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Foreign Hackers Targeted US Election Systems In…

But authorities aren't sure precisely how many of the attempted attacks were successful.

Jessica Biel Reveals She Eats in the Shower

Justin Timberlake's wife is all about multi-tasking! She raves about chowing down in the shower and encourages others to try it.

Patches On Giraffes Play A Surprising Role

Staying cool in hot weather is central to the survival of most giraffes, and this function is believed to be greatly aided by one of their most noticeable features--patches.

Top 10 Badass Anime Gunslingers

Bang. Welcome to Watchmojo.com and today we’re counting down the top ten Anime Gunslingers.

Sixers' Ben Simmons has fracture in right foot

Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons suffered a broken foot in practice, the team announced on Friday.

Clinton Slams Trump For Twitter Attack At Alicia…

Hillary Clinton savaged rival Donald Trump for his weeklong spat with a former beauty pageant contestant, telling an audience in Coral Springs, Florida, that his early-morning rant on Twitter should worry voters.

Autopsy: Sisters had excess water in lungs, brain

Two sisters were found dead by staff at the Seychelles resort they were visiting. CNN's Rosa Flores has more on the mysterious deaths.

Chicago School Bus Driver Wounded in Shooting

A school bus filled with high schoolers was caught in the middle of gunfire Friday afternoon on Chicago’s West Side. The bus driver was wounded.

The Audi RS 3 Saloon has the same power as a…

How do you like your saloons? How's about with 400 horses and Audi looks? Audi's got you covered.

What Happened To Justin Bieber's Abs?!

Justin Bieber is awfully busy these days as he’s currently in Europe for his Purpose World Tour. So perhaps he doesn’t have time to work out like he used to? Fans are wondering what happened to the Bieb's rock hard abs. Justin proudly showed off his body in concert, on the runway and over and over again for his underwear contract with Calvin Klein. Lately, the pop star has been rocking a less toned body. Fans are wondering what happened.

Bills place WR Sammy Watkins on IR

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins was placed on injured reserve, the team announced on Friday.

Here’s the Surest Way to Gauge Hillary’s Lead on…

Take a look at the dwindling number of people actually betting on the Donald.

Why MLB TV Ratings Aren't As Bad As You Think

It's true that World Series ratings are dropping, but they don't tell the whole story.

Oh, No. This Autonomous Car Learned How To Drive…

Nvidia makes ultra-powerful graphics cards, but it's also working on artificial intelligence for self-driving cars.

Jennifer Lawrence Wears Jeans to Paris Fashion…

J.Law plays by her own rules. The face of Dior attends the brand’s Paris Fashion Week show in a laid-back look.

Professor Suggests Fighting Climate Change With…

Johns Hopkins University professor Travis Rieder argues that one way for the world to effectively fight climate change would be to have fewer kids.

Top 10 Best Troma Movies

Indie production house Troma's finest movies featured right here! WatchMojo.com presents 10 films produced under the slogan of Troma Entertainment, the independent production house known for it's weird and whacky movies. These masterpieces of farce and depravity are perfect for any so-bad-it's-good screening.

Antonio Brown honors Arnold Palmer on cleats

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown will honor late golf legend Arnold Palmer with a pair of custom cleats on Sunday.

First Take: Elliott Erwitt

First Take launches with the legendary Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, who offers a glimpse into his quest to make art through documentary photography.

Leaked audio reveals Clinton's opinion of…

Hillary Clinton expressed sympathy earlier this year for Bernie Sanders supporters who "are living in their parents' basement" who were attracted to his "false promise" because they are "children of the Great Recession." CNN's Dan Merica discusses the comments.

Investigation Into New Jersey Train Crash Focuses…

Transportation attorney David Cook says the only way to truly understand what led up to Thursday's train accident in New Jersey is if the man at the controls fully opens up and cooperates with investigators.

Your Emails: Why all the hate for diesel cars?

Brian Cooley explains why diesel cars have struggled to gain traction in the US market.

Kylie Jenner Wants A Baby with Tyga

Breaking news! Kylie jenner is NOT pregnant, despite all those pesky rumors. That doesn’t mean the 19-year-old reality star is opposed to the idea, even in the near future! Kylie and her boyfriend Tyga have been awfully close lately, like extremely close. This has that rumor mill churning that the young Hollywood couple is pregnant with their first child. Well, that’s not true, but a baby isn’t exactly that far off.

Football Food: Chocolate-Covered Strawberry…

Because every great tailgate needs dessert.

About That Other Wall Trump Might Build

Trump's supporters and their views would be hilarious if they weren’t so off the wall

Cannabis Beer May Soon Be On Your Shelves

Colorado-based, Dad and Dude's Breweria is making beer infused with cannabis, and wants to sell it across the country. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has details on this original brew!

The US Is Down To Just One Major Nuclear Fusion…

A lab ran out of funds. Another broke. Now there's just one left to do fusion research for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Ben Affleck Talks Co-Parenting With Jennifer…

"The Accountant" star reveals how he and Jen help with their kids' homework. Plus, Ben dishes on what drew him to his new thriller flick.

This President Is The Most Famous White House…

There have been numerous reports of ghosts haunting the White House, the most famous of which is likely that of Abraham Lincoln.