Grieving father no longer supports Trump

Former Trump supporter Kraig Moss, who lost his son to opioid addiction, explains to CNN's Jake Tapper why he no longer supports the President.

Minnesota marijuana oil sent to New York stirs anger

Minnesota lawmakers want to crack down on a medical marijuana company whose ex-officials have been charged with illegally shipping marijuana oil to New York

The Latest: Lawyer: If facts true, white vet has…

The lawyer for a white Army veteran accused of murder as a hate crime says if the facts of the case match the allegations, he will need to address "obvious psychological issues."

Police: Mom beat, choked girl over incorrect…

A woman has been accused of severely beating her young daughter, trying to strangle her and kicking her out of their Pennsylvania home for incorrectly reciting Bible verses

Dinosaur history gets revised?

Scientists believe Theropod dinosaurs, which include the Tyrannosaurus Rex, are grouped in the wrong family tree

Defense expert: UK attack absolutely not a police…

Defense specialist Allison Barrie brings the latest insights on the deadly London terror attack

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Italian court: No rape happened since woman didn't scream

Italy's justice minister has reportedly asked officials to look into a case in which a court acquitted a man of raping a woman because she didn't scream

Maine medical examiner wants more money to handle OD deaths

Maine is dealing with so many drug overdose deaths that the state medical examiner is asking for more money to handle the workload

AHCA winners and losers

CNBC's Bertha Coombs takes a look at companies poised to win, or lose, if the American Health Care Act does pass.

How to fix your Nintendo Joy-Con connectivity…

If your left Joy-Con is desyncing, and you can't bear to send your controller away for repair, this fix is the same one Nintendo appears to be using. We still recommend the official route, though!

'I was first to reach Keith' - army veteran

Army veteran Tony Davis was the first person to reach PC Keith Palmer, who lost his life in the attack.

The New York Times - House Tour | A Philip…

From The New York Times: The architect's only private residence in New York City — once an artists' salon.By: By DEAN KAUFMAN. Watch the original video on Times Video:

GOP Intelligence Chairman Apologizes for Not…

GOP Rep. Devin Nunes' decision to disclose the information before talking to committee members outraged Democrats

Will GOP members cave to Trump’s threats on…

The Morning Joe panel discusses the ins and outs of the GOP health care bill, if Republicans should bow to pressure from Trump to pass it and what could happen if the bill doesn't pass.

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Chris Matthews: This Russian connection just…

Chris Matthews wonders what President Trump worries about more: North Korea or the media discovering his connection with Russia.

Hillary Clinton says she's "Coming Out of the…

Post Game: Katty Kay and Bob Costa talk with NBC's Jordan Frasier about President Trump’s credibility and Hillary Clinton coming “out of the woods.”

TripAdvisor Releases 2017 Travelers' Choice Awards

Reviews of destinations around the world have been ranked by travel website, Trip Advisor. Traveler's Choice Awards for 2017 have been released for 2017.

The Latest: House GOP leaders postpone health…

House Republican leaders have postponed a vote on their health care bill in a setback for President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan

Activist who didn't divulge Israel bombings will leave US

A Chicago Palestinian activist who didn't disclose her time in an Israeli prison in the 1970s has agreed to plead guilty to an immigration crime and leave the U.S.

Stocks dip on health bill vote delay

Wall Street's gains turn to losses in the late afternoon Thursday as investors worry about President Trump's ability to deliver on his policy agenda.

Don Carter, a newsman for 5 decades, dies in Georgia at 99

Don E. Carter, a newspaper reporter, editor and executive whose career spanned nearly five decades, has died at age 99. Richard Best, a funeral director for Edo Miller and Sons Funeral Home, confirmed Carter died at his coastal Georgia home on Sea Island

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House Republicans Delay Vote On Bill To Repeal…

If more than 21 Republicans vote against the bill, its passage is in jeopardy.

Sadiq Khan talks London terror attack

London Mayor Sadiq Khan London talks to CNN's Christiane Amanpour in the wake of the terror attack that rocked the city.