then I will hang out with some girl who is a musician and everyone think that’s what its all about.” He TOTALLY shaded Selena - some girl who is a musician?? Woah! but also, like WOW. They actually dated, or at least flirted with the idea. So now bringing it back to today to Selena and the Weeknd - Selena is like all about the Hadid sister’s sloppy seconds. Kinda weird if you ask us. But now we’re asking you. What do you think now that we know Selena dated BOTH Gigi and Bella’s exes? Let us know in the comments below.

#DearAndy: Will the ACC-Big Ten Challenge come to…

Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples answers your Twitter question about college football scheduling a non-conference challenge weekend like college basketball with multiple games on same day. Visit facebook.com/sicampusrush every Wednesday for more.

Joey Badass Freestyles for GQ

The Brooklyn-based rapper and Mr. Robot actor dropped a few bars at his GQ photo shoot.

Ubisoft Reveals Details of Upcoming For Honor Beta

Ubisoft has revealed details of the closed beta test for For Honor, running from January 26 to January 29, 2017.

Latino pastor explains inauguration prayer

CNN's Kyung Lah interviews Sam Rodriguez, the head of the largest Latino evangelical organization in the US, about accepting the invitation to pray for Donald Trump at his inauguration.

Viral Apple Ripping Challenge?

The ‘Super Sage Apple Challenge’ started by UFC fighter Sage Northcutt wants to see whether or not you can use your bare hands to squeeze or twist an apple in two. Would you take the challenge?

What To Expect On Day One Of The Trump…

Donald Trump has promised to do a lot on his first day in office. Here's a look at some of his recent commitments.

5 Stages of Winning a People's Choice Award

Here's what it's like to take home a People's Choice Award, as told by this year's big winners.

Ants Maintain Sense Of Direction Even When…

Ants may be tiny, but they do have a skill that far exceeds the abilities of many humans.

Ariana Grande Claims 'Hardest Working' Title and…

Ariana Grande has claimed to be the 'hardest working 23 year old on earth'. Not everyone on Instagram agrees. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck undergoes right…

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is recovering from successful outpatient surgery to repair a right shoulder injury, Colts owner Jim Irsay said.

Pennsylvania Mall Sells For $100

The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills just sold for $100.

Man serving life sentence is now a free man (2016)

Ronald "Runt" Moon was a high school football star, a drug addict and a felon sentenced to life in prison. Now, he's a free man.

Girl Cut by Knife-Wielding Man in Terrifying Home…

Police are searching for a suspect in a violent home invasion in Indian Head Park, Ill., that left one girl injured.

The XPS 27, an all-in-one for the…

With 10 speakers and a great 27-inch display, your home-entertainment system may get jealous of this AIO.

Chrissy Teigen Praised for Showing Off Stretch…

Chrissy Teigen is keeping it real once again. The model and new momma is showing everyone she’s not afraid of her flaws. Chrissy Teigen is never afraid to show off a little, or a LOT of skin - especially her legs. And while she’s always looking extra glamorous, the new mom wants other moms to know, she’s just like them. She’s got stretch marks. Chrissy tweeted out a photo last night showing off her many leg stretch marks. “Whatevs,” she wrote in the caption. This caused fans to immediately resonate with the star and may praised her for her honesty. “Thanks for reminding everyone that not everyone is 100% flawless,” one twitter user wrote. This isn’t the first time Chrissy has kept it real. The 31-year-old star is all about showing off her flaws. Last year, Chrissy again showed a close-up photo of her legs - just after she gave birth to her daughter Luna. “My thighs have tributaries,” she wrote, with the crying face emoji. And nearly two years ago she again shared a photo of her legs proving she’s just like the rest of us. “Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week,” she wrote on Instagram. “Stretches say hi!” Way to keep it real. 1 new message since 10:04 AM Mark as read (esc) Downloads Clear all chrissy-teigen.jpg Cancel Show in Finder chrissy-teigen.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kendall-kylie-glam-room.jpg Cancel Show in Finder chrissy-teigen.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kendall-kylie-glam-room.jpg Cancel Show in Finder chrissy-teigen.jpg Cancel Show in Finder chrissy-teigen.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kendall-kylie-glam-room.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kendall-kylie-glam-room.jpg Cancel Show in Finder chrissy-teigen.jpg Cancel Show in Finder chrissy-teigen.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kendall-kylie-glam-room.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kendall-kylie-glam-room.jpg Cancel Show in Finder chrissy-teigen.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kendall-kylie-glam-room.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kendall-kylie-glam-room.jpg Cancel Show in Finder blac-chyna-kris-jenner.jpg Cancel Show in Finder kevin-durant-russell-westbrook.jpg Cancel Show in Finder Hold Shift to open the file.

Six-time champ Novak Djokovic stunned by…

No. 117-ranked Denis Istomin defeated six-time champion and No. 2 Novak Djokovic in the second round at the Australian Open.

Exclusive: Watch The Weeknd’s New ‘Sta…

GQ’s latest cover star reimagines his latest hit

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is…

Nintendo has confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be Nintendo's last Wii U game.

HDM 2017: Austin Howard's journey to the rink

A journey from an orphanage in Haiti to a rink in St. Cloud. A remarkable story of a gifted sophomore on the St. Cloud Cathedral JV team.