Rep. Massie slams GOP House leadership

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) slams Republican House leadership for trying to rush a vote on what he sees as a flawed health care plan.

Chicago has biggest population dip as southern states grow

Census data show the Chicago region has lost more residents than any other U.S. metropolitan area, a drop that comes as other Midwestern cities lost population and South and Southwest parts of the country saw gains

Utah man killed in London attack was hit on bridge

Family members of a Utah couple celebrating their anniversary on a European vacation say they're heartbroken by the London attack that killed the man and seriously injured his wife

The Latest: Auto safety group applauds Utah 0.05…

A national auto safety group is applauding Utah's governor for deciding to sign legislation giving the state the strictest DUI threshold in the country

Rape case inflames the political battle in…

Fox News spoke with the illegal immigrant's defense attorney; Doug McKelway has the story for 'Special Report'

ISIS claims responsibility for London's terror…

The attacker has been identified as British-born Khalid Masood who was under investigation for extremism; Benjamin Hall reports for 'Special Report'

Israel arrests hacker linked to threats on US…

Israeli police have arrested a 19-year-old hacker who they say is the main suspect in a wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers in the United States, appearing to crack a case that has sent a chill through the American Jewish community

Hawaii judge who blocked travel ban target of threats

The FBI says authorities are aware that the federal judge in Hawaii who ruled against President Donald Trump's travel ban has received threatening messages

House Intel Chair Apologizes for How He Handled…

Members say that Republican House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes expressed regret to members in private about going public — and going to the president — before informing his committee.

How to fix your Nintendo Joy-Con connectivity…

If your left Joy-Con is desyncing, and you can't bear to send your controller away for repair, this fix is the same one Nintendo appears to be using. We still recommend the official route, though!

Thousands attend London vigil

The victims of Wednesday's attack on Westminster are remembered.

The New York Times - Anatomy of a Scene | ‘T2…

From The New York Times: Danny Boyle narrates a sequence from "T2 Trainspotting" featuring Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller.By: By MEKADO MURPHY. Watch the original video on Times Video:

President Trump Pretended to Drive a Truck on the…

President Donald Trump climbed into the cab of a Mack truck parked on the lawn Thursday to welcome trucking industry representatives to the White House.

Boris Johnson: Attacker's values will not prevail

UK Foreign Secy. Boris Johnson discusses the London terror attack and why the attacker's values will not prevail. Johnson also discusses surveillance and why it's 'business as normal' in London.

Gov. Brown: Your 'Name is Going to Be Mud' If You…

Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) joined Chuck Todd in an exclusive interview on Meet the Press to talk about the impact that the Republican healthcare plan would have on California.

TripAdvisor Releases 2017 Travelers' Choice Awards

Reviews of destinations around the world have been ranked by travel website, Trip Advisor. Traveler's Choice Awards for 2017 have been released for 2017.

Obamacare repeal vote put off in stinging setback…

After seven years of fervent promises to repeal and replace "Obamacare," President Donald Trump and GOP congressional leaders buckled at a moment of truth Thursday, putting off a planned showdown vote in a stinging setback for the young administration

Maryland high school thrust into immigration debate

A Maryland high school has been thrust into the national immigration debate after a 14-year-old student said she was raped in a bathroom there by two classmates, including one who authorities said came to the U.S. illegally from Central America

Stocks dip on health bill vote delay

Wall Street's gains turn to losses in the late afternoon Thursday as investors worry about President Trump's ability to deliver on his policy agenda.

Senate votes to kill privacy rules guarding your…

The Senate moved Thursday to undo Obama-era regulations that would have forced internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon to ask customers' permission before using or selling much of their personal information

2 dogs survive gas explosion that levels home; no one hurt

A gas explosion has leveled a home in the Pittsburgh suburbs but spared two dogs that were inside at the time

Top Democrat Says 'No' To Neil Gorsuch…

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday he wanted to block Neil Gorsuch's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

CNN10 - 03/24/17

A Holocaust survivor discusses recent threats to Jewish centers, a company plans tours of the Titanic, and a product aims to help improve people's posture.

WikiLeaks: CIA hacked Apple devices in ways users…

New documents from WikiLeaks point to an apparent CIA program to hack Apple's iPhones and Mac computers in ways users couldn't disable by resetting their devices