The Internet Will Split in Two: Predicts Eric…

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicts the internet will split in two. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

Report finds dozens of Texas gas leak explosions since 2006

A newspaper investigation has found that more than two dozen homes in north and central Texas have blown up since 2006 because of leaking natural gas

Save Time When Texting on Your iPhone by Doing…

Autocorrect on your iphone might make texting so much easier but did you know there is another feature on your apple devices that can save you so much time when texting? Probably not. Susana Victoria Perez has more.

Germany's Porsche says it won't produce new…

Porsche's chief executive says the sports car maker won't produce any new diesel models in the wake of parent company Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal

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Find Your Next Ex Using Facebook Dating

Facebook is attempting to bump dating apps off of your phone by launching Facebook Dating. Buzz60's TC Newman has more.

Japanese supply ship heads to space station after…

An unmanned Japanese space capsule is heading to the International Space Station with 5,500 kilograms of cargo including food, experiments and new batteries

Campaign calls on Hawaii island tourists to be…

The Big Island visitors bureau and Hawaii County have launched a campaign that aims to create a more conscientious tourism industry on the Big Island

Key Order Floats Around White House, 'Author Unknown'

President Trump is about to hit America's tech giants with federal antitrust probes, if a newly leaked document holds any water—and it may not hold any water at all, the Washington Post reports. Revealed Friday by Bloomberg , the draft executive order would empower federal agencies to investigate Google, Facebook,...

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Columbia Gas to cover losses related to gas disaster

Authorities say Columbia Gas has agreed to compensate its customers for all losses related to a gas disaster in Massachusetts' Merrimack Valley

Russian space chief: No '2nd-tier status' with…

Russia's space agency chief has warned that it wouldn't accept a second-tier role in a NASA-led plan to build an outpost near the moon, but Roscosmos spokesman quickly clarified that Russia is staying in the project

Myanmar refugees evacuated from squalid Omaha apartments

About 500 refugees have been relocated from a Nebraska apartment complex after units were deemed unlivable

Rising oil prices haven't hurt the US economy so…

An old bogeyman, higher oil prices, may still be scary but doesn't have the same power to hurt the US economy

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PayPal is the latest platform to ditch Alex Jones…

PayPal is the latest platform to ditch Jones and his Infowars site, which along with conspiracy theories peddles "I Stand With Trump" t-shirts, Wake Up America coffee, dietary supplements and survival food

2 killed when small plane crashes near Missouri airport

A man and his adult son were killed when their small plane crashed near an unlit Missouri airport, even as the pilot's fiancee tried to guide in the plane with a flashlight