Urgent travel warning issued for Americans in…

U.S. ramps up air campaign in Afghanistan.

Rural Americans say everyday life hurt by slow…

State officials are looking for a solution after Verizon declined $140 million in federal help.

Monsanto asks Arkansas judge to halt state's…

A major agribusiness company is asking an Arkansas judge to halt the state's plan to ban an herbicide that's drawn complaints from farmers across several states who say the weed killer has drifted onto their crops and caused widespread damage

Ex-Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge remains…

A spokesman says former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge remains in critical condition a day after undergoing an emergency heart procedure

Neighbors help during massive senior living…

Dozens of neighbors rushed to the scene of a massive fire that injured at least 20 people at a Pennsylvania senior living community late Thursday, wrapping elderly people in blankets and bringing them to ambulances

Spain 'no comment' on reports attacks imam was informer

The Spanish government says it can't comment on news reports that the imam police say was the key figure behind the cell that killed 16 people in extremist attacks in Barcelona and a nearby town in August had once been a secret services informer

Woman with crude anti-Trump truck decal released from jail

The driver of a pickup displaying a profane message to President Donald Trump and his supporters has posted bond after being arrested near Houston on an outstanding warrant

Tesla just unveiled a brand new Roadster

Tesla has unveiled two new vehicles; the Tesla Semi and a new Roadster sports car.

Twitter, Google, Facebook and others join trusted…

Today's major tech stories include Twitter, Google, Facebook and others joining a trusted sources group, Amazon Key's first substantial exploit and Facebook's launch of a Creator app.

'Huge potential for video games in Africa'

With the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world, sub-Saharan Africa is a target market for the video games industry.

The New York Times - 36 Questions That Lead to…

From The New York Times: “Tell your partner what you like about them, and be very honest.” We asked three couples who know everything about each other to try out Modern Love’s 36 questions, intended to bring strangers closer.By: By SAMANTHA STARK and BONNIE WERTHEIM. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Mind-Blowing, Affordable Adventures for Your…

Mind-Blowing, Affordable Adventures for Your Bucket List

Mika: We need honest, open conversation

The Morning Joe panel shares its final thoughts on Friday's show, which largely dealt with harassment in Washington and in the work place.

Trump family could save more than 1 billion under…

A majority of voters do not support the Republican tax bill and 61% think it mainly benefits the rich.

North Carolina Trump voters review presidency…

A pair of Trump voters, as part of a North Carolina focus group conducted by pollster Peter Hart, delivered particularly negative reviews of the presidency so far.

Not Invited To The Trump Wedding? You Can Still…

A piece of wedding cake from Donald and Melanie Trump's 2005 wedding is being auctioned off.

White House requests $44B hurricane aid package for Texas, Puerto Rico, smaller than requested

White House requests $44B hurricane aid package for Texas, Puerto Rico, smaller than requested

Harvest Corn Cupcakes

Citing safety, councilman wants cameras in every classroom

A Providence councilman says the city's schools need security cameras in every classroom, cafeteria and auditorium to ensure the student safety

Draghi says cheap cash still key for euro zone

Mario Draghi says the ECB is becoming increasingly confident in the euro zone recovery - but that cheap central bank cash is still key. As Silvia Antonioli also reports, a poll finds economists expect the bloc's economy to mark its best year in a decade.

The Latest: Trump calls Democrats…

President Donald Trump says the Democrats could exert greater sway over the shape of tax overhaul legislation if they weren't focused wholly on defeating it

Museums mark 100 years since death of French artist Rodin

Museums around the world are marking 100 years after the death of French artist Auguste Rodin, including the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia

Sen. Bob Menendez Now Faces A Senate Ethics…

Just hours after a mistrial was announced, the Senate Ethics Committee said it will resume its investigation of the embattled senator.

VW to spend $40B on electric cars, technology through 2022

Volkswagen says it plans to spend more than 34 billion euros ($40 billion) over the next five years on developing electric cars, autonomous driving and other new technologies