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UK Prime Minister Theresa May Wins Key Brexit…

Parliament narrowly voted not to join a customs union.

Trump Calls Brennan A 'Very Bad Guy' After…

President Trump went after former CIA Director John Brennan, who described comments made by Trump during the press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin as “treasonous.”

Tom Holland LEAKS Title to Spider-Man: Homecoming…

Did you hear that Tom Holland leaked the title to the Spider-Man: Homcoming sequel? That a new trailer for Predator has dropped? What about Sony Casting Jared Leto for a brand new Spider-Man movie titled Morbius? No? We’ve got you covered. Welcome to The CineFiles! A weekly show where we zoom in on the most buzz-worthy news Hollywood and the indie scene has to offer.

Meghan Markle Has Broken Protocol a Few Times…

Meghan Markle has broke Royal protocol a few times, but Keri Lumm wonders if it really matters.

The Evolution Of Video Games

Video games have influenced our culture and history since 1972. They have evolved from arcade games to consoles to online gaming and smartphones.

Women's World Cup Not Getting Equal Support From…

On this week's episode of Planet Futbol, Luis Miguel Echegaray talks about the lack of support FIFA is showing to the upcoming Women's World Cup.

How the Former Billionaire Known as 'Catwoman…

New York City socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein was once worth billions — but now her fortune has vanished.

L.A. Sheriff Releases Person of Interest Sketch…

Detectives revealed a sketch of the person of interest in connection to the 2005 shooting death of a 27-year-old father of two in Hacienda Heights.

Miranda Sings Receives MAJOR Backlash over “No…

For more entertainment news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPF2FXLaEF4 Miranda Sings fans are complaining and NOT happy with this Youtubers recent meet and greet policy, and she’s REALLY annoyed with them!

Young Mexican Soccer Players To Watch

On this week's episode of Planet Futbol, Luis Miguel Echegaray is joined by Tom Marshall from ESPN to talk about the up and coming Mexican soccer players to look out for.

Rob Schneider's Been Making You Laugh for Decades

The actor takes us back in time to his funniest roles, from his stint on _SNL_ to his time on _Seinfeld_ to, of course, the Sandler years.

Bethesda Launches Official Starfield Twitter and…

Bethesda has opened up social media accounts for their upcoming sci-fi game Starfield on Twitter, Facebook and instagram.

Golf needs Tiger Woods - Player

Legendary golfer Gary Player has said that the sport needs Tiger Woods to cap his comeback to the game with a win.

'World Emoji Day' Is A Global Celebration For A…

World Emoji Day celebrates emoji as a universal form of communication.

Woman Impaled By Beach Umbrella At New Jersey…

A woman was reportedly impaled by a beach umbrella.

Top 10 Villain Vs. Villain Fights In Movies

We're not sure who to root for, but that doesn't make these fights any less intense. From Megatron vs. Sentinel Prime, to King Kong vs. Godzilla, to Hela vs. Surtur, these bad guy fights really got our blood pumping. WatchMojo ranks the top villain vs. villain fights in movies.

Model Breastfeeds Daughter on The Runway

Mara Martin is competing to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, and caught everyone's attention when she breastfed her daughter down the runway. Keri Lumm reports.

What Is Juan Carlos Osorio's Future With Mexico?

On this week's episode of Planet Futbol, Luis Miguel Echegaray talks to Tom Marshall from ESPN about Juan Carlos Osorio's future with the Mexican National Team.

President Trump Acknowledged Russian Meddling in…

President Trump Acknowledged Russian Meddling in the 2016 Election

Family of Boy Tortured, Killed by Mom and Her…

10-year-old Anthony Avalos was allegedly tortured extensively by his mother and her boyfriend before his death, and now his family wants the socials workers involved to be investigated.

DJ Khaled TEASES New Justin Bieber COLLAB!

For more Celeb news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmhpTBQKEvY DJ Khaled teases something major with one of our favorite celebrity boys! Also, Khaled’s next album called FATHER OF ASSAAD is being executive produced by the young boy himself.. Yes. DJ Khaled’s child.

Cowboys Defensive End Randy Gregory Reinstated on…

Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory has been reinstated by the NFL on a conditional business. Gregory's suspension started in January 2017.

Better Call Saul Will Include Scenes Set During…

The scenes will bring the show more closely to Walter White.

7 Reasons You’re Dizzy–and What to Do About It

Dizziness can be a symptom of many things. Here are some tips about what to do if you experience it.

Patients Are More Likely To Get Unnecessary…

More than 45 percent of patients who go to an urgent care clinic with respiratory symptoms get an antibiotic prescription, according to a new study.

A New Species Of Shark Has Been Discovered

A newly-discovered shark species has been named after Eugenie Clark.

Memorabilia from 'The Sopranos' Now Up For Auction

Good news for 'Sopranos' superfans - some show swag is now up for auction. Items are on sale by Steiner Auctions. For example, the autographed fat suit worn by actor Steve Schirripa’s character had an opening bid of $1,000!

Rams Sign Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks to…

The Rams announced Tuesday they have signed Brandin Cooks to a five-year contract extension through 2023.

'Like a Little Wet Noodle.' Arnold Schwarzenegger…

Arnold Schwarzenegger is pumped up about President Donald Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin — and not in a good way