Climbing Everest for PTSD awareness

An Iraq war veteran is climbing Mount Everest with other veterans to promote PTSD awareness.

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World Trade Center observatory marks 1-year anniversary

It's been a year since the observatory at One World Trade Center opened to the public

Virginia governor: I followed the law in accepting donations

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says he's confident he followed the law in accepting donations that now appear to be part of a criminal investigation

California cabbie kidnapped by escaped inmates sues county

The California taxi driver who was kidnapped and held hostage for a week by three inmates who escaped from jail is suing the county and its sheriff's department

Bill O'Reilly Is Suing Ex-Wife Maureen McPhilmy For $10M

According to court documents obtained by Gawker, O'Reilly has accused McPhilmy of misleading him on the terms of their separation agreement.

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Pregnant Woman's Cravings for Bubbles Was 'Better Than Sex'

A Liverpool woman says her cravings to eat bubbles during her pregnancy were better than sex. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the story and other weird pregnancy cravings.

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New Evidence Suggests An Explosion Downed EgyptAir Flight 804

New evidence suggests an explosion happened before EgyptAir Flight 804 went down, but officials aren't sure what caused it.

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Friends, Romans: help restore Rome's ruins, monuments

Rome has pleaded for patrons to help pay for the restoration and maintenance of some of the hundreds of fountains, monuments, archaeological sites and historical streets in the Italian capital

Creditors: Minnesota archdiocese sitting on $1.7 billion

Creditors and an attorney for victims of clergy abuse are accusing a Minnesota archdiocese of vastly understating its assets in bankruptcy

Get Ready: Octopuses and Squids are Taking Over the Oceans

Research shows the octopus is growing. Not just in size, but in number. Gillian Pensavalle (@GillianWithaG) explains.

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French police force open fuel depot amid protests, shortages

French police have dislodged protesters blocking a key fuel depot on the Mediterranean, as gasoline shortages spread around the country amid increasingly tense labor actions

Glenn Beck: America Is On Its Way To 'Normalizing' Pedophilia

Talk show host Glenn Beck says he fears changing transgender rights will bring about the acceptance of pedophilia.

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San Francisco to consider immigrant sanctuary protections

San Francisco officials plan to take another run at clarifying sanctuary protections for people who are in the country illegally, a policy that landed the city in national hot water last year when a Mexican man shot and killed a woman walking along a pier

Fed concerns weigh on stocks

Stocks closed out Monday's trading session in the red, on continued concerns the Fed could raise rates sooner rather than later. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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Monsanto rejectds $62B Bayer bid, but still open to talks

Monsanto says Bayer's $62B takeover offer is 'incomplete and financially inadequate'

US appeals court revisits Texas voter ID law

A federal appeals court is preparing to take a second look at a strict voter ID law in Texas

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Gets Snotty (Literally) On 'The Tonight Show'

The Academy Award-winning actress realized she had something hanging out of her nose while playing a game on "The Tonight Show."

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Is Barack Obama the best gun salesman in history?

Exhibitors at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Louisville say that fear of government action on guns is a huge driver of sales.

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Microsoft makes grants to extend Internet in remote areas

Microsoft has joined other tech giants working to deliver the Internet in remote parts of the world

Bill Cosby appears in court for pretrial hearing

Bill Cosby entered a Pennsylvania court for his first pretrial hearing related to assault charges. CNN's Danny Cevallos was inside the courtroom.

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Michigan man's gunshot ordeal inspires him to become doctor

A gunshot victim whose life was saved by Detroit doctors has graduated from medical school and hopes to help others like the surgeons who treated him

Suspect arrested in death of coal executive Bennett Hatfield

A sheriff says a man has been arrested in the death of a coal company executive who was shot at a West Virginia cemetery where his wife is buried

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House measure supports shippers on ballast water dumping

A plan gaining support in Congress would establish a nationwide policy for dumping ballast water from cargo ships that the industry supports and environmentalists oppose

Sanders Asks Clinton To Reconsider Declining A Debate In California

In February, both campaigns agreed to participate in four more debates, but only three of those have happened so far.

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Here's Why it Still Takes 5.5 Hours to Fly Across the U.S.

We've made so many advances in air travel but speed is not one of them. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the answer why.

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