Officials: U.S. service member killed in Iraq

An American service member was killed in Iraq about 20 miles north of Mosul, according to a U.S. official. CNN's Jomana Karadesh has the latest.

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Teacher sick-outs close most Detroit schools for a 2nd day

Nearly all Detroit public schools are closed as mass teacher sick-outs over pay roll into a second day

10 Things to Know for Today

10 Things to Know for Today

Funeral will honor 6 of 8 victims in Ohio family shootings

Ohio's attorney general says there will be "ample security" at the funeral for six of the eight people shot in what authorities are calling a planned attack targeting one family

Trump On Considering Cruz For SCOTUS: 'I'd Have To Think About It'

Donald Trump says he believes Ted Cruz has a "temperament issue" that could prevent him from being a good justice.

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Newly Discovered Jellyfish Looks Like Alien Spacecraft

A video published by the NOAA shows a Jellyfish from the Mariana Trench that looks exactly like a hovering UFO. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the details.

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President Obama Speaks Out On Osama Bin Laden's Death 5 Years Later

In his first interview from the Situation Room, Obama tells CNN about the raid that killed the Al-Qaeda leader.

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Kenya: Baby saved from collapsed building after 80 hours

Kenyan hospital official says a 7 month old child has been rescued from the rubble of a building that collapsed 4 days ago

Deputy shoots man who was waving gun in South Carolina

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is investigating after a deputy shot a man authorities say was waving a gun in Greenville County

Flowers' Memory May Come From Mad Cow Disease Protein

Scientists from MIT are cautiously saying there's a chance that memories in flowers could form using the same proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease in humans. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Once a Clinton stronghold, Appalachia now Trump country

Campaigning in Appalachia, Clinton finding support for Trump among white working class voters

Controversy Over Yet Another Confederate Artifact

A judge approved a restraining order that keeps a Confederate monument from being removed from the University of Louisville's campus.

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North Carolina sheriff's deputy hurt in shooting

A North Carolina sheriff's deputy has been injured as he tried to serve a warrant at a home northeast of Raleigh

Fiorina takes tumble during Cruz campaign event

Vice presidential candidate Carly Fiorina carries on, apparently unhurt, after falling off the stage during a Ted Cruz campaign event in Lafayette, Indiana on Sunday. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

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CVS Health tops Street 1Q forecasts

CVS Health beats Street forecasts as 1Q revenue boost helps offset costs

Effect of freight train derailment in DC extends to 2nd day

Some commuters will have to find a different way into work for a second day as a result of a weekend freight train derailment in Washington

Ted Cruz Walks Into A Trump Crowd… You Can Probably Guess The Rest

Cruz approached the Trump fans during a campaign stop in Indiana.

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Donald Trump: 'If we win Indiana, it's over'

Pressure is mounting for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump to win the Indiana primary, which he says would solidify his nomination. CNN's Sara Murray reports.

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Google offers $250,000 for Flint research, local nonprofit

Google is offering $250,000 to help with the ongoing response efforts in Flint as the city reels from the effects of a lead-contaminated water supply

Shortages in Venezuela amid economic crisis

Venezuelans are having to buy food off the black market for two times the going rate as the country faces shortages. CNN's Paula Newton has more.

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Judge agrees to move trial for dad in toddler hot SUV death

A judge has decided the trial of a Georgia man accused of intentionally leaving his son in a hot SUV will not take place in the county where the boy died

Fingernails spotted in trash led to arrest of alleged killer

Closing arguments resume in the case of the alleged "Grim Sleeper" serial killer in Los Angeles

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Rich newspaper owners: Industry saviors or foes?

The Salt Lake Tribune's pending sale to the wealthy Huntsman family unshackles the newspaper from cost-cutting corporate owners but it also raises concerns about whether the influential family will meddle in the paper's coverage

Here's Why The FDA's New $35.7M Ad Campaign Targets LGBT Members

According to the director of the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, LGBT young adults are twice as likely to use tobacco as other young adults.

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Parents Admit to Stealing from Piggybanks

A new poll is saying 46% of parents steal from their kids' piggybanks. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the answer of how many put the money back.

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