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Facebook Sees Rise In Revenue Despite Scandals

Facebook's revenue and profits are seeing an uptick.

These Are the Most Brilliant Foreshadowed Moments…

Harry Potter is fully of mystery and mystique, but J.K Rowling gave readers plenty of hints about the future. Here are the most genius foreshadowed moments in the series.

'Crazy Rich Asians' Works To Undo Hollywood's…

The new rom-com features an all-Asian cast and is a far cry from racist filmmaking in Hollywood that included "yellow face" and whitewashing.

LaVar Ball Pulling LiAngelo and LaMelo Out of…

LaVar Ball has decided to remove his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo from Lithuania and return to Los Angeles next week with just two games left in the season for their team BC Vytautas.

Internet Finds Trump Lookalike in Spain

The Internet has found a potato farmer in Spain that's going viral because she resembles President Trump. Her name is Dolores Leis Antelo.

Comey: I think Trump's making stuff up

At a CNN Town Hall former FBI director James Comey says he doesn't believe he broke the law by releasing his memos.

New York City Math Teacher Accused of Sexually…

A math teacher in Brooklyn allegedly sexually abused a teenage student, police said Wednesday.

Tristan Thompson Spent THOUSANDS On Side Chick…

Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal seriously just keeps getting worse. Not only are we learning that the two were far more involved than just a one night stand, but turns out Tristan was spending the big bucks on her too. And, this all went down WHILE Khloe was pregnant. Do you think it’s time Khloe dumps Tristan? Let us know in the comments below!

Bob McNair On Protests: 'You Need to Ask Your…

During a confidential NFL meeting between NFL owners and current and former players, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair tried to persuade players to tell their colleagues to stop kneeling during the national anthem, reports the New York Times.

Comey: I'm ashamed of past bullying

Former FBI Director James Comey opens up about his past instances of bullying in high school.

Seeking A Delay, Cohen Says He'll Plead The Fifth…

President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen says if the Stormy Daniels case moves forward right now, he won't answer questions in court.

The New Selfie Now Involves a Bathtub

If you want to be big on Instagram, better get into the bathtub for a selfie. Keri Lumm reports.

Not Reality TV: Kardashian Sister Argues In…

Kourtney Kardashian appeared on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to support lawmakers' efforts to strengthen cosmetics regulations.

Report: Spurs Planning Massive Summer Meeting…

With their postseason run officially over thanks to Tuesday's Game 5 loss to the Warriors, the Spurs now shift their attention to the offseason.

Joe Montana Weighs In On The National Anthem…

Joe Montana Weighs In On The National Anthem Controversy

Comey: Stupid to think FBI is politicized

Former FBI Director James Comey offers his views on what he felt the Trump administration's attitude was towards government institutions.

New York Governor Unveils Plans to Fight…

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he will sign an executive order stating there needs to be a court order to make an arrest in a state courthouse.

Kylie Jenner And The Secret Behind Her Wigs…

Kylie Jenner is the Queen of bold styles! Watch the Video to find out the secret behind her ever evolving looks! It seems like everyday Kylie has a new look. One second she’s rocking purple hair and the next her head is suddenly hot pink. Find out who is behind all these impressive wigs.

Is There Any Fixing the Spurs-Kawhi Leonard Feud?

The drama between the San Antonio Spurs and Kawhi Leonard has not gone away. With the Spurs' season now over, can the two parties come to an agreement?

Comey: I'm embarrassed by Republican Party

Former FBI Director James Comey says that the Republican Party has abandoned its core values that initially attracted him to the GOP.

HUD Wants People Who Get Housing Assistance To…

Under the proposal from the Trump administration, rent payments for some families could triple.

Sarah Jessica Parker Releases a New Line of…

The SJP line of unconventional bridal wear by GILT has just released. Tony Spitz has the details.

Massage Therapist Accuses Stan Lee Of Sexual…

Maria Carballo accused the comic book creator of acting inappropriately with her during two separate massage sessions in April 2017.

Rob Gronkowski's Commitment to Patriots Helps…

The New England Patriots know they do not need to target a tight end in the 2018 NFL Draft, but Rob Gronkowski's commitment to the team does not mean everything is swell in Foxborough.

Joe Montana Says He Is A Better Quarterback Than…

Joe Montana Says He Is A Better Quarterback Than Tom Brady

Cooper to Comey: Are you a leaker?

Former FBI director James Comey defends his decision to share memos with the media as a "private citizen," at the CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper.

1 Dead, 2 Hospitalized After Legionnaires…

A Legionnaires' patient has died in the Bronx and two others were hospitalized after coming down the severe form of pneumonia, city health officials said Wednesday.

Dove Cameron GUSHES Over Boyfriend Thomas Doherty!

Dove Cameron’s got it all. An amazing voice, stellar career and of course, an adorable boyfriend. In a tweet late last night, Dove made everyone else green with envy by writing QUOTE, “My boyfriend walking into the room just now: “I am so proud of you. I am so proud of who you are and everything you do.” Do you find the message super sweet? Let us know in the comments below!

NHL Playoffs: Round 2 Preview

With the second round of the NHL Playoffs just around the corner, SI Now chats with veteran center Brooks Laich about the best matchup and most intriguing storyline.