Karate v. UFC: Who will win?

UFC is the undisputed champion in MMA but there's a new challenger ready for a fight. Can full-contact Karate take on the UFC? Richard Quest talks to Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat.

Investigators: DNA from genealogy site caught…

Prosecutors say they used online genealogical sites to find a DNA match for a California serial killing suspect

2 lives converge on a dark road in Maine with…

A Maine sheriff has urged a man sought in the killing of a deputy to turn himself in and told a community to stay vigilant during a nationwide manhunt

Smoky fire that forced evacuations out at…

Authorities said a fire at a northwestern Wisconsin refinery that poured thick clouds of black smoke into the air, forcing the evacuation of most of the city of Superior, was extinguished and people were being allowed back in their homes

The Latest: Kim says he's ready for sincere talks…

Kim Jong Un says he's ready for "heartfelt, sincere and honest" talks with Moon Jae-in and the Koreas must not repeat the past where they were "unable to fulfill our agreements"

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Temple University reconsidering Bill Cosby's…

Bill Cosby's alma mater says it will reconsider an honorary degree awarded to the comedian more than two decades ago

No borders - where Turks and Syrians mix

Millions of Syrian refugees remain in Turkey, where some schools are helping the children integrate.

Kim Jong Un Makes Historic Walk Across North…

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un set off Friday from his stronghold in the capital of Pyongyang for the border with South Korea, which he’ll walk across for historic face-to-face talks with his rival, South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

This Duck Was Caught Flying Over The Speed Limit

A camera normally meant for catching speedsters breaking the speed limit, caught a duck flying over the limit. Buzz60's Sam Berman has the full story.

Seeing red: Teacher walkouts shut Arizona…

Teachers in Arizona and Colorado have turned their state Capitols into a sea of red as they kicked off widespread walkouts that shut down public schools in a bid for better pay and education funding

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Minnesota lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct

A Minnesota lawmaker is apologizing after a woman accused him of touching her without her consent

Wall Street gains on strong earnings

Stocks advanced on Thursday, boosted by strong earnings results and a rebound in technology stocks. Fred Katayama reports.

After tax cuts many saw as a failure, Kansas may…

Kansas has some financial breathing room less than a year after legislators reversed past income tax cuts to deal with persistent budget woes and now some Republicans want to go back to slashing taxes

Authorities say the fire is out at a Wisconsin refinery where an explosion injured at least 11 people.

Authorities say the fire is out at a Wisconsin refinery where an explosion injured at least 11 people.

Police Used Genealogy Website To Find 'Golden…

Joseph James DeAngelo's DNA matched DNA collected at the scenes of several of the decades-old murders.

EPA's embattled Pruitt grilled on Capitol Hill

Scott Pruitt's controversial spending and travel decisions were the subject of a blistering congressional hearing, where the embattled administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency faced House members amid weeks of scandal.

Amazon's quarterly profit more than doubles…

Amazon's first-quarter profit more than doubled from a year ago and blew past Wall Street expectations

Watch Kim Jong Un cross the line at DMZ

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crossed the southern side of the DMZ for a summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the first time a North Korean leader has stepped into the territory since 1953.

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Ben Carson Proposal Would Triple Rent for Poorest…

In a move that would reduce federal assistance to poor households, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is recommending increasing rent for low-income tenants living in government-subsidized housing and imposing stricter work requirements. The move is part of a far-reaching effort by the Trump administration that some are calling...

Arkansas judge blocks state's revived voter ID law

An Arkansas judge has blocked a voter ID law that's nearly identical to a measure the state's highest court found unconstitutional about four years ago