Ted Cruz won't say if he'll support Donald Trump

In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash, presidential candidate Ted Cruz won't commit to supporting Donald Trump if Trump becomes the GOP nominee.

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Free to speak, stop-and-frisk judge claims some victories

The feisty Manhattan federal court judge who presided over stop-and-frisk litigation and three John 'Junior' Gotti trials has stepped down from the bench

Judge to consider request to move hot car death trial

A judge is expected to consider whether to move the trial of a Georgia man accused of intentionally leaving his toddler son in a hot SUV to die

Convicted sex offender pleads guilty in ID theft case

A decades-long ordeal ruined a Texas man, but his life might start to get better now that the sex offender in Kansas who stole his identity has pleaded guilty to misusing a Social Security number

The New Home For The Ringling Bros. Elephants Might Not Be So Great

The 13 remaining performance elephants will move to a 200-acre facility in Polk City, Florida.

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Newly Discovered Jellyfish Looks Like Alien Spacecraft

A video published by the NOAA shows a Jellyfish from the Mariana Trench that looks exactly like a hovering UFO. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the details.

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President Obama Speaks Out On Osama Bin Laden's Death 5 Years Later

In his first interview from the Situation Room, Obama tells CNN about the raid that killed the Al-Qaeda leader.

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Israel to hold Palestinian journalist 4 months without trial

A defense lawyer says the Israeli military has ordered a well-known Palestinian journalist held for four months without trial or charges in so-called administrative detention

Man accused of killing camper, yoga teacher pleads guilty

One of three young transients accused of killing a Canadian who was camping during a music festival and a yoga teacher who was walking a dog has pleaded guilty murder

Flowers' Memory May Come From Mad Cow Disease Protein

Scientists from MIT are cautiously saying there's a chance that memories in flowers could form using the same proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease in humans. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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LA County Sheriff's Official Resigns Amid Racist Email Controversy

Tom Angel forwarded the emails from his work account during his time at the Burbank Police Department.

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3-year-old survives fall from cliff that kills his mother

A 3-year-old boy survived a 50-foot fall at a popular Oregon hiking trail that killed his 37-year-old mother

Sanders takes aim at "rigged system" of superdelegates

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders explains what he calls the "rigged system" of awarding superdelegates in the Democratic Party. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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Bitcoin's creator unmasks himself _ well, maybe

The mystery creator of the digital currency bitcoin has finally stepped forward _ or has he

Guns on campus bill becomes law without Haslam signature

A bill allowing staff and faculty at Tennessee's public colleges and universities to be armed on campus has become law without Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's signature

We Just Got (A Lot) Closer To Finding Life On Other Planets

Three planets that could potentially hold life have been discovered. And the star they revolve around is key to learning more about them.

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Poll: Voters think Trump, Clinton will be nominees

In a new CNN poll, most Americans think Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the presidential nominees of their respective parties. CNN's Jake Tapper and David Chalian report.

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WhatsApp suspended in Brazil

The popular WhatsApp messaging service is not working in Brazil, apparently as a result of an ongoing judicial battle

Donald Trump supporter to Ted Cruz: 'We don't want you'

Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz spars with a Donald Trump supporter at a campaign event in Marion, Indiana.

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Man to be exonerated 50-plus years after wrongful conviction

More than forty years after being released from prison following a wrongful conviction in a New York City killing, a Virginia man is returning to a courtroom to be fully exonerated

Companies crucial to energy exploration abandon $34B merger

The Justice Department says two companies crucial to the business of U.S. energy exploration _ Halliburton and Baker Hughes _ have abandoned their planned merger

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Outrage over college's plans to sell political memorabilia

The University of Hartford, which once served as home to the federally-funded Museum of American Political Life, is facing a legal fight over plans to auction off one of the great collections of political and campaign memorabilia in the United States

Can We Call It A Comeback? Floyd Mayweather Files For '50' Trademarks

Mayweather's camp is trying to trademark "TMT 50" and "TBE 50," all but guaranteeing the retired boxer will return to the ring.

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Parents Admit to Stealing from Piggybanks

A new poll is saying 46% of parents steal from their kids' piggybanks. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the answer of how many put the money back.

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