3 explosions at Istanbul airport, FAA halts flights

CNN's Clarissa Ward reports that there were three explosions at the Istanbul's Ataturk airport while Rene Marsh is reporting that the FAA has halted all flights to and from the U.S. and Istanbul.

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The Latest: Justice pauses campaign to help flood victims

Jim Justice, the Democratic nominee for governor of West Virginia, says he will pause his campaign for at least two weeks so he can concentrate on helping flood victims

Prosecutors: Dad, son fleeing police killed Utah rail worker

Wyoming prosecutors say a father and son on the run from police after tying up five women in a basement abducted and killed a Utah rail worker

Attorney: Woman who said senator raped her was sorry for lie

The prosecutor in the aborted trial of a suspended Vermont state senator says the woman accusing him of rape lied just once in her testimony and expressed remorse immediately afterward

Volkswagen Will Pay Out Billions To Car Owners Over Emissions Scandal

The automaker reached an agreement in the U.S. settlement case Tuesday.

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Scientists Come Up with Shampoo Bottle That Empties Every Last Drop

Scientists have developed plastic bottles where your shampoo, conditioner, and soap won't stick. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has the details on this useful new invention.

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Explosions And Gunfire Reported At Istanbul's International Airport

Local media report gunfire came from a parking lot near the airport.

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The Latest: DC chief urges quick UK action on Brexit

The EU Commission chief says he is banning any informal and secretive negotiations on a British exit until the nation formally notifies it wants to leave the European Union in the wake of last week's referendum vote

Deadly railroad crossing was eyed for safety improvements

A railroad crossing in southern Colorado where five family members, including three young girls, were killed when an Amtrak train slammed into their minivan had been targeted for safety improvements since 2013

College Creating Its Own Homemade Lava

The University at Buffalo is creating its own lava to study the interaction between the hot stuff and water. Produced by Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones).

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Trump to take on trade deals in Pennsylvania speech

Republican Donald Trump will deliver a speech on Tuesday that will highlight his opposition to the country's trade deals and paint his likely Democratic Hillary Clinton as a champion of the kind of globalization that has pushed manufacturing jobs overseas

Call Logs, Documents Provide A Harrowing Look Into Orlando Shooting

One dispatcher reported losing touch with a caller and recorded this: "just an open line with moaning."

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1st hearing in fight over release of Pulse 911 calls

Preliminary hearing to set ground rules for another hearing later in week on the fight between media companies and city of Orlando over whether 911 calls from Florida nightclub mass shooting can be made public

Legendary basketball coach Pat Summitt dies

The winningest coach in U.S. Division 1 college basketball history, Pat Summitt, died on Tuesday after a battle with early onset 'Alzheimer's Type' dementia. Jillian Kitchener reports.

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Volkswagen settles emissions-cheating cases for $14.7B

Volkswagen will settle consumer lawsuits and government allegations that it cheated on emissions tests by taking steps that will cost the company $14.7 billion

The Latest: Report of shooting in downtown Denver; 1 hurt

Police say at least one person is hospitalized after reports of a shooting in downtown Denver

Would Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton Add More To The National Debt?

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget projects one candidate would increase the national debt far more than the other.

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Campbell: Brexit promises were 'a pack of lies'

Alastair Campbell, former communications adviser to Tony Blair, says Britain's decision to leave the European Union is based on lies and has unleashed widespread racism.

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Clinton to offer debt forgiveness to young entrepreneurs

Clinton set to propose allowing student loan payments to be deferred as part of technology agenda

'Pure panic' at Istanbul airport after attack

Witness Laurence Cameron describes the destruction at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport after suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the airport.

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Police say no injuries reported in Mississippi plant blast

Police in Mississippi say no injuries or fatalities have been reported after a large explosion and fire at a natural gas plant

Texas train collision triggers fireball; no word on injuries

Several box cars have derailed and are engulfed in flames following a train collision in the Texas Panhandle

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Chelsea Handler reveals abortions in Playboy essay on choice

Chelsea Handler reveals abortions in Playboy essay supporting reproductive rights

Trump Exec's Tweet: Hillary Clinton 'Murdered An Ambassador'

Michael Cohen is a special counsel to Donald Trump at The Trump Organization and posted the controversial tweet on Tuesday.

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Facebook Post Saves 13 Animals From Terrible Owner

A woman saved the lives of 13 animals after posting photos of their mistreatment on Facebook.

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