Mark Steyn: James Clapper is a liar

Author and columnist on the former DNI chief saying it is 'conceivable' Trump was recorded on alleged Manafort wiretap

Flint water crisis increased fetal deaths…

A new study links the Flint, Michigan, water contamination crisis to lower fertility rates among the city’s women and an increase in infant mortality

The Latest: Traffic blocked in unannounced protest

A couple hundred demonstrators blocked traffic for about half an hour on the western edge of St. Louis in an unannounced protest of the not-guilty verdict for a white former police officer charged in the shooting death of a black suspect

Montana set to take over deadly asbestos cleanup…

State and local officials have begun preparations to take over management of the cleanup of a northwest Montana community where health officials say hundreds of people have been killed by asbestos exposure

On last day of summer, snow falling in the Sierra…

Snow is falling in the Sierra Nevada on the last day of summer, bringing a wintry look to the towering range shared by California and Nevada and making travel hazardous

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Mexico navy official: No missing child in…

A high-ranking navy official said Thursday there is no missing child at a collapsed Mexico City school that had become a focus of rescue efforts following this week's deadly magnitude 7.1 earthquake, though an adult still may be alive in the rubble

The Latest: German diplomat defends Iran nuclear…

Germany's top diplomat is defending international institutions and agreements, condemning "egoism" on the world stage

California Is Moving To Forefront Of Anti-Trump…

California legislators are trying to pass new legislation that would make the state a "sanctuary state" and another bill that would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns.

Cars the SUV killed

Full size sedans have given way to SUVs and Crossovers

Kexit? Iraq's referendum explained

It's highly controversial, but these Kurds are adamant they will vote for their own state on Monday.

The New York Times - Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Batt…

From The New York Times: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris discuss a sequence from their film featuring Emma Stone and Andrea Riseborough.By: By MEKADO MURPHY. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Aaron Hernandez's Family Suing NFL, Patriots in…

The estate of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is suing the NFL and his former team after his brain was found to have a severe case of CTE.

Dems in worst shape since 1929; what can they do?

Time's Michael Duffy joins Morning Joe to preview the magazine's latest issue, which looks at what Democrats can do to regain strength before 2020.

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Kasich on Obamacare: It's flawed but we should…

With the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal gaining steam, Governors have come out to voice opposition against the latest attempts.

Confederate Monuments Become Flashpoint At…

Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam squared off over how to handle confederate monuments during the Virginia Governor’s Debate, moderated by Chuck Todd with NBC Washington.

The Hobbit Turns 80!

The book The Hobbit turns 80 years old. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

The Latest: Warner eyes social-media political-ad regulation

The Latest: Warner eyes regulation of political ads on social media

Kim Jong Un: 'Deranged' Trump will 'pay dearly' for threat

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is calling President Donald Trump "deranged" and says in a statement carried by the state news agency that he will "pay dearly" for his threats

Apple drags down Wall Street

Tech stocks like Apple pulled the big market indexes lower Thursday. As Fred Katayama reports, the Dow snapped its nine-day winning streak.

California hits Gatorade in court for "anti-water" videogame

California's attorney general has reached a $300,000 settlement with Gatorade over allegations the company made "anti-water" statements in a cellphone video game

Mormon-owned BYU ends ban on caffeinated soda

Students at Brigham Young University were surprised when the Mormon-owned school ended a six-decade ban on the sale of caffeinated soft drinks on campus

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Not All MLB Stadiums Are Equally Safe; An…

During a game between the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins, a line drive from a Yankees player hit a child in the stands.

Tech companies targeted by sophisticated malware attack

Security researchers say hackers compromised popular computer-cleaning software as part of a sophisticated attack that targeted several high-profile technology companies