Don't Miss! - 3/28

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Scottish Parliament Supports Independence…

Scotland's Parliament is backing First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's call for a second independence referendum before the U.K. completely leaves the EU.

Why Michelle Pfeiffer Disappeared From Hollywood

The actress opens up to "Interview" magazine on her long hiatus from Hollywood and what brought on her break from the spotlight.

Cyclone Debbie Captured On Camera From Space

NASA released a video showing cyclone Debbie from space.

Oops! Reality Show Goes Off The Air, But Someone…

One year removed from modern day civilization, with the chance of starting over. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the scoop.

Amazon Bets On 'Moonlight' Director For Its New…

Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins will be behind the camera for an upcoming Amazon TV series based on a famous book.

John Harbaugh believes Colin Kaepernick will get…

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh believes quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be playing in the NFL this season.

Tax Refund 2017

Receiving a large refund means you've overpaid relative to the total tax obligation that you will tote up at tax time. Getting a small tax return means you're doing the right thing.

Letting your child transition is not indulgent

Writer and activist Isabel Rose talks about her daughter Sadie's transition.

Crayola to Retire Color from 24-Count Box for…

Crayola is kicking one of its iconic colors to the curb, retiring a color from its classic 24-count box for the first time in its history.

Google Home is catching up to the Amazon Echo

A dozen new hardware partners including Logitech Harmony, Lifx and August jump on board with Google's smart home system.

CREEP ALERT! Cuba Gooding Jr. Lifts Sarah Paulson…

Eww! How big of a creep is Cuba Gooding Jr?

Report: LaVar Ball shopping reality show and…

The father of ex-UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball is shopping television projects in hopes of landing a reality show and a documentary.

Panel weighs in on Nunes-White House meeting

The panel on the Russian cloud hanging over the White House and calls for the Chair of the House Intel Committee to step aside.

What Nathan's Famous Gets Out Of Being The New…

But this doesn't mean you can eat its hot dogs at every ballpark.

Will Smith's 'Fresh' Reunion

The actor and his 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' cast mates pose in epic reunion photo.

Elon Musk Calls Humans ‘The First Species Capab…

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk continues to issue warnings about the potential destruction artificial intelligence, or AI, could wreak on mankind. 

Stars Battle It Out 'Auditioning' To Be Stephen…

Competition for Hollywood's next role is getting fierce. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the scoop.

Issa Rae On Her Road From YouTube Fame To HBO Star

Issa Rae writes and stars in "Insecure," HBO's Golden Globe nominated comedy.

Lionel Messi banned four Argentina matches for…

Lionel Messi has been banned four games by FIFA after TV images showed him verbally abusing a match official in Argentina's 1-0 win over Chile in World Cup qualifying last week.

U.S. Women's Hockey team to boycott World…

Members of the U.S. women's national hockey team said Wednesday that they will not participate in World Championships unless significant progress is made to secure what players consider to be fair.

Nunes: "Why would I not" remain intel chair?

Controversy continues on Capitol Hill, as Rep. Devin Nunes refuses to recuse himself from the Russia probe despite requests from Democrats

Samsung store catches fire -- right before Galaxy…

What timing. Samsung deals with a fire incident at a Singapore retail store, on the eve of unveiling its next top smartphone.

Justing Bieber Faces JAIL TIME in Brazil

Just when we thought, “Hey, Justin Bieber hasn’t had any run-ins with the law lately, I’m so proud of him.” our proud cloud fizzles and we are hit with reality! Justin Bieber could be facing an time behind bars when he gets to Brazil for his Purpose World Tour. How could this be you might ask, well it all happened four years ago … We told you last week that a Brazilian Judge just reopened a case from 2013 that involved Bieber defacing a government protected hotel with spray painted graffiti. Pretty strategic on the judge’s part if you ask me, but it’s also a bit conniving, BUT he’s a man of the law and what he says GOES!! Quick back story, In 2013 Bieber was in Rio for a world tour. He got permission from the government to graffiti a certain wall in a specific city! Well you know what Justin did… just the opposite! He decided it’d be fun to graffiti a different wall in a completely different city… and now, he’s might have to pay the price for his rebellious ways! Bieber was charged with crime against the city order and cultural heritage, but in true fashion escaped the country before he could be made aware of his charges! Now, Rio’s prosecution services has issued a writ of summons in his name. The request is so that the accused is made aware of the charges. Bieber will get served papers once he gets off his flight and he will have to meet with a judge and police before the leaves the country again! Bibs is set to perform in Rio on March 29th, that’s one day from now, and he plans to leave on April 2nd. Now the punishment for a crime such as this one is up to a year in jail or payment of a fine. Clearly, I think I have a good feeling Biebs will throw stacks of cash down and be done with the damn thing for good and avoid any jail time. BUT This isn’t to say he won’t serve jail time, who knows what the judge and police will decide to do! As for now Biebs, mind your P’s and Q’s and kiss the feet of the Brazilian law! You need them on your side! I want to know what you think the chances are Bieber will actually face jail time? Let me know in the comments down below.

Adam Silver believes woman will be NBA head coach…

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says he believes that there will be a woman head coach in the NBA and wants it to happen "sooner rather than later."

CNN on the ground in Mosul, Iraq

Many innocent Iraqi civilians are caught in the crossfire. CNN's Arwa Damon reports from Iraq.

Trump Signs Order To Roll Back Obama's Clean…

President Trump's executive order moves to eliminate environmental regulations imposed by former President Obama.

"AGT" Cast Sounds Off on Mel B's Recent Divorce

Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell show some love and support for the "America's Got Talent" judge amid her split.

Melania Trump Has Chosen A Communications Director

First lady Melania Trump has hired a communications director.

'Power Rangers' Shows Its Millennial Appeal With…

"Beauty and the Beast" is well on its way to a billion dollars worldwide, and "Power Rangers" brings millennials out in droves to the multiplex.