Kellyanne Conway to Dana Bash: You went there

CNN's Dana Bash and counselor to President Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway spar over her husband's tweets publicly criticizing the President.

Michael Brown's mother, attorneys to speak at Harvard panel

The mother of Michael Brown and the maker of a documentary about his death will be speaking at Harvard University

4 dead in Nashville Waffle House shooting…

Police in Tennessee say 4 people are dead after shooting at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville early Sunday

Trump Aides Aren't Buying North Korean Olive…

President Trump's aides aren't exactly buying all the good vibes around Pyongyang's offer to freeze nuclear weapons testing, the Washington Post reports. Unnamed by the Post , these aides see Kim Jong Un's promise to stop tests and close a nuclear facility as important for what it's missing—a promise to...

Islamic State suicide bomber kills 57 in Afghan…

An Islamic State suicide bomber has struck a voter registration center in the Afghan capital, killing at least 57 people and wounding 119 others

Trial set to begin for ex-Arizona lawmaker in Alaska killing

A disgraced former Arizona legislator accused of killing a man in southeast Alaska in 2016 is scheduled to stand trial, starting this week

Tom Daley 'so, so excited' about new baby

The Olympic diver says the prospect of being a father has changed his perspective on life.

North Korea Says It Has Suspended Missile Testing…

North Korea said Saturday it has suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests and plans to close its nuclear test site.

This Medicine Cabinet Staple Could Prevent Dying…

Researchers out of the University of Arizona say a simple aspirin could help mitigate the effects of grief and bereavement.

Corker says he won't oppose Democrat seeking his…

Outgoing Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee is sticking by his decision not to criticize the Democrat seeking to fill his seat next year

Crash involving dump truck, vehicles kills 2, injures 3

Authorities say an early morning crash involving a dump truck and two other vehicles in New Jersey killed two Philadelphia residents and seriously injured three other people

'Smallville' actress charged in self-help guru's…

New York actress Allison Mack was arrested Friday on charges that she recruited women into a secret society led by self-help guru Keith Raniere in which they were forced to have sex with Raniere and were branded with his initials. Nathan Frandino reports.

Russia adds Google IPs to registry of banned sites

Russia's communications watchdog agency says it is adding some Google IP addresses to the state register of banned sites, as a dispute over a banned messaging app intensifies

A joyful reunion with birth parents leads to incest, murder

Young woman's joyful reunion with birth parents leads her to marriage with birth father, a baby and their death

Trump Considering Pardon For First Black…

Jack Johnson was convicted in 1913 of transporting a white woman across state lines for an "immoral purpose."

Corker: North Korea pulled good PR move

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) says "we will see where it goes" in regard to negotiations with North Korea, after Kim Jong Un announced the country no longer needs any nuclear tests.

UK calls on social media firms to better protect children

Britain's health secretary has threatened to introduce new laws targeting online social media companies if they don't do more to protect children

Corker defends praise of Dem running for seat

Outgoing Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) defends his praise of Democrat Phil Bredesen, who's running in the race to replace him. However, he said he still plans to support the Republican nominee.

A surge of protest unlike any in decades, but why…

More than five decades after Americans filled the streets to demand civil rights and protest against the Vietnam War, thousands are embracing a new culture of resistance unlike anything since

For 6 Hours, Traffic Was Silenced on Broadway

In a nod to Earth Day, New York City shut down two miles of perhaps its most iconic street, Broadway, for six hours on Saturday. In place of honking cabs and fumes were pedestrians, anything on two wheels, artistic performances, fitness classes, craft workshops, vendors, free rollerblade rentals, and educational...