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Self-Driving Beer Trucks Are The Wave Of The…

Anheuser-Busch just used a self-driving truck to deliver a whole lot of beer — 2,000 cases, to be exact.

Ciara and Husband Russell Wilson Are Expecting

The singer and NFL star are expecting their first child together. Get the details!

Trump's Campaign Manager: Vice President Biden…

Donald Trump’s campaign manager has strongly criticized Vice President Joe Biden, even going so far as to compare him to “a bully.”

Superheroes Beat Princesses for Most Popular…

For the first time in eleven years there will be more Superheroes than princesses knocking on your door this Halloween. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) shows the costumes that top the list.

Tyler Perry Is Still Making A Ton Of Money Off…

Over the course of a decade, Tyler Perry and his loud-mouth alter ego have made over $400 million worldwide from feature films alone.

Which superhero would make the best football…

The speed of the Flash or the brute force of the Hulk? We visited New York Comic Con to find out which superhero would make the most effective football player. (Hint: Superman doesn't think it's himself.)

Epipen’s Biggest Rival Returning in 2017

The Auvi-Q is returning to shelves in 2017, after rival Epipen was widely criticized for raising prices on their epinephrine injectors.

Trump: I'm ready to go over $100 million in…

Donald Trump says he is prepared to open up his wallet and donate considerably more to his campaign in the closing days of the race.

Deadpool 2 Loses Director Over Creative…

Deadpool 2 Loses its director over creative differences.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is virtually a Galaxy Note 7…

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has a sequel to its Mi Note -- and unfortunately it bears a striking resemblance to Samsung's fiery former flagship.

Extra Mustard Disguise Emporium: Sports Halloween…

Check out our collection of unique sports costumes that are perfect for the 2016 Halloween season.

Does Trump's Obsession with Vote Rigging Signal…

If you're starting to think we've dodged the Trump disaster... don't!

For the First Time in 15 Years, Apple Made Less…

Apple made less money this year - but it's still extremely profitable.

Jidenna on education policy

Singer Jidenna, a former teacher, talks education policy in the US.

Health Food Fraud Exposed!

Jeff Scot Philips, author of “Big Fat Food Fraud,” shares some tips on what to look out for on your food labels to keep yourself safe.

Multi-Star Systems Form When Gravity Gets Weird

Gravitational quirks can cause star-forming clouds to condense into pairs and groups of stars.

Mariah Carey Cancels Concerts in South America

The "Mariah's World" star putting a hold on upcoming tour dates because of promoter negligence. Get the details.

Dog Risked Life To Protect Owner During House Fire

A Philadelphia dog named Che is being called a hero after risking his own life to protect his owner from the ravages of a house fire.

There Are Finally Real 'Harry Potter' Makeup…

'Harry Potter' inspired make up is finally making its way to the market. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has pictures from the Etsy shop sure to be taking orders from Potterheads around the world.

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh leads college football…

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is the highest-paid college football coach in the 2016 NCAAF coaches salaries list by USA Today.

These Are The Best Times To Buy A New TV

One of the best times to purchase a new television is coming up.

National Pumpkin Day is upon us

October 26th is National Pumpkin Day. Check out a few surprising facts about these gourds to celebrate the occasion.

Microsoft introduces Surface Studio PC, and…

The big news is Microsoft's newest piece of hardware, an all-in-one PC. While Microsoft is making progress, Alphabet's internet service is pausing future plans.

Joel Embiid: The King of NBA Twitter

Joel Embiid is getting ready to make his mark with the Philadelphia 76ers, but off the court Embiid has already made his presence felt across multiple social media platforms.

2 Chainz Checks out a $350K Gun

2 Chainz and Trappy take a trip to Pacific Sporting Arms where they check out extremely expensive weapons.

Nintendo will ship less Switch consoles than it…

Nintendo seems to be tempering its expectations after overestimating the last console's appeal.

An Easy Trick to Saving a Burnt Pan

The Doctors reveal an easy trick to getting the black muck to come off your favorite pans.

Secretary Of Defense Suspends Recollections Of…

The California National Guard gave millions of dollars in bonuses to persuade soldiers to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.