What do voters unconsciously think with the candidates?

CNN's Randi Kaye tested voters to see what words they unconsciously associated with the 2016 presidential candidates.

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Mother of slain officer wishes police got more respect

The mother of a Massachusetts police officer who was shot dead during a weekend traffic stop says she wishes police got more respect

Man charged in Dallas shooting of Iraqi man convicted

An 18-year-old man has been convicted of killing an Iraqi man taking photos of his first snowfall in Texas

Refugees and scholars: Colleges offer war-torn a route to US

More colleges in the US are offering scholarships to Syrian refugees to help them resume their studies here

Sanders Asks Clinton To Reconsider Declining A Debate In California

In February, both campaigns agreed to participate in four more debates, but only three of those have happened so far.

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Dinosaurs May Have Had Lip Covering Teeth

A study coming out of the University of Toronto is saying dinosaurs like the T-Rex had lips that would cover most of their teeth. Their reasoning is because without that protection the teeth would fall out. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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If EgyptAir Crash Is Terrorism, Why Has No One Claimed Responsibility?

It's rare for a terrorist group to wait more than 36 hours to claim responsibility for an international event.

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Greek authorities begin evacuation of Idomeni refugee camp

Greek authorities have begun an operation to gradually evacuate the country's largest informal refugee camp of Idomeni, located on the Greek-Macedonian border, where more than an estimated 8,400 people have been living for months

Legal cases could affect how Texans cast ballots in November

A flurry of legal activity this year could affect how 14 million registered Texas voters cast ballots in time for November's presidential election

McDonald's Creates Green and Red Burgers for 'Angry Birds' Movie

To celebrate the opening of 'Angry Birds' the movie McDonalds is putting out a red burger and green burger but it's only in China. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Head of TSA security operations removed from position

A House committee says the head of security operations at the Transportation Security Administration has been removed from the job

Study Shows Health Care CEOs Overwhelmingly Support Obamacare

A survey from Modern Healthcare shows more than two-thirds of health care executives support keeping Obamacare, while just 2 percent want it gone.

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US appeals court revisits Texas voter ID law

A federal appeals court is preparing to take a second look at a strict voter ID law in Texas

Detroit muscle cars aren't so strong in crash tests

Detroit muscle cars fail to get highest safety ratings in insurance industry tests

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Police: Driver charged in high-speed chase was off-duty cop

Police say a driver who led officers on a high-speed chase in Ohio earlier this month turned out to be an off-duty officer _ and so was his passenger

The VA Secretary Just Compared Hospital Wait Times To Disneyland Lines

House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted: "This is not make-believe, Mr. Secretary. Veterans have died waiting in those lines."

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Democrats hope to turn red states blue

Could 2016 be the year Democrats capture hard won southern states? CNN's Victor Blackwell talks strategy with the DNC.

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Solar plane's flight from Ohio to Pennsylvania postponed

A solar-powered airplane's planned flight from Ohio to Pennsylvania has been postponed

U.S. ends decades-old arms ban with Vietnam

Senior Fellow at American Progress Michael Fuchs discusses the politics behind Obama trip to Asia and his announcement about ending the weapons ban with Vietnam.

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Many Vietnam vets say they support lifting of arms embargo

Many Vietnam veterans welcomed President Barack Obama's decision to lift the half-century-old arms embargo against their former enemy

10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Among 10 Things to Know: Sanders' views on democracy; Obama's trip to Vietnam; Angelina Jolie's next gig

Hawaii officials: 5 killed in small plane crash on Kauai

Kauai officials say a small plane crash killed five Monday

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Supreme Court Dismisses GOP Redistricting Attempt In Virginia

A lower court ruled Virginia's legislature redrew a congressional district with too many black voters — weakening their voting power overall.

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6 Tips to Keep Ticks Away this Summer

Follow these simple tips to avoid tick bites this summer. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

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Australian Climber Among 4 Dead In 4 Days On Mount Everest

Maria Strydom and her husband were on a quest to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents.

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