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This photo provided by Twentieth Century Fox shows longtime neighbors, Cara Delevingne, left, as Margo, and Nat Wolff as Quentin in a scene from the film, "Paper Towns."  (Michael Tackett/Twentieth Century Fox via AP)
Box Office Top 20: 'Ant-Man' beats 'Pixels' by a tentacleBox Office Top 20: 'Ant-Man' beats 'Pixels' by a tentacle; 'Southpaw' outclasses 'Paper Towns'
The Associated Press7 hours ago
With a new 'Vacation,' a look at laughable comedy remakesWith 'Vacation' again hitting the road, analyzing the laughable tradition of comedy remakes
The Associated Press8 hours ago
James White, wrote screenplay to 'Ray,' dies at 67James White, who wrote screenplay for Ray Charles biopic, dies at 67; he and singer made bond
The Associated Press9 hours ago
Review: 'Vacation' is a funny homage to its predecessorReview: New 'Vacation' is fun and comical trip, even if it isn't the original
The Associated Press11 hours ago
This photo provided by Disney shows Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man in a scene from Marvel's "Ant-Man." (Zade Rosenthal/Disney/Marvel via AP)
'Ant-Man' inches past 'Pixels' to take first-place spot'Ant-Man' inches past 'Pixels' to take first place; 'Southpaw' bests 'Paper Towns'
The Associated Press1 day ago
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