Senate Republicans ready to take another swing at…

GOP lawmakers working to secure enough votes to repeal, replace the Affordable Care Act; reaction and analysis on 'The Five'

Did Obama know about Comey's surveillance?

The media seem less interested in the Obama administration's wiretapping practices than in how Trump described it #Tucker

SEC reveals 2016 hack that breached its filing…

SEC says a cyber breach of a filing system it uses may have provided the basis for some illegal trading in 2016

Protesters march in St. Louis suburb over police…

Protesters take to St. Louis-area streets again to demonstrate against judge's acquittal in fatal 2011 police shooting

Myanmar tries to reassure the world over refugee…

Myanmar is trying to reassure the world about its handling of the exodus of Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh and says it is committed to resolving tensions

Seoul to resume humanitarian aid to NKorea; doesn't set date

South Korea has decided to resume humanitarian aid to North Korea to help children and pregnant women, but didn't determine when to provide the assistance amid tension created by North's nuclear tests

SEC says 2016 cyber breach of its filing system exposed information that may have been used for illicit trading gains

SEC says 2016 cyber breach of its filing system exposed information that may have been used for illicit trading gains

Perlan 2 Glider breaks world altitude record for…

The Airbus Perlan 2 Glider is reaching for the stars and earlier in September broke a longstanding high-altitude record for engineless flight. The Airbus Perlan Mission II is an initiative to fly a glider to the edge of space, with a goal of reaching 90,000 feet.

'This has become a symbol of loss'

The BBC's Aleem Maqbool reports from the school in Mexico City where at least 20 children have died.

The New York Times - Hurricane Maria Makes…

From The New York Times: Hurricane Maria reached Puerto Rico as a powerful Category 4 storm early Wednesday. Hours before, it had crossed the United States Virgin Islands as a Category 5 storm, and tore roofs off houses on the Caribbean island of Dominica.By: By CHRIS CIRILLO, NATALIA V. OSIPOVA, SARAH STEIN KERR and BARBARA MARCOLINI. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Trump: My Friends Go To Africa To Get Rich

Trump: My Friends Go To Africa To Get Rich

Former Homeland secy.: It was a balanced speech

Fmr. Homeland Security Secy. Michael Chertoff discusses the president's UN speech, North Korea and Hurricane Maria and FEMA response.

100% of Puerto Rico without power after Maria

It's the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in nearly 90 years.

Confederate Monuments Become Flashpoint At…

Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam squared off over how to handle confederate monuments during the Virginia Governor’s Debate, moderated by Chuck Todd with NBC Washington.

Flying Motorcycles May Hit The Skies By Next Year

CEO of Kitty Hawk says we could see flying motorcycles as early as next year. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has the details!

Manafort offered to brief wealthy Russian during…

President Donald Trump's campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, said during the presidential race that he was willing to provide "private briefings" for a Russian billionaire the U.S. government considers close to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Pence applauds UN resolution on peacekeeping…

The Security Council has approved a resolution supporting efforts to reform the world body's far-flung peacekeeping operations, a priority of the Trump administration at the UN General Assembly

Fed keeps U.S. rates steady

The U.S. Federal Reserve kept intereste rates unchanged and signaled that it will start reducing its $4.2 billion balance sheet in October. Roselle Chen reports.

Google bites off big piece of HTC in $1.1B bet on devices

Google is biting off a big piece of device manufacturer HTC for $1.1 billion to expand its efforts to build phones, speakers and other gadgets equipped with its arsenal of digital services

More charges, new defendant in Texas human smuggling case

Authorities say the driver of a semitrailer found outside a San Antonio Walmart in July packed with immigrants, including 10 who died, faces additional charges in the smuggling case and another defendant now faces charges as well

As Trump's Health Secretary, Tom Price Is Really…

Secretary Price took five expensive chartered flights in one week, according to Politico.

Nevada quake lab tests new bridge design after…

Scientists at a Nevada earthquake lab have tested new bridge designs with innovative connectors to better withstand violent temblors and speed reconstruction following major quake damage