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Avril Lavigne Is 2017's 'Most Dangerous Celebrity'

The pop-punk musician tops McAfee's 11th annual "Most Dangerous Celebrities" list.

Tom Cruise in Hot Water Over Accidental Deaths On…

The "American Made" star is in the middle of a lawsuit over two accidental deaths occurring on the set of his new film.

Kim Jong Un Blasts Trump’s ‘Mentally Deranged…

North Korean President Kim Jong Un has blasted President Trump, calling the U.S. leader’s threat to “destroy” the Asian country “mentally deranged.”

The Hobbit Turns 80!

The book The Hobbit turns 80 years old. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

Clear Your Schedule: 'Will & Grace' Is Now On Hulu

Hulu released all 194 episodes of the original series Thursday.

Why Nebraska Fired Athletic Director Shawn…

SI's Andy Staples explains why the University of Nebraska fired athletic director Shawn Eichorst.

Aaron Hernandez's Family Suing NFL, Patriots in…

The estate of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is suing the NFL and his former team after his brain was found to have a severe case of CTE.

Manager Murdered Inside Illinois Arby's

A man is dead and a person is in custody after a murder in a Illinois fast food restaurant.

Facebook turns over election ads linked to Russia

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company has turned over thousands of Russian-linked ads to Congress and outlines the company's plan to stop future election interference online.

Kendall Jenner FINALLY Explains Her “Affai…

Remember those pesky and admittedly ridiculous rumors that Scott Disick was having an affair with Kourtney Kardashian’s little sister Kendall Jenner? That was a thing and we never really knew where it came from, UNTIL NOW!

Texas A&M Runner Ryan Trahan Ruled Ineligible For…

A Texas A&M cross country runner says he's been ruled ineligible by the NCAA for promoting himself and a company he owns on his YouTube channel.

Glass: Two Unbreakable Actors Return for Sequel

Two Unbreakable actors are returning for M. Night Shyamalan's sequel, Glass. Spencer Treat Clark will reprise his role as security guard David Dunn's (Bruce Willis) son Joseph.

Not All MLB Stadiums Are Equally Safe; An…

During a game between the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins, a line drive from a Yankees player hit a child in the stands.

Suge Knight Thinks Tupac Shakur May Be Alive

The music mogul speaks out in a preview of the upcoming special "Who Shot Biggie & Tupac?"

Man Accused Of Slapping A Guy And Stealing His…

Authorities in Santa Fe, New Mexico said they arrested a man on Sunday who is accused of walking up to a guy, slapping him across the face, then running off with his cheeseburger.

Rare 'Harry Potter' Book Sets World Record At…

"The Boy Who Lived" still knows how to make money, with a rare book selling for record breaking amount at auction this week. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) shares the winning bid!

Is 'Watchmen' Coming To HBO? This Writer Is…

Damon Lindelof — one of the creators of "Lost" and "The Leftovers" — is attached to the rumored adaptation.

Top Chef's Dale Talde crafts the perfect meal and…

Dale Talde owns several restaurants and is known for his appearances on Bravo's Top Chef, but does he know how to build the perfect Lunchable?

5 Fascinating Facts About Billionaire Tesla Boss…

5 Fascinating Facts About Billionaire Tesla Boss Elon Musk

Powerball Jackpot Winner from New Jersey Accused…

A Powerball jackpot winner from New Jersey is accused of sexually assaulting a girl, prosecutors said.

Cars the SUV killed

Full size sedans have given way to SUVs and Crossovers

Fans are FURIOUS with Riverdale after KJ Apa Fell…

Riverdale Star KJ Aka crashed his car this weekend guys. Now thankfully he’s ok, but fans are absolutely LIVID with the show now.

Should MLB Take Lessons from Japanese League To…

SI Now co-hosts Maggie Gray and Robin Lundberg dive into MLB's protocol on fan safety after a young fan was struck by a baseball during a New York Yankees game against the Minnesota Twins.

Picross S Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon

Developer Jupiter has announced, via Eurogamer, that Picross S will be released for the Switch on September 28 for $7.99.

One Of The Last Paris Climate Accord Holdouts…

Local media reports Nicaragua initially refused to join because it thought enforcement wasn't strong enough and that it "was not realistic."

Dean Unglert & Kristina Schulman Reunite After…

"Bachelor in Paradise" Star Danielle L. officially leaves the love triangle and hints Dean & Kristina might work things out. Get the details.

A 'Severed Hand' Triggered Highway Shut Down In UK

The U.K.’s Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit was alerted Wednesday to a severed hand lying on an area highway.