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<pre>Dragons Dogma Guide :<br/><br/>- Basics<br/><br/>- Walkthrough<br/><br/>- Weapons<br/><br/>- Vocations/Builds<br/><br/>- Bestiary<br/><br/>- Power Tools<br/><br/>- Power Curatives<br/><br/>- Important Special Items<br/><br/>- OTHER Important Items<br/><br/>- Apperence Items<br/><br/>- Item Combinations<br/><br/>- Materials<br/><br/>- Trophy Section<br/><br/>- Side Quests<br/><br/>- SET ITEMS ! ------------<br/><br/>- END-<br/><br/>: Andrew Turelli Jr :<br/><br/>: Codebreak1337 : SUBSCRIBE !<br/><br/>: VISIT !<br/><br/>: EMAIL ME !<br/><br/>: 6/17/12<br/><br/>: Version 1.0<br/><br/>: All text documentation was written by myself, please do not use it without <br/><br/> my permission.<br/><br/> <br/><br/>Thank you !<br/><br/>Hello everyone ! I am Andrew Turelli jr. Otherwise Known as the <br/><br/>Codebreak1337.<br/><br/>Keeping it Short and Sweet this is a guide on Capcoms Dragons Dogma.<br/><br/>- Basics-<br/><br/>How to play : <br/><br/> <br/><br/> We start the game in a dark dungeon, with a few abilities and skills.<br/><br/>This "end at the beginning" part of the game, is here to teach you,<br/><br/>the controls.<br/><br/> Pay attention and work your way through until the Chimera.<br/><br/> Ok So by now you should be getting an idea of the controls of the game.<br/><br/>NEXT thing you know your fighting a giant dragon. <br/><br/>Important part is that a Quest, note will pop up.<br/><br/>It should say Harbinger of Destruction. This is,<br/><br/>OUR first quest. Simply just go up to the dragon and attack him a few times.<br/><br/> Next part, If you press the start button you will see, <br/><br/>a chronicle option appear on the lower right portion,<br/><br/>of the game screen. Open the Chronicle. It will give you hints of what to<br/><br/> do during the,<br/><br/>Main Quest Line.<br/><br/> Yes the trick to starting this game is FOLLOWING THE MAIN QUEST <br/><br/>So basically,<br/><br/>Open your chronicle if you get lost. Talk to people with BLUE <br/><br/>QUESTION MARKS <br/><br/>on their,<br/><br/>heads if you are really stuck. Most importantly follow this guide because <br/><br/>you MAY,<br/><br/>still end up a little confused.<br/><br/>--PAWNS---<br/><br/> Ok to make it simple, Pawns are just A.I. Controlled allies. <br/><br/>You have ONE<br/><br/>MAIN PAWN that you may gear up. <br/><br/>Then 2 more that you may NOT gear. <br/><br/>Your main pawn,<br/><br/>levels, the other 2 will not. <br/><br/>You can change only your main pawns vocation. <br/><br/>No Hybrids for ANY PAWN.<br/><br/>-- Fighting---<br/><br/> Battle is very simple and very fun. Bumper button will bring up <br/><br/>different options.<br/><br/>Simple basic, main attack and heavy attack with wild graphical <br/><br/>effects thrown into the mix. <br/><br/>Precision aiming and always R2 or Right <br/><br/>Trigger to Fire.<br/><br/>-- Setting Skills --- POSSIBLE SPOLIERS !<br/><br/> Skills can NOT be set, until you reach gran soren inn. <br/><br/>Your vocation can <br/><br/>NOT be changed<br/><br/>Until you reach gran soren inn as well. Neither c<br/><br/>an your pawns.<br/><br/> You may edit your character at the barber shop in the <br/><br/>VENERY of<br/><br/> Gran Soren. More options,<br/><br/>will become available through Jonathans rift <br/><br/>shop purchases at the Encampment.<br/><br/>Enhance/Combine<br/><br/> Enhancing gear and combining gear is rather <br/><br/>self explanatory. <br/><br/>it seems hard at first,<br/><br/>because there are so many items even early on.<br/><br/> Later you will see there is not as many<br/><br/>items as you may have thought. <br/><br/> Combining I find is sometimes usually and basically<br/><br/> a choice if you want to do it.<br/><br/> Enhancing on the other hand is also an option <br/><br/>but I found it easier.<br/><br/>To enhance you will want to keep<br/><br/> MATERIALS.<br/><br/>Just keep them don't sell them. Then go <br/><br/>to a Smith such as,<br/><br/>Reynard or Caxton in gran soren. <br/><br/>Click enhance option. <br/><br/> There are 3 levels on all items<br/><br/> except for jewelry. <br/><br/>the 4th level is a much<br/><br/> later on in the game. <br/><br/>You Can NOT go over 4 levels.<br/><br/> F.A Q.<br/><br/>What is going on codebreak?<br/><br/>A: Calm down, follow the main quest <br/><br/>line and this Guide.<br/><br/>Do I really have to<br/><br/> WALK everywhere ?<br/><br/>A: Yes.<br/><br/>No, REALLY do I really have to <br/><br/>walk/run everywhere !??<br/><br/>A: you will realize the game is<br/><br/> not so big. <br/><br/> Although there IS a ton of running around.<br/><br/> Later in the game you can teleport, <br/><br/>using ferry stones so don't worry to much. <br/><br/>Get used to the map and Follow roads.<br/><br/>::::::::::MAIN QUEST WALKTHROUGH:::::::::::::::<br/><br/>- The Intro:<br/><br/> Just play through this easy, by listening <br/><br/>to your party members they will explain all.<br/><br/>- Harbinger Of destruction<br/><br/> Basically all you have to do is ATTACK <br/><br/>the dragon a few times, <br/><br/> then wait a little bit until the next cut scene.<br/><br/>- Newly Arisen :<br/><br/> All you have to do is pick up a weapon in the<br/><br/> current room your in.<br/><br/>then pick your vocation out of fighter/strider/mage.<br/><br/>- Upon a pawn :<br/><br/> Exit the room, another cut scene. You will be <br/><br/>outside in a town called Cassardis.<br/><br/>You will meet a pawn named rook. <br/><br/>Simply exit through the big gate.<br/><br/> Once outside, your officially "free" to<br/><br/> do whatever you want. Were going to follow<br/><br/>the main quest though. Stay on the ROAD at all<br/><br/> times heading north. <br/><br/> Eventually, we will reach the Encampment our mark. <br/><br/>Another cut scene, <br/><br/> enter the encampment.<br/><br/>- Call of the Arisen:<br/><br/> Inside the encampment, follow the voice. Make your way <br/><br/>up the stairs and into the tent. <br/><br/>there will be a large weird stone. <br/><br/>Examine it. <br/><br/> There will be commotion, after this go,<br/><br/>outside the encampment <br/><br/>following your quest marker. <br/><br/>Deal with the enemy.<br/><br/>CYCLOPS:<br/><br/> Deal with the Cyclopes. Basically you will want to <br/><br/>climb on towards his head.<br/><br/> Then deliver head strikes. <br/><br/>If mage cast Levin, lightning makes him fall. <br/><br/> You will have help so don't worry to much.<br/><br/> <br/><br/>- A Rude Awakening :<br/><br/> Speak to Ser Mercedes, a black female woman <br/><br/>in white armor in the encampment.<br/><br/>Look for a question mark if lost. <br/><br/>She will give you the option to Rest, <br/><br/>Do so.<br/><br/>You will wake up to loud noise, follow<br/><br/> your marker outside the encampment.<br/><br/> More commotion this time it is a GIANT hydra. <br/><br/>All you have to do is deal enough damage, or<br/><br/> just cleaver off one of it's heads.<br/><br/>To do so grab its head when it's low. <br/><br/>You could also climb up it, <br/><br/>then start swinging. <br/><br/> Easy with sorc/archer for obvious reasons, <br/><br/>as you can shoot from afar.<br/><br/>- Off with It's head.<br/><br/> Now we have the Hydra head, we will need to escort <br/><br/>the cart. To the Duke.<br/><br/>He is in Gran Soren the capital. This is <br/><br/>a very long trek about 15 minutes. <br/><br/>It's easy if you have patience. It is the<br/><br/> ONLY trek like this in the game.<br/><br/> Make sure to kill everything along the way and stay <br/><br/>in front of the cart, but not to far. When you finally<br/><br/> reach Gran Soren's gates.<br/><br/>A cut scene will take you inside and complete the quest.<br/><br/>- A Matter of Myrmidons<br/><br/> Now we are in Gran Soren, talk to anyone with a red <br/><br/>arrow on their head. after talking<br/><br/>to all THREE people including one of the guards. <br/><br/>The path to the PAWN guild will open.<br/><br/> Follow the road to the pawn guild which is in <br/><br/>fountain square. A Guard,<br/><br/>will be standing at the gate. <br/><br/>He will only let you in after you have gathered <br/><br/>enough information.<br/><br/> After that enter the Pawn guild which is down <br/><br/>the road to the left. <br/><br/>Go Inside and talk to Barnaby. <br/><br/>This will complete the Quest. <br/><br/> To Continue the main quest line. Talk to<br/><br/> Barnaby again. <br/><br/>This will start the next quest, <br/><br/>Lure of the Abyss.<br/><br/> - Lure of the Abyss:<br/><br/> Head left from Barnaby down the stairs. <br/><br/>Enter through the gate. This is the Ever fall. <br/><br/>Keep going down the spiraling steps. <br/><br/>If your stuck look for a way on the walls do NOT <br/><br/>hit any levers you do NOT need to.<br/><br/> Finally you will come to a Square room, <br/><br/>there are 2 floors and some succubus as well as<br/><br/>skeleton mages. at the top center of the room,<br/><br/> there is a lever hit this lever only.<br/><br/>It will open the locked door on the bottom. <br/><br/>Proceed through the locked door.<br/><br/> You will then enter the main chamber after a few <br/><br/>twists and turns. examine the circular <br/><br/>marking in the middle of the room. Called the Flame servant. <br/><br/>Giant worm like creatures <br/><br/>will come out of the ground after a cut scene. <br/><br/>You MUST run all the way back up to the<br/><br/>top of the ever fall. Don't bother <br/><br/>fighting these guys the story will not change in doing<br/><br/>so.<br/><br/>- After the lure of the abyss and you leave ever fall,<br/><br/> leave the pawn guild. A guard<br/><br/>will come looking for you and give you the WYRM HUNT license.<br/><br/> Go through the Big red doors<br/><br/>North of the Pawn guild. Keep going up and enter the NOBLE QUARTER.<br/><br/> Talk to a guard with<br/><br/>an question mark on his head. <br/><br/>Ser Maximillian, will give you 4 options.<br/><br/> The worst choice is deciphering a text, although the rewards are good, <br/><br/>I suggest trying<br/><br/>this one in NEW GAME +. Aiding a research team,<br/><br/> is a longer one as well. So I would pick<br/><br/>Investigate a cult and after that rout a monster infestation. <br/><br/>We will start with the CULT.<br/><br/>- Justice Done<br/><br/> Follow quest markers on the screen and talk to people in town,<br/><br/> learning about salvation.<br/><br/>once you complete all quest markers, make your way to the catacombs.<br/><br/> This will also be <br/><br/>marked on your map. Make sure to check your map often. The last road breaks off<br/><br/>, and you<br/><br/>must cut through some part of the woods.<br/><br/> Like I said check your map often for the best way.<br/><br/> Enter the catacombs, This time <br/><br/>around we will be hitting ALL the levers we see.<br/><br/>Don't worry to much about doors with keys for now.<br/><br/> Follow the quest marker. hit the levers<br/><br/>and you should be able to make it through. <br/><br/>At the end we must fight a legion of undead.<br/><br/>it's pretty easy, but it gets harder from here.<br/><br/> Arisen has a choice to show mercy or to<br/><br/>punish the salvation leader. <br/><br/>Choosing mercy will net you some XP and complete the quest.<br/><br/>It saves a cut scene and sometime as well.<br/><br/> Follow your marker and you will reach the exit,<br/><br/> this is catacombs REAR passage towards <br/><br/>Gran Soren. Now we have a bit of a shortcut.<br/><br/> I hope you broke the bars on some doors in <br/><br/>catacombs. Head back to gran soren. <br/><br/>Speak to Maximillian to complete the quest.<br/><br/>- a Fortress Besieged<br/><br/> Speak to Maximillian again, and choose to rout a monster infestation.<br/><br/> He will tell us <br/><br/>to meet with the captain at the shadow fort. it is a far trek. <br/><br/>Make sure to pick up<br/><br/>a ferry stone or 2 from forunival in the noble quarter. <br/><br/>Also look up the black cat,<br/><br/>which is in the Venery of Gran soren. <br/><br/>You may purchase port crystals AND ferry stones at<br/><br/>the black cat.<br/><br/> So the shadow fort is way to the west. <br/><br/>Yet we will have to hook south first to get there<br/><br/>then north. So make sure once again to check your map consistently. <br/><br/>Do NOT get lost, and<br/><br/>do NOT start travel at night time. <br/><br/>Bring your lantern and follow the map. <br/><br/> This is a good place to put a port crystal once you arrive if you have one.<br/><br/> Go inside<br/><br/>the shadow fort, once arrived. Talk to the captain with the ? mark. <br/><br/>Do NOT go through the<br/><br/>big gate, it is useless. Instead go through the hole near the troops.<br/><br/> Head north through<br/><br/>the hole. Once you come out keep going straight and turn left.<br/><br/> Go up the ladder and fall <br/><br/>down. Make sure this is the STATION ROOM. Go through the door,<br/><br/> head left and open the chest<br/><br/>near 2 -3 goblins, which looks like a jail cell room. <br/><br/>This is the Shadow fort lever.<br/><br/> Take the lever back to the lever switch, <br/><br/>which is up top the platform North west, from<br/><br/>where we just came. It is on top the roof,<br/><br/> not to hard to find. Put the lever in and then<br/><br/>examine it. This will open the gate,<br/><br/> and the troops can come in.<br/><br/> Fight the Cyclopes with them there are two of them.<br/><br/> For the one with the Helmet, make sure<br/><br/>you are near it's head it will try and get you off, <br/><br/>removing his helm in the process.<br/><br/>Once both Cyclopes are down, another cut scene. <br/><br/>You must locate the goblin leader.<br/><br/> Go inside the fort follow the markers, go to the rook tops.<br/><br/> Then back down another spiral<br/><br/>staircase. Eventually you will come to a red double door. <br/><br/>Kill the goblin leader or try<br/><br/>to. He will flee, watch cut scenes or skip them.<br/><br/> Then head back to Ser Maximillian at Gran<br/><br/>Soren. This Will complete the quest, <br/><br/>and start the 3rd And Final part of the game !<br/><br/>- Come To Court<br/><br/> Ser maximillian will now give you the option to HEAR <br/><br/>the duke's directive.<br/><br/> Choose that <br/><br/>option and ALL current quest will STOP.<br/><br/> ONCE AGAIN ALL CURRENT QUEST WILL BE CANCENCLED FOR <br/><br/>GOOD. The only way to get them back is NEW GAME +. <br/><br/>It is ok because this is our first time <br/><br/>through and were following this guide right? <br/><br/>Ok so lets continue.<br/><br/> Go into the Dukes gate, enter dukes demesne. <br/><br/>Enter the Castle watch a jester. Skip the <br/><br/>jester scene, wear a party hat then confront the DUKE. <br/><br/>watch cut scene, run back OUTSIDE.<br/><br/>Make your way to LEAVE the Demesne. Then CUTSCENE with Aldous.<br/><br/> Aldous will leave you off with nothing but a hint. <br/><br/>GO back into the castle and talk to <br/><br/>Aldous. He will then give you two options after speaking with him. <br/><br/>Pick the Gather evidence <br/><br/>for an important trial. <br/><br/>This one is relatively easy and perhaps necessary.<br/><br/>- Trial And Tribulations<br/><br/> This quest Does NOT even have to be completed to complete the <br/><br/>MAIN STORY LINE. <br/><br/>just sleep <br/><br/>for 4 days and it will be over. <br/><br/>Aldous will be mad but at least its over. This is the <br/><br/>quickest way possible and the easiest to a rather tedious quest.<br/><br/>- Griffins Bane<br/><br/> Once again speak with aldous. He will tell you of the Volunteers,<br/><br/> they are waiting outside <br/><br/>of Gran Soren main entrance go there. Once outside, <br/><br/>follow them until the quest log <br/><br/>updates. You will then notice a swirling blue light on the ground. <br/><br/>The game HINTS at using<br/><br/>"bait" to Lure out the Monster. <br/><br/>Look for a spider just a few steps away from the <br/><br/>volunteers. Kill the spider and pick it up with the grab button. <br/><br/>Place it in the blue <br/><br/>light. This should trigger the Griffin to come in. <br/><br/>Wail on the griffin until it flies off.<br/><br/> The volunteers, suggest it has flown to blue moon tower. <br/><br/>The Tower is very very far off.<br/><br/>Without a port crystal which you should not have yet. <br/><br/>Be PREPARED for a long trek. Remember<br/><br/>your map. Blue Moon tower is North east of grand soren,<br/><br/> past Wind bluff tower and a travelers rest point. <br/><br/>There will be strong winds, that seem impassable. <br/><br/>If you hold the<br/><br/>joystick forward or RUN through you can make it through the winds. <br/><br/>Keep heading in the,<br/><br/>direction of the quest marker.<br/><br/> Eventually you will hit pastona cavern, <br/><br/>some rouges undead etc. Pick up mushrooms along<br/><br/>the way. Pick up whatever you can find, the next battle<br/><br/> WILL be tough.<br/><br/> Continue following <br/><br/>your map to the blue moon tower.<br/><br/> Once you get to the tower obviously head your way up.<br/><br/>It is pretty straightforward.<br/><br/> Keep heading up and wait listen to the volunteers. <br/><br/>There will be a point where you will break some doors down.<br/><br/> One door you can only get to, by going <br/><br/>around it, take the stairs up and then down <br/><br/>then FLIP the switch or lever.<br/><br/> * Make sure to stay with the volunteers or the game MAY glitch<br/><br/> and the griffin will NOT<br/><br/>appear at top of the blue moon tower. <br/><br/>IF this does happen use a ferry stone. If you don't <br/><br/>have one prepare for a long trek back to travelers camp.<br/><br/> You can rest there to reset the <br/><br/>game. This should FIX the "glitch" if it happens to you.<br/><br/> Once atop the tower and the griffin appears slay it.<br/><br/> Climb it if your a fighter, arrows <br/><br/>for archers and FIRE magic for sorcerer.<br/><br/> ALL PAWNS should be NEW, except your MAIN. <br/><br/>Your<br/><br/>Main pawn and yourself should have good and enhanced gear.<br/><br/> Bring plenty of stamina and <br/><br/>health restoration items.<br/><br/> The griffin will fall to your blade and there<br/><br/> will be a port crystal nearby,<br/><br/> USE these to<br/><br/>fast travel in conjunction with ferry stones.<br/><br/> You CAN NOT place it inside blue moon tower.<br/><br/>In a chest as a side note, there is always a griffin armor.<br/><br/>- Pride before a Fall<br/><br/> Speak to Aldous To complete the Griffin's bane quest.<br/><br/> Then Speak to him again and choose<br/><br/>the assist ser Mercedes option. <br/><br/>Go outside meet and talk to Ser Mercedes and select YES <br/><br/>option to bring her along. She will be at wind bluff tower.<br/><br/> We have been there on our way<br/><br/>to the blue moon tower. If lost check your map,<br/><br/> it is much closer to Gran soren then blue<br/><br/>moon tower. <br/><br/> <br/><br/> Once inside run up the stairs. You will see Ser Mercedes running.<br/><br/>Witness the duel, or hit <br/><br/>Julian to end it quickly.<br/><br/>He will beat Ser Mercedes regardless but leave her alive.<br/><br/>She will give you her sword Silver rapier.<br/><br/>Fast travel or travel back to Aldous at Gran Soren.<br/><br/>Report of your duty and be rewarded and complete the quest.<br/><br/> Be prepared for another long trek,<br/><br/>unless your lucky enough to have a ferry stone.<br/><br/>ALL the way back to gransoren. If you have a ferry stone<br/><br/>another should appear at gran soren. <br/><br/>If you walked back, be prepared for next time. <br/><br/> Go back to the castle and report to aldous, <br/><br/>where he will reward you and Set Arisen up <br/><br/>with the next quest.<br/><br/>- The Wyrm kings Ring<br/><br/> Talk to Aldous yet again, Then do as he says,<br/><br/> and inquire about who may have stolen the<br/><br/>ring. Just talk to people in the CASTLE. <br/><br/>Anyone with a red question or a quest marker. Then<br/><br/>report back to Aldous after 2-3 people. <br/><br/> Quest log will update and you will have to go to the ancient quarry.<br/><br/>It is easy to find especially with QUEST marker.<br/><br/> It's not a far ways <br/><br/>either, just a bit south west of Gran Soren. <br/><br/> Once at the quarry, skip the scene, and Kill Salomets companions.<br/><br/>Then lower salomets health. <br/><br/>This will trigger the next cut scene to where he flees.<br/><br/> Report back to Aldous at Gran Soren.<br/><br/> He will then tell you to inquire with TOWNSFOLK. <br/><br/>Speak to Brice one of the FOOD merchants in FOUNTAIN SQUARE of Gran Soren. <br/><br/>He will tell you quickly he is located at BLUEMOON TOWER.<br/><br/> Quest Log will update. <br/><br/> Travel to blue moon tower on foot or by ferry stone.<br/><br/> Once again head to the top and <br/><br/>confront Salomet.<br/><br/> Salomet is a necromancer of sorts.<br/><br/> Kill all his summons.He will then be left open to <br/><br/>attack. Salomet is rather easy even with low gear/levels. <br/><br/>Once he is gone, DO NOT forget the <br/><br/>wyrmkings ring. it is very close to the edge of <br/><br/>the cliff along with a ferry stone.<br/><br/> Report back to Aldous. He will reward you after giving him the ring.<br/><br/> This will complete <br/><br/>the quest.<br/><br/>- Honor and Treachery<br/><br/> Talk To Aldous, Then he will tell you to go to <br/><br/>mountain way castle.<br/><br/>It is between Cassardis <br/><br/>and Gran soren. <br/><br/>This is where we escorted the Hydra head earlier.<br/><br/> Check your map and head <br/><br/>there. It is not far off from Gran soren so just run there.<br/><br/> The guard will tell you to report back to Gran Soren<br/><br/> as there is a major problem. Ferry or <br/><br/>run back to Gran Soren to see it is under siege by a monster.<br/><br/> A Giant Cockatrice is <br/><br/>destroying the craftsmen quarters.<br/><br/> Destroy all quest markers or boxes with quest marks. <br/><br/> The cockatrice will then eventually fly off. <br/><br/>It is very Dangerous it can turn you and your <br/><br/>allies to stone. This means INSTANT death, sort of.<br/><br/> Have some secret softeners from carmillas <br/><br/>apothecary.<br/><br/> After the Cockatrice flies away,<br/><br/> talk to the guard on the way towards the noble quarter. <br/><br/>Skip the scene and you will be back at the CASTLE. <br/><br/>This will Complete the quest.<br/><br/>-Reward and Responsibility<br/><br/> Talk to Aldous, he will then tell you to meet the Duke in his solar.<br/><br/> Follow the castle <br/><br/>marker and go to the solar.<br/><br/> Talk with the Duke, Then follow him to the treasury. <br/><br/> Watch the cut scene.<br/><br/> Accept his gifts then talk to him on your way out. <br/><br/>A guard will rush in and inform you about the Great wall.<br/><br/> It is under attack.<br/><br/>This Completes the Quest and begins Deny Salvation.<br/><br/>- Deny Salvation<br/><br/> We must head to the great wall.<br/><br/> Which is a large encampment NORTH WEST of the Gransys map.<br/><br/>It will be a long trek. <br/><br/>Once again follow your map. Take a good look at it before and during <br/><br/>the trip. <br/><br/> Bring Curatives, and stamina curatives.<br/><br/> Holy weapons work great, as is being an <br/><br/>archer. We will be fighting mainly undead and then some NASTY wights.<br/><br/> Once you get to the great wall, <br/><br/>dodge the Cyclopes, and head all the way to the top. Skip <br/><br/>all battles or fight them for XP. <br/><br/>The only necessary battle is the CHIMERA.<br/><br/> Kill the snake first by grabbing on to it. <br/><br/>Then grab on the goat and kill it. <br/><br/>finally the lion. The Door will now be open. <br/><br/> Keep heading up and dodge the skeleton knight or fight him.<br/><br/> Hopefully you can handle this <br/><br/>battle. Have all of your pawns. <br/><br/>Have your best gear and decent levels.<br/><br/> If you need to level go do it. <br/><br/> The Wight's are very challenging at low levels.<br/><br/> To destroy them you MUST kill their <br/><br/>summons first. They will then come down to the ground.<br/><br/> Archers can still hit them from <br/><br/>above. <br/><br/> This is the best method of attack. <br/><br/>It may take several rounds,<br/><br/> depending on your <br/><br/>level and your weapons/enhancements.<br/><br/> Once they are done, the quest is complete.<br/><br/> The FINAL BATTLE quest will begin. We must <br/><br/>speak with the Dragon Forged at Hill Figure Knoll. <br/><br/>If you have a port crystal it would be <br/><br/>VERY WISE, to put one right outside of the great wall.<br/><br/>- The Final Battle -<br/><br/> Speak with the Dragon Forged at Hill Figure Knoll.<br/><br/> The Knoll is North West of Gran Soren. <br/><br/>It is a little far but not too difficult to get to. <br/><br/>Once at the Knoll, you will get a <br/><br/>cut scene. You will be inside the Dragon Forge's lair. <br/><br/> Talk to him and He will update your quest log. <br/><br/>It is time to go back to the great wall,<br/><br/> and enter the Tainted Mountain.<br/><br/> Ferry back to the great wall, via or ferry stone<br/><br/> and port crystal from earlier.<br/><br/>Run north all the way Through. <br/><br/>Go through the gate that was locked when we battled the Wight's. <br/><br/>After a few twists and turns just follow your marker. <br/><br/>MAKE SURE you have your Final battle quest on, <br/><br/>just incase you get lost.<br/><br/> Work your way through the enemies, I suggest being at LEAST level 40<br/><br/> for this part of the <br/><br/>game. although it can be done at just about any level <br/><br/>with the right gear. Have a ton of <br/><br/>fire resistance, and best weapon enhancement vs. <br/><br/>the final boss would be ICE.<br/><br/> Arisen and his allies will run into;<br/><br/> Succubus, HELL HOUNDS, Gore chimera and Geo saurian's. <br/><br/>all very difficult. <br/><br/>You should also, have an archer as your main character. A sorcerer as <br/><br/>your main pawn. <br/><br/>For your other 2 pawns, go with Archer/Mage for the Dragon as well.<br/><br/> Having a mage over a sorcerer is a good Idea, <br/><br/>because MAGE is the only vocation that can <br/><br/>heal. Other then by aiding fallen comrades.<br/><br/> Finally you will come to a room with 4 exclamation points.<br/><br/> A gore chimera and 4 switches. <br/><br/>The Exclamation points are the switch locations. <br/><br/>After beating the Gore Chimera, step on <br/><br/>all the switches. Make sure they ALL go down. <br/><br/>This will open the Gate to the Dragon.<br/><br/> Speak with the dragon, he will then go crazy, <br/><br/>you will then run away. Follow the quest<br/><br/>updates. Keep heading up and deal with the platforming. <br/><br/>There are tons of checkpoints here <br/><br/>so it is easy. Don't worry to much if you die. <br/><br/> When you reach near the Top of the tower, <br/><br/>there will be a ballista. Quest log will inform <br/><br/>Arisen to fire it at the dragon. <br/><br/>Fire it as he begins to swoop in towards you it is simple.<br/><br/> You will then End up ON the dragon. <br/><br/>Above tainted mountain temple flying in the sky. <br/><br/>Keep crawling forward on the dragon to reach <br/><br/>the back of its heart. <br/><br/>Its heart is on its back.<br/><br/>Notice the glowing red area if your confused.<br/><br/> Be sure to follow the prompts with the L- stick. <br/><br/>you will have to follow 3 prompts. <br/><br/>If you fail prepare to start all over again. <br/><br/> After the final prompt. The Dragon will,<br/><br/>Try to swallow you and miss.<br/><br/> <br/><br/> This is where the real final battle begins.<br/><br/> You Must finish the dragon with,<br/><br/> ALL your pawns <br/><br/> on foot. An epic battle that last a very long time.<br/><br/> Even at high levels. I suggest using<br/><br/>the ballista as much as you could. Aim for the dragons heart. <br/><br/> Hopefully you are a good archer and can hit his heart from afar. <br/><br/>Bring Curatives.<br/><br/> Have 2 other pawns, One archer and one Mage.<br/><br/> This battle WILL be long no matter what. <br/><br/>Get in as MANY heart shots as possible <br/><br/>to speed it up when you have a chance. <br/><br/>The reward is all your current gear ,<br/><br/>will be dragon Forged. Also a Trophy and partial game completion.<br/><br/> The game will go into a "post" game. <br/><br/>Killing the dragon completes the quest <br/><br/>"the Final battle".<br/><br/>After all the cut scenes, save your game at the <br/><br/>Cassardis Inn. The next quest,<br/><br/>A Warm Welcome will pop up on quest log.<br/><br/>- A Warm Welcome<br/><br/> Use your ferry stone, or walk back to Gran Soren. <br/><br/>Meet with the Duke. <br/><br/>Something is very wrong with him. <br/><br/> <br/><br/> He will try and Duel you. Defeat him.<br/><br/>Then all his guards will attack you.<br/><br/>Run all the way back to where the fountain square used to be. <br/><br/> <br/><br/> There is now a giant hole in the ground. <br/><br/>This is the Ever Fall. Jump in,<br/><br/>and the Quest will be Completed.<br/><br/>- Fathom Deep<br/><br/> <br/><br/> Talk to Quince right outside the first level of the ever fall. <br/><br/> She will ask you to aqcuire 20 wakestones. To do so, <br/><br/>keep exploring the <br/><br/>ever fall. Slay many of the monsters <br/><br/>until you acquire 20 wakestones. <br/><br/> You may also fight the Ur-Dragon for <br/><br/>20 at one time, after a victory. <br/><br/> I suggest leveling up and taking the Enemy <br/><br/>option first time through.<br/><br/> Once you have 20 wake stones, talk to Quince. <br/><br/> There is NO turning back now at all. <br/><br/>This is the true final <br/><br/> battle once you accept jump down the Ever fall into the <br/><br/>Seneschal's Chamber.<br/><br/>- The Seneschal Battle<br/><br/> He is really easy the first 2-3 fights, <br/><br/>just run up and hit him a few times, <br/><br/> dodging his WEAK attack. <br/><br/>Same thing for the 2nd fight. Honestly the whole<br/><br/> thing is rather easy except for the END, <br/><br/>which can be tricky at best.<br/><br/> The Final form will pit you against, <br/><br/>Seneschal and his Pawn. Take out,<br/><br/> his pawn first, then work on Seneschal.<br/><br/>They are both still rather easy, <br/><br/> even at low levels. <br/><br/> Although he will Charge at the very end for an,<br/><br/> UBER attack, which can one shot kill <br/><br/>Arisen + your main pawn.<br/><br/> I suggest having a <br/><br/>wake stone or 2 just in case. <br/><br/> The best advice for this is to just run towards him <br/><br/>while he is charging, <br/><br/> You or YOUR pawn must grab him and<br/><br/> deliver the final blow. <br/><br/>Either way works.<br/><br/> After you win the battle, you will receive the <br/><br/>Gods bane,<br/><br/> and live as Sensechal. So sit in his throne, <br/><br/> and you will enter Carssdis <br/><br/>in a real freaky manner. <br/><br/> Just leave through the main gate,<br/><br/> to get back to the chamber.<br/><br/> Now Finally USE the <br/><br/>God's bane blade on yourself.<br/><br/> CONGRATULATIONS AND ENJOY THE ENDING !<br/><br/>- Andrew Turelli jr<br/><br/>- codebreak1337<br/><br/>-<br/><br/>-<br/><br/>::::::::::WEAPONS:::::::::::<br/><br/>---Swords---<br/><br/>- Almace <br/><br/>Ice sword<br/><br/>Caxton (silver idol)<br/><br/>Tainted Moutain<br/><br/>Soul Flayer Canyon<br/><br/>-Ascalon<br/><br/>Holy Sword:<br/><br/>Beat the Ur- Dragon Offline with Fighter.<br/><br/>Beat Ur- Dragon online with Fighter.<br/><br/>Beat Ur- Dragon Online,possible drop.<br/><br/>" 1337 stuff " Really like this sword,<br/><br/>+ It looks very mint.<br/><br/>- Bastard Sword<br/><br/>Basic Sword From Caxton nothing Special.<br/><br/>-Caladbolg<br/><br/>Lightning Elemental Sword<br/><br/>- Frontier Caverns<br/><br/>-Pastona Cavern<br/><br/>- Soul Flayer Canyon<br/><br/>- Caxton (silver idol)<br/><br/>"pretty sweet if you like lightning"<br/><br/>-Carnation<br/><br/>- Joye The Merchant (remorse chamber)<br/><br/>-Distress<br/><br/>-Sorrow<br/><br/>-hope<br/><br/>"Very powerful and Unique Looking"<br/><br/>-Crossed Cinquedea<br/><br/>" Basic Caxton Sword "<br/><br/>- Cutlass<br/><br/>"basic caxton sword"<br/><br/>- Dragons Dogma<br/><br/>- Final battle reward as Fighter.<br/><br/>" Strong sword, But no magic atk"<br/><br/>" Looks Cool"<br/><br/>- Broad Sword<br/><br/>Basic sword from Caxton nothing special<br/><br/>-Eden's Warden<br/><br/> Fire Elemental Sword<br/><br/>- Caxton (silver idol)<br/><br/>- Catcombs<br/><br/>-Ancient Quarry<br/><br/>- watergods Altar<br/><br/>" Really cool, looks awesome"<br/><br/>" Powerful + fire attack"<br/><br/>" lots of weak to fire enemies<br/><br/>in this game"<br/><br/>- Golden Bastard<br/><br/>- Golden bastard sword -<br/><br/>- Quest: reward and responsibility<br/><br/>- Quest: Lost and Found<br/><br/>* The best way to get this sword is,<br/><br/>probably just waiting until the Duke rewards<br/><br/>the Arisen at reward and responsibility. <br/><br/>Which is part of the main quest line. *<br/><br/>- Golden Rapier<br/><br/>" A Gold Rapier "<br/><br/>Quest- *POST GAME* " A challange<br/><br/>* You must kill an arch hyrdra at the,<br/><br/>Frontier Caverns to Aqcuire this one.<br/><br/>- Iron sword<br/><br/>Basic Sword found in Cassardis merchant<br/><br/>- Rusted Sword<br/><br/>- Pick this up at start of the game<br/><br/>- Silver Rapier<br/><br/>- MAIN QUEST LINE<br/><br/>- Pride before a fall<br/><br/>* Do not interfere in Mercedes duel*<br/><br/>* She will give it to you after*<br/><br/>- Tight Cinquedea<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton Sword<br/><br/>- Trusty Sword<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton sword<br/><br/>- Undulant Gold<br/><br/>- Gold Bladed Sword-<br/><br/>Quest * Epicurean Delights *<br/><br/>You must aquire 5 SOUR!!!<br/><br/>Ambrosial meat pieces.<br/><br/>Once they turn sour<br/><br/>Put them in airtight flask.<br/><br/>Give them to The Tavern Owner to<br/><br/>get this Sword.<br/><br/>- Undulant Sword<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton Blade-<br/><br/>- White Hawk's Talon<br/><br/>- Awesome Looking Rapier"<br/><br/>*ONLY Alon the Merchant sells this.<br/><br/>You must complete his quest outside the<br/><br/>Ancient Quarry. Clear the Quarry hit the <br/><br/>Lever. Report Back to Alon and He will <br/><br/>Open up shop in the Quarry. He sells<br/><br/>this item among other rares.*<br/><br/>::::MACES::::<br/><br/>- Beak Of Gold<br/><br/> Golden Beaked Mace<br/><br/>- Notice Board Quest -<br/><br/>- a Dark Chourus -<br/><br/>* Kill some harpies for this one *<br/><br/>- Bloodthirsty Beak<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton Mace:<br/><br/>- Crescending Roar<br/><br/>- Caxton ( silver idol)<br/><br/>- Catacombs<br/><br/>- Blue moon tower<br/><br/>- Shadow Fort<br/><br/>-Soul flayer Canyon<br/><br/>- Dragons Presence<br/><br/>- Delec the Merchant ( hope chamber)<br/><br/>- enstrangement<br/><br/>- Anxiety<br/><br/>" Very Strong, good knockdown+stagger"<br/><br/>" Dragons Toll "<br/><br/>Final Battle With Mystic Knight Victory-<br/><br/>- Dragons Presence is Stronger-<br/><br/>- Font Of Fire-<br/><br/>- Ancient Quarry<br/><br/>- Blood Water Beach<br/><br/>- Pastona Cavern<br/><br/>- Shadow Fort<br/><br/>* I really like this one.<br/><br/>It has Fire element looks great and<br/><br/>it is fairly powerful. A+ in my book.*<br/><br/>Golden Oblitierix<br/><br/>- Commited To memory Quest-<br/><br/>* Aqcuire 66 Skulls then give them,<br/><br/>to Arsdale at the TAVERN *<br/><br/>* Golden Strings --<br/><br/>Quests: Parcel Service, guardsman Sought:<br/><br/>Parcel Service is easier, do it with a <br/><br/>Ferry stone, it's a quick escort mission.<br/><br/>receive this as the reward.*<br/><br/>- Ingot Club<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton Mace<br/><br/>- Mace -<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton rookie mace-<br/><br/>- Morgestern-<br/><br/>Basic Caxton Mace---<br/><br/>-Obliterix-<br/><br/>- Shadow Fort<br/><br/>- Water Gods Altar<br/><br/>- Caxton (silver idol)<br/><br/>- Rusted Mace-<br/><br/>_ reynard the merchant inc Cassardis-<br/><br/>- Steel Beak-<br/><br/>- Soul flayer canyon level 1-<br/><br/>* Only place this one drops*<br/><br/>* Might have to Try Several times*<br/><br/>- thousand strings-<br/><br/>- Caxton-<br/><br/>- Great wall<br/><br/>- Soul Flayer canyon-<br/><br/>* Drop % Item *<br/><br/>- Thousand Troops-<br/><br/>Basic Caxton Mace<br/><br/>- Threaded Cudgel-<br/><br/>Alon The Merchant<br/><br/>Caxton (gold idol)<br/><br/>Jayce Merchant<br/><br/>Mathias Tainted Mountain Merchant<br/><br/>Tainted Mountain Chest Drop %<br/><br/>- Totem Mace -<br/><br/>Beat the Ur- Dragon Online or Offline.<br/><br/>* With Mystic Knight Class*<br/><br/>* may drop either way*<br/><br/>- TWO HANDED WEAPONS -<br/><br/>Ardent Will:<br/><br/>Great Wall<br/><br/>Tained Mountain<br/><br/>Caxton (gold)<br/><br/>Cassardi Flamberge:<br/><br/> Aestalla Cassardis Merchant --<br/><br/>-- Dragons Bite--<br/><br/> Final Battle with warrior--<br/><br/>-- Dwells in Light--<br/><br/>One of TWO! Ur- Dragon Drops if Warrior,<br/><br/>Vocation. You get Either or.<br/><br/>* Also possible Ur- Dragon ONLINE drop*<br/><br/>-- Flamberge--<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton Weapon--<br/><br/>-- Golden Lance--<br/><br/>" A delicate manner quest"<br/><br/>- Gryphic Gold-<br/><br/>- Final Judgement Quest-<br/><br/>- Gryphic Victory--<br/><br/>Parting Tribute Quest<br/><br/>- The Great wall drop %-<br/><br/>- Lancers Sword-<br/><br/>- tainted Mountain Temple Drop %<br/><br/>- Lifetaker-<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton weapon-<br/><br/>Malignance--<br/><br/>- Frontier Caverns,Witch Wood<br/><br/>- Caxton ( silver idol)<br/><br/>- rusted great sword-<br/><br/>- Reynard in Cassardis-<br/><br/>- Saving Grace-<br/><br/>Tainted Mountain<br/><br/>- EverFall Chambers-<br/><br/>- Soul Taker-<br/><br/>Revelle Revellery Quest<br/><br/>* Collect 50 War Bugles *<br/><br/>- Steel Great Sword-<br/><br/>- basic caxton sword<br/><br/>- thousand Limbs-<br/><br/>- ALON THE PEDDLER ONLY !-<br/><br/>- Two Hander-<br/><br/> Basic Caxton Sword-<br/><br/>- war blade-<br/><br/>Basic Caxton Sword-<br/><br/>- Wounded Heart-<br/><br/>Joye Merchant<br/><br/>EverFall Chambers Drop %<br/><br/>Angels Fist:<br/><br/>- Ur Dragon Victory With Warrior<br/><br/>Online or Offline<br/><br/>Black Matter:<br/><br/>Alon the Merchant<br/><br/>pastona caverns<br/><br/>Curse wood<br/><br/>Bloody thistle--<br/><br/>Delec<br/><br/>Chambers in Everfall Drop %<br/><br/>- Chest Carver<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton Weapon-<br/><br/>- Cyclops Sigil-<br/><br/>- Caxton,Alon,Mathias MERCHANTS-<br/><br/>:: Dragons Repast::<br/><br/>Final Battle Victory with Warrior::<br/><br/>Ferric Talon----<br/><br/>- Basic Caxton Weapon---<br/><br/>--Fiery Talon--<br/><br/>Witchwood, Basic Caxton Weapon--<br/><br/>- Golden Cyclops Sigil-<br/><br/>- The Secret Admirer Quest-<br/><br/>- Golden Pale-<br/><br/>- Head Count Quest-<br/><br/>Judgement---<br/><br/>- Caxton basic weapon-<br/><br/>Mounted Pale:::<br/><br/>Basic Caxton Weapon---<br/><br/>-- Rooted Gloom--<br/><br/>_ Caxton Silver idol_<br/><br/>- Company for the road quest-<br/><br/>STEEL URCHIN:::<br/><br/>-Caxton<br/><br/>-Jayce<br/><br/>-Alon<br/><br/>-Mathiahs (MERCHANTS)<br/><br/>::RUSTED WAR HAMMER:::<br/><br/>- Reynard,Cassardis<br/><br/>::: TEETH OF GOLD :::<br/><br/>- Hobble the Foe Quest<br/><br/>- Scholarly Pursuit Quest<br/><br/>::: TRIPLE TOOTH :::<br/><br/>Soul Flayer Canyon 2nd Level ONLY !<br/><br/>* Drop % Rate *<br/><br/>!!!!!!!!!!DAGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!<br/><br/>Bardiche Daggers:::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: CHILLING RAZORS :::<br/><br/>- Caxton ( Silver idol)<br/><br/>- Ever Fall Chambers Drop-<br/><br/>::: Crimson Teeth ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: CRITERIA:::<br/><br/>- Aestalla ( cassardis merchant)<br/><br/>::: DIVINE RAZORS :::<br/><br/>RARE* Bad Business Quest-<br/><br/>::: DRAGONS PAIN ::::<br/><br/>- Joye<br/><br/>- Everfall chambers Drop %<br/><br/>::: DRAGONS VEIN :::<br/><br/>- Final Battle With Strider Victory-<br/><br/>::: Galvanic Razors :::<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain Drop %-<br/><br/>- Caxton ( GOLD IDOL)<br/><br/>::: GOLDEN BARDICHES ::::<br/><br/>" Token Of Esteem Quest"<br/><br/>::: GOLDEN STILEETOS :::<br/><br/>" A Dark Chorus quest "<br/><br/>:::HEAVENS KEY :::<br/><br/>- Ur Dragon -<br/><br/>::: Kunai :::<br/><br/>- Soul Flayer Canyon First Floor underground<br/><br/>- The Great Wall <br/><br/>- Drop %<br/><br/>::: RUSTED DAGGERS :::<br/><br/>- Reynard<br/><br/>:::: SCALDING RAZORS ::::<br/><br/>-Shadow Fort<br/><br/>- Caxton ( Silver Idol)<br/><br/>::: SNAG DAGGERS :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:: SNAGS OF GOLD :::<br/><br/>Company For the Road Quest #3-<br/><br/>::: STILETTOS :::<br/><br/>-Caxton<br/><br/>::: THROAT CUTTERS :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Madeline<br/><br/>::: VOUGUE DAGGERS :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- Mathias<br/><br/>######## MAGE STAVES #########<br/><br/>::: ALGID BLOOM ::::<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain Temple<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain<br/><br/>- Caxton ( silver idol)<br/><br/>::: ANCHOR TO HEAVEN :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Jayce<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- Bluemoon Tower<br/><br/>::: CAST STONE :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: CRIMSON GLARE :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: DIVINE AXIS :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:::: DRAGONS NOUS ::::<br/><br/>- Final battle as Mage-<br/><br/>::: FAVORED CANOPY :::<br/><br/>- Witch Hunt Quest -<br/><br/>::: FAVORED FLOWER :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: FRIGID FLOWER :::<br/><br/>- Joye<br/><br/>- EverFall Chambers<br/><br/>:: GOLDEN CLAW :::<br/><br/>- Hearts Compass # 2 Quest -<br/><br/>:::: GOLDEN GRACE ::::<br/><br/>- A Formless Foe Quest -<br/><br/>:::: IRON CLAD STAFF :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: PATH TO HEAVEN :::<br/><br/>- Hair Raising Quest -<br/><br/>:::: RUSTED STAFF :::<br/><br/>- Reynard -<br/><br/>::: THUNDER CLAP :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:: UNFETTERED CLAW :::<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- tainted Mountain<br/><br/>- Caxton (silver idol)<br/><br/>::: Unspoken Grace :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:::: VOLANT WHITE :::<br/><br/>- Ur Dragon -<br/><br/>::: WOODEN STAFF :::<br/><br/>- Aestella<br/><br/>!!!!!!!! ARCHISTAVES !!!!!!!<br/><br/>:: COMMON ARCHISTAFF ::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: DRAGONS RISEN :::<br/><br/>- Delec<br/><br/>- Everfall Chambers<br/><br/>::: Dragons Wit :::<br/><br/>- Final battle as Sorceror -<br/><br/>::: FAVORED BRANCHES ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: FRONZEN TOMMOROW ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:: GOLDEN MENISCUS :::<br/><br/>- A Storied Stone #2 "quest"-<br/><br/>::: GREVIOUS GOLD :::<br/><br/>- Thanks Mislaid Quest -<br/><br/>::: GREVIOUS HORNS :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: HELICAL ARCHISTAFF :::<br/><br/>-Caxton<br/><br/>-Alon<br/><br/>::: Keen Dragons Wit :::<br/><br/>" A Pilgrims Plight " QUEST<br/><br/>::: MENISCUS :::<br/><br/>- Witchwood<br/><br/>- Pastona Cavern<br/><br/>- Drop % <br/><br/>::: PLUCKED HEART :::<br/><br/>- Blighted Manse<br/><br/>::: RUSTED ARCHISTAFF :::<br/><br/>- Reynard<br/><br/>::: SOLAR NUMEN :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: Solar Providence :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- Jayce<br/><br/>::: Stagnant Surge :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Mettle against mettle quest<br/><br/>- Great wall<br/><br/>:::: Talarian White :::<br/><br/>- Ur Dragon -<br/><br/>^^^^^^^^^^ SHIELDS ^^^^^^^^^<br/><br/>::::: Dragons Aegis :::<br/><br/>- Final Battle as Fighter -<br/><br/>::: Dragons Den :::<br/><br/>- Caxton ( Silver Idol )<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- Everfall Chambers<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain<br/><br/>::: FEATHER LIGHT PELTA ::::<br/><br/>- Shadow Fort<br/><br/>- Ancient Quarry<br/><br/>- Caxton <br/><br/>::: Gran Soren Shield ::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:: IRON SHIELD :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: LAMBENT SHIELD :::<br/><br/>- Ur Dragon Final Blow online only -<br/><br/>- Drop %<br/><br/>::: LUSTROUS TARGE :::<br/><br/>- Scouting Mission -<br/><br/>::: MARK OF THE CHIMERA :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: ORILUX SHIELD :::<br/><br/>- Caxton ( Gold idol )<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain Temple<br/><br/>- Great Wall<br/><br/>- Drop %<br/><br/>:: PELTA ::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:: RUSTED SHIELD ::<br/><br/>- Reyanrd<br/><br/>::: ROUND SHIELD :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: SABLE SENTIEL :::<br/><br/>- Joye<br/><br/>- Everfall Chambers<br/><br/>::: Scarred Sentinel ::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Along<br/><br/>- Pastona Cavern<br/><br/>:: SCORCHED PELTA ! ::<br/><br/> " awesome "<br/><br/>- Caxton *post game*<br/><br/>- Frontier Caverns<br/><br/>- Catacombs<br/><br/>- Drop %<br/><br/>***** MAGICK SHIELDS ****<br/><br/>::: Angel's Sanctum :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: Blue Kite Shield :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: DARK BUCKLER :::<br/><br/>- Delec<br/><br/>- Everfall chambers<br/><br/>:::: Dragons Faith :::<br/><br/>- Final Battle as Mystic Knight-<br/><br/>:::: FINE MAGICK BUCKLER :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: KNIGHT HONOR ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>:::: LUSTROUS GREATSHIELD ::::<br/><br/>- Ur Dragon - Drop %<br/><br/>:: Magick Buckler ::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: RUSTED MAGICK SHIELD ::<br/><br/>- Reynard<br/><br/>::: THUNDER KITE SHIELD :::<br/><br/>- Caxton ( silver idol )<br/><br/>- Pastona Caverns<br/><br/>- Bluemoon Tower<br/><br/>::: WIZARDS VIZARD :::<br/><br/>- Pride Before a Fall Quest-<br/><br/>* Kill Julien * Then Raise Him With,<br/><br/>A Wake Stone *<br/><br/>::: WOODEN WALL :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>******* SHORT BOWS *********<br/><br/>::: DIRE WOLF BOW :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- ShadowFort,Witchwood<br/><br/>:::: DRAGONS RANCHOR ::::<br/><br/>- Final Battle as Strider -<br/><br/>::: FEY WHISPER :::<br/><br/>- Joye<br/><br/>- Everfall Chambers<br/><br/>- Drop %<br/><br/>:::: FLUTED BOW :::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Frontier Caverns<br/><br/>- Blue moon tower<br/><br/>:::: HUNTERS BOW ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:::: PLEACHED LIMBS ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain<br/><br/>::: RUSTED BOW :::<br/><br/>- Reynard<br/><br/>:: SHORT BOW ::<br/><br/>- Reynard<br/><br/>- Aestella<br/><br/>:: Stalwart Bow :::<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: SYLVAN BOW ::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>::::: LONG BOWS :::::::<br/><br/>:: Bespoke Long Bow :::<br/><br/>- Frontier Caverns<br/><br/>- Blue Moon Tower<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>:::: DRAGONS BLINK :::<br/><br/>- Final Battle as Ranger -<br/><br/>:::: NOBLE LIMBS ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- Everfall Chambers<br/><br/>:::: PLAIN LONG BOW ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Aestella<br/><br/>:::: REINEFORCED LONGBOW ::::<br/><br/>- Anicent Quarry<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>::: RUSTED LONGBOW :::<br/><br/>- Reynard<br/><br/>::: SAVAGE FANG :::<br/><br/>- Delec<br/><br/>- Everfall Chambers<br/><br/>- DROP %<br/><br/>:: VETERANS ARC :::<br/><br/>- Caxton ( Gold Idol )<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain<br/><br/>- The Greatwall<br/><br/>- DROP %<br/><br/>********MAGICK BOWS ******<br/><br/>:::: DRAGONS BREATH ::::<br/><br/>- Final Battle as Magick Archer -<br/><br/>::: DRAGONS QUICKENING ::::<br/><br/>- Everfall Chambers<br/><br/>- Delec<br/><br/>- DROP %<br/><br/>:::: Gimble Gyre ::::<br/><br/>- Great wall<br/><br/>- Tainted Mountain<br/><br/>- Caxton ( Gold Idol )<br/><br/>:::: HERLADS HELIX :::<br/><br/>- Caxton <br/><br/>-Madeline<br/><br/>- Everfall Chambers<br/><br/>::: MAGIAN CRUTCH ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- Madelinene<br/><br/>:: MASTERS MERLE ::::<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Bluemoon Tower<br/><br/>- Frontier Caverns<br/><br/>- DROP %<br/><br/>:: RUSTED SPELLBOW ::::<br/><br/>- Reynard<br/><br/>:: TERMINAL GYRE :::<br/><br/>- Alon<br/><br/>- Caxton<br/><br/>- Aestella<br/><br/>- soul Flayer Canyon <br/><br/>::::::::: VOCATIONS & BUILDS :::::::::::<br/><br/>::: FIGHTER :::<br/><br/> The Fighter Is your basic swordsman.<br/><br/>- He uses Sword and Shield Moves/Attacks<br/><br/>- From the Basic Heavy/light attack<br/><br/>- To more complicated moves.<br/><br/>Here are a Few of my favorite Builds.<br/><br/>- Smiter 1.0<br/><br/>- Griffin Set<br/><br/>- Mark of the chimera<br/><br/>- Edens Warden<br/><br/>MOVES:<br/><br/>Shield Drum<br/><br/>Cymbal Onslaught<br/><br/>Divine Defense<br/><br/>Down Crack<br/><br/>Skyward Lash<br/><br/>Steel Will<br/><br/> So basically, Your Using Shield attacks.<br/><br/>Sword is Secondary with this build.<br/><br/>First Steel will ! this will increase defense.<br/><br/>It's a sword skill level 2. <br/><br/>Next is Shield Drum, This provokes enemies.<br/><br/>Cymbal Onslaught is your main attack.<br/><br/>It is a shield strike or SMITE.<br/><br/>Cymbal Onslaught, Can break defenses,<br/><br/>as well as Knock opponents down.<br/><br/>Shields have a bit more knockdown/stagger<br/><br/>then Swords. + They do Blunt damage.<br/><br/>This Works Great Vs Skeletons/ Thin Enemies.<br/><br/>If your facing Heavier Opponents Or<br/><br/>Opponents weak to slash. Use Cymbal Onslaaght.<br/><br/>Knock them off Their feet. Then DOWN CRACK.<br/><br/>Skyward lash, is just incase your dealing with,<br/><br/>Some sky enemies like Harpies.<br/><br/>Use shield drum to Provoke. Then Skyward Lash.<br/><br/>Once they are down You can Pummel them.<br/><br/>Divine Defense, is basically an amazing defense<br/><br/>Manuever. It eats stamina, but is great when surronded.<br/><br/>The whole jist of this build, is that it's FUN.<br/><br/>The Smiter 1.0 all around Is not very good when,<br/><br/>Facing HUGE opponents. You can stil take down big<br/><br/>Guys, But Not as effectivley.<br/><br/>The Pros of the Smiter 1.0 all around, It <br/><br/>Completly Reaps Skeletons. Its Great Vs<br/><br/>Rougues. And Even Harpies Don't Stand a Chance.<br/><br/>Recommended use - Early Game, OR Traveling Gransys.<br/><br/>- Smiter V 2.0<br/><br/> This is the advanced Smiter Build, Toward<br/><br/>End Game or Post game.<br/><br/>GEAR :<br/><br/>- Scorched Pelta - "Blunt fire Damage"<br/><br/>- Ascalon - "Holy Damage High Damage"<br/><br/>- Golden Belt " +20 To Strength "<br/><br/>- Chimeric Gauntlets "+ 3-4 STRENGTH "<br/><br/>- Chimeric Sabatons " + 3-4 STRENGTH "<br/><br/>- Chimeric Armet + 3-4 STRENGTH"<br/><br/>Why? <br/><br/>- Strength Is the Main Focus.<br/><br/>AUGMENTS :<br/><br/>- Clout " Big Strength increase "<br/><br/>- Vehemence " Strength Increase "<br/><br/>- Endurance - " Stamina Increase "<br/><br/>- Longetivity - "Health Increase"<br/><br/>- Impact - " easier to knock down foes"<br/><br/>- vigilence - " Increases HP by 100 "<br/><br/>Core Skills :<br/><br/>Always Get all Core Skills.<br/><br/>SWORD :<br/><br/>Legions Bite- <br/><br/>Uses Less Stamina then Dragons Maw. <br/><br/>Burst Strike- <br/><br/>Knockdown attack with the sword.<br/><br/>- Steel Will<br/><br/>Best offense is a good Defense<br/><br/>SHIELD :<br/><br/>- Cymbal Onslaught<br/><br/>Main Attack, The Smite.<br/><br/>- Shield Storm<br/><br/>Level 2, Breaks Opponents Guard<br/><br/>Great Vs Goblins, especially hordes<br/><br/>of them. After using this, Follow up<br/><br/>with you main attack, SMITE.<br/><br/>- Divine Defense<br/><br/>Level 2 Skill, Eats Stamina<br/><br/>This is just really cool,it Defends<br/><br/>against EVERYTHING. You practically<br/><br/>Can NOT be Knocked down, or Staggered.<br/><br/> It's Great Vs BIG ATTACKS. Combine it<br/><br/>With Steel Will and your almost invulnerable.<br/><br/>The Smiter 2.0 :: PROS :::<br/><br/>- With Scorched Pelta we Now deliver fire<br/><br/>Damage, As well as Knockdown/Stagger. Also !<br/><br/>We Still have our Blunt %, as Well as Basic<br/><br/>Damage from OUR Strength.<br/><br/>-Don't Knock the Scorched Pelta It Looks<br/><br/>Awesome, and Is Possibly, The Best shield<br/><br/>Next to Lambent.<br/><br/>- The Reason were not using Lambent Shield,<br/><br/>Is that Lambent Does HOLY damage. We Already <br/><br/>Have that element from ascalon. So basically<br/><br/>You can Set Enemies on Fire, as Well as Purge<br/><br/>Them.<br/><br/>This Build Will Take out The Following easily:<br/><br/>- Wolves<br/><br/>- Humans<br/><br/>- Undead<br/><br/>- Dragons<br/><br/>- Goblins<br/><br/>- Chimera<br/><br/>- Gore Chimera<br/><br/>The Smiter 2.0 :: CONS :::<br/><br/>- Big enemies Without a weak point,<br/><br/>Are a problem. As well as BIG Flying<br/><br/>enemies without a MAJOR weak point.<br/><br/>- Your Wearing Heavy Gear with NO<br/><br/>Sinew ability. You Will be Slow.<br/><br/>Especially if your carrying, tools/<br/><br/>curatives.<br/><br/>This Build Will Be Weak Against :<br/><br/>-Ogre's<br/><br/>-Cyclops<br/><br/>-Wights<br/><br/>-Phantoms<br/><br/>-Harpies<br/><br/>-Gore Chimera<br/><br/>- Overall You Will Survive with this build <br/><br/>Even Late Game or Post Game. I highly, think<br/><br/>you should have a Sorcerer as Main Pawn with<br/><br/>High Bolide,Fulmination,Gicel. Possibly even<br/><br/>2 Sorcerers. Airborne Enemies and Phantoms<br/><br/>Will Be very annoying, without the latter.<br/><br/>::::STRIDER:::::<br/><br/>- Strider is one of the best vocations.<br/><br/>It has great speed,makes a good thief,<br/><br/>and it is a solid archer. It CAN use, <br/><br/>various tipped bows, such as poison.<br/><br/>::: MAD DASHER :::<br/><br/> This Build is based around speed and<br/><br/>of course the MAD DASH ability.Which OWNS.<br/><br/>GEAR :<br/><br/>- Red Leather Set Dragon Forged<br/><br/>- Chilling Daggers<br/><br/>- Dragons Ranchor<br/><br/>The Red leather Set is very light,<br/><br/>Looks great and has solid defenses when<br/><br/>dragon forged. <br/><br/>The Main focus Here is to be light on <br/><br/>your feet, while keeping damage especially<br/><br/>Projectile Magic Attacks low.<br/><br/>- Chilling Razors are going to be a BIG<br/><br/>help, because they Can Freeze the enemy.<br/><br/>This will make your escape or "rush" easier.<br/><br/>They also pack quite a punch at Dragon Forged.<br/><br/>- Dragons Ranchor, is the best SHORT bow in<br/><br/>the game. Dragon Forged, does nice damage.<br/><br/>Core Skills :<br/><br/>Always Get ALL core skills<br/><br/>AUGMENTS ::::<br/><br/>This Build is Based around SPEED.<br/><br/>Strength is secondary.<br/><br/>Sinew- This will increase your carry weight<br/><br/>limitations. Letting you stock more curatives.<br/><br/>Liquid Vims Grant the user a period of time,<br/><br/>where NO STAMINA will be drained. You Should<br/><br/>Have a Few of these when using this build.<br/><br/>Radiance- this is a RANGER augment, that <br/><br/>can be crossed to Strider. It Will Illuminate<br/><br/>the Area with your LATERN in a wider Radius.<br/><br/>Endurance- Increases Stamina, You will be <br/><br/>runnning alot and mad dash takes up stamina.<br/><br/>So your going to need this one. +100 Stamina.<br/><br/>Grit- Halves Stamina Recharge Time<br/><br/>Leg Strength- Makes you 1 level lighter<br/><br/>in terms of carry weight. You will be even<br/><br/>lighter So you can carry MORE items.<br/><br/>Efficeny- Increases Health and Stamina Curatives<br/><br/>effectivness.<br/><br/> This is good, if you happen to be low on health<br/><br/>and of course stamina.<br/><br/>DAGGER SKILLS :::<br/><br/>Your Main Move, is MAD DASH. <br/><br/>This move will let you speed up really fast.<br/><br/>It has a great effect and is very fast, which<br/><br/>is very very good.<br/><br/>Combine Moves, Like mad dash into a nice sweet<br/><br/>cutting wind the enemy won't know what hit them<br/><br/>literrally.<br/><br/>-Dazzle Blast<br/><br/> This skill, will STUN enemies. <br/><br/>Leaving them vulnerable to a Mad Cutting wind,<br/><br/>or simply to escape from the battle quickly with<br/><br/>MAD DASH.<br/><br/>BOW SKILLS ::::<br/><br/>Shierk Dart-<br/><br/>-This casuing a soundwave, to stun Enemies in <br/><br/>a radius. Great again for escaping.<br/><br/>Pentad Shot-<br/><br/>- This skill is good with petrification or<br/><br/>Blinding arrows, it spreads arrows in a <br/><br/>WIDE radius. Works Nice if Bow is Cold<br/><br/>Enchanted as well.<br/><br/>- 3rd Bow ability<br/><br/>- this one is basically up to you, Dagger <br/><br/>abilities are more impt for this build.<br/><br/>especially when combined with good augments.<br/><br/>- The bow just adds more fun to the mix, ENJOY.<br/><br/>MAD DASHER PROS ::<br/><br/>- Fastest Build in the game.<br/><br/>- Carry TONS of Items<br/><br/>- RUSH through the game quickly<br/><br/>- Don't worry about fighting.<br/><br/>MAD DASHER CONS ::<br/><br/>- Low health<br/><br/>- earn very little experience<br/><br/>- Weak against most monsters<br/><br/>MAD DASHER OVERALL :<br/><br/> This build is great for EXPLORING purposes,<br/><br/>ANYTIME during the game. If you want to collect<br/><br/>items, its great. Escort companions its great.<br/><br/>Rush throught the story, its once again great.<br/><br/>- Basically anything you want done quick<br/><br/>Leave to this build.<br/><br/>:::MAGE BUILDS :::<br/><br/>-- The Healer---<br/><br/>- Cleric Cap<br/><br/>- Healing Robes<br/><br/>- Wizards Boots<br/><br/>- Blessed Vest<br/><br/>- Any pants<br/><br/>- Dragon Blood<br/><br/>- Magnanimous Cloak<br/><br/>- Basically your looking for gear, that enhances<br/><br/>curative spells. Mage is the ONLY healer in the game.<br/><br/>-This build is Fun, but due to the non-combat nature<br/><br/>of the build, you will only be healing and supporting.<br/><br/>it could take a long time, to kill enemies.<br/><br/>- I suggest having one POWERFUL sorcerer, and some<br/><br/>Ultimate Warrior Pawns.<br/><br/>- Take 3 elemental boons, Best choice;<br/><br/>-Fire<br/><br/>-Ice<br/><br/>-Thunder<br/><br/>- This is good because almost EVERY enemy <br/><br/>in the game is weak to at least ONE of these.<br/><br/>- Once again, these "boons" empower your allies <br/><br/>weapons, or your own with that particular element.<br/><br/>Healing Spells:::<br/><br/>- Anodyne<br/><br/>This is the heal spell, Use it as much as needed.<br/><br/>- High Halidom<br/><br/>- This spell cures debilitations or negative<br/><br/>status effects on you and your allies.<br/><br/>- Spell Screen<br/><br/>- Increases defense of allies who stand in the<br/><br/>circle of the spell.<br/><br/>:: AUGEMENTS :::<br/><br/>- Beatitude<br/><br/>Increases Curative magic effects * <br/><br/>- Attunement<br/><br/>Augments your magic <br/><br/>- Endurance<br/><br/>More stamina more spells can be casted<br/><br/>- Viglience<br/><br/>More health<br/><br/>- Sinew<br/><br/>Carry more weight<br/><br/>Longetivity---<br/><br/>Increases Health<br/><br/>* Your most important augments, are<br/><br/>beatitude, and attunement, then probably<br/><br/>endurance. You want powerful Healing, as <br/><br/>well as the ability to cast it many times,<br/><br/>before exhaustion.<br/><br/>::: WARRIORS ::::<br/><br/>- The Ultimate Warrior 1.0 -<br/><br/>GEAR:<br/><br/>Any thing with Bonus to Strength !<br/><br/>- Golden Belt<br/><br/>- Swordsman Bracer<br/><br/>- Chimeric Sabatons<br/><br/>- Cloak with good resistence<br/><br/>- clothes with good resist<br/><br/>- dragon blood for debilitation resistence<br/><br/>- Angel's Fist, (powerful holy weapon)<br/><br/>CORE SKILLS ::<br/><br/>ALL<br/><br/>AUGMENTS ::<br/><br/>- Clout<br/><br/>- Vehemence<br/><br/>- Logetivity<br/><br/>- Endurance<br/><br/>- Vigilience<br/><br/>- Grit - halves stamina usuage.<br/><br/>Clout once again, for the STRENGTH increase.<br/><br/>As well as Vehemence.<br/><br/>Vigilence and Longetivity for the health bonus.<br/><br/>Endurance and Grit for the stamina bouns.<br/><br/>- You need strength so obviously clout/vehemence.<br/><br/>- Your going to be a TANK in the heat of the fray,<br/><br/>you NEED HEALTH.<br/><br/>- Your going to be using SKILLS alot, Skills eat <br/><br/>Stamina, Your going to NEED SOME Stamina. Although<br/><br/>this is the least important augment.<br/><br/>- Arc of Deliverence<br/><br/>a VERY powerful attack that you MUST charge.<br/><br/>While Charging it is harder to knock you down.<br/><br/>You may move while charging but very slowly.<br/><br/>- War cry <br/><br/>level 2 skill, This is a taunt or provoke<br/><br/>skill. Brings enemies towards you.<br/><br/>- Your a tank and your going to have a<br/><br/>mage as a pawn to heal, and some archers,<br/><br/>for SKY enemies. So this is great ! It will<br/><br/>Bring all enemies towards you, leaving your<br/><br/>pawns to heal/ and fire a BARRAGE of arrows.<br/><br/>* even after you taunt, it last a while, so <br/><br/>you can attack as well. *<br/><br/>- Indomitable Lunge<br/><br/>Level 2 skill-<br/><br/>- this is VERY Fun, and can SMASH through HORDES<br/><br/>of enemies. Basically Arisen will charge with <br/><br/>his weapon held in 2 hands, Head on into enemies.<br/><br/>Until almost all stamina is depelted. VERY COOL.<br/><br/>ULTIMATE WARRIOR OVERALL :<br/><br/>PROS:<br/><br/>- Strong against almost everything if you, <br/><br/>have the right pawns.<br/><br/>- Good Jump attack even for AIR based enemies.<br/><br/>- Most POWERFUL build in the game.<br/><br/>CONS:<br/><br/>- Lack of skills you will be using basic attacks<br/><br/>more then anything.<br/><br/>- Air enemies may be a problem<br/><br/>* Overall I had little to NO trouble, at all<br/><br/>with this build, early and post game. It is<br/><br/>probably the easiest build to create/ be <br/><br/>successful with in the game.<br/><br/>: RANGER BUILDS ::::<br/><br/>- PYRO RANGER BUILD :::<br/><br/>* Sorcerer As Main Pawn WITH Fire Boon or Affinity *<br/><br/>* Oil arrows have TONS of Them<br/><br/>* Blast Arrows, Have a TON of these too.<br/><br/>- Basically with this build, you will be shooting <br/><br/>a barrage of OIL arrows with endead shot ranger<br/><br/>skill.<br/><br/>- Endead shot will spread a barrage of arrows<br/><br/>across a wide radius. This should DOUSE enemies<br/><br/>in OIL quickly and easy.<br/><br/>- Now here comes the fire boon technique.<br/><br/>If your bow is enhanced with fire,shoot ANOTHER<br/><br/>endead shot, this SHOULD set all enemies on screen<br/><br/>or that have been struck on FIRE. 3-4 shots that hit<br/><br/>should set them a blaze for sure.<br/><br/>- Now you want to OFFICIALLY be a PYRO RANGER ?<br/><br/>- Tool on your blast arrows, + endead shot, meanwhile<br/><br/>Your enemies are DOUSED in oil,caught on fire, with<br/><br/>their tails severed and drenched in blood. If you <br/><br/>still want more...<br/><br/>- Fire Those blast arrows with an endead shot <br/><br/>while enemies are under ALL of these effects.<br/><br/>and watch the XP rack up !<br/><br/>* Ranger and Strider are the ONLY<br/><br/>Builds that can use TIPPED arrows.<br/><br/>This build will utterly dominate the Following :<br/><br/>- ANYTHING WEAK TO FIRE <br/><br/>- Cyclops<br/><br/>- Hydras<br/><br/>- Goblin Hordes<br/><br/>- Harpies<br/><br/>- Dire wolves and wolves<br/><br/>- Skeletons<br/><br/>- Undead<br/><br/>- phantoms<br/><br/>- WIGHTS ! ( owns wights )<br/><br/>:::::MYSTIC KNIGHT::::::<br/><br/>--HOLY SHIELD PALADIN--<br/><br/>- This is a mystic knight build focoused around<br/><br/>Holy spells and especially magick shield holy<br/><br/>skills.<br/><br/>- Magick damage is good with the MK (Mystic Knight)<br/><br/>Strength is less important with this build.<br/><br/>It is good to have weapon that boost magick, as <br/><br/>well as your magick shield counterpart.<br/><br/>- Augements<br/><br/>- Take anything that boost magick, then sinew for weight.<br/><br/>and of course life increasing augments. Regeneration is a <br/><br/>nice one. Which you can get off of Magick archer tree.<br/><br/>Also If your not good at parrying, Prescience is a MUST.<br/><br/>CORE SKILLS - ALL<br/><br/>- Sword/mace skills<br/><br/>- Magick Cannon<br/><br/>- This move will place a floating orb in front<br/><br/>of you. Striking it will send out missiles, of<br/><br/>magic, or enhancted weapon power. They home in<br/><br/>on enemies and are great for airbornes.<br/><br/>- Sky Rapture<br/><br/>- Very powerful lunge through the air. Hits airbornes<br/><br/>as well as heads of larger enemies. Once again, it packs<br/><br/>a very sweet punch.<br/><br/>- Stone Forest<br/><br/>- This is just a why not ability. its powerful<br/><br/>and basically causes a staggering earthquake, that<br/><br/>does a ton of damage.<br/><br/>- MAGICK SHILED SKILLS<br/><br/>- Blessed Riposte<br/><br/>This is probably one of my favorite moves in <br/><br/>the game. It tottaly OWNS undead and skeletons,<br/><br/>espeically. It is amazing in corners. It is many <br/><br/>times a one shot kill vs undead.<br/><br/>- Of course with all the pro's of this ability<br/><br/>it's hard to pull off. I suggest having prescience<br/><br/>augment. Practicing your parry ability often as well.<br/><br/>- You have to parry for it to work right, it will<br/><br/>send out bolts of energy that SEEK and DESTROY the <br/><br/>targets in range. It really does just that. This is<br/><br/>the main move you will be using.<br/><br/>- Holy Fortress<br/><br/>This move reflects attacks with the core skill<br/><br/>REFLECT aqcuired. It raises defense and magick <br/><br/>defense. Although you will walk much slower,<br/><br/>you really don't have to worry about being hurt.<br/><br/>- HOLY GLARE<br/><br/>The MAX level 9 Magick Shield SKILL.<br/><br/>- this is the attack the Ur-Dragon uses on YOU!<br/><br/>It is EXTREMELY powerful and has a HUGE radius.<br/><br/>- It will exhaust all stamina of you and your pawns.<br/><br/>Use it wisley and use it hardcore.<br/><br/>OVERALL:---<br/><br/>- This is one of the funnest builds, and the first <br/><br/>Hybrid we played. Basically lets us know, that hybrids<br/><br/>well, ROCK. Also they are a little more difficult to<br/><br/>learn. They have so many skills, that they are left open,<br/><br/>to evolve into more CUSTOM "BUILDS" or classes. You will<br/><br/>Enjoy the MYSTIC KNIGHT !<br/><br/>:::::::: Elemental Sorc :::::::::::<br/><br/>- This is the BEST build for your Main pawn<br/><br/>in the game in my opinion. It puts out tons<br/><br/>of damage, and works on ALMOST every monster<br/><br/>in the game. <br/><br/>In Short these are the spells you should have,<br/><br/>+ I would make sure to go down the MAGE tree first<br/><br/>so you can double your magick potency with augments.<br/><br/>- High Boltide<br/><br/>- High Gicel<br/><br/>- High Fulmination<br/><br/>- High Necromancy<br/><br/>- High Sesism <br/><br/>- High Maelstorm<br/><br/>In conjunction with another caster, you can <br/><br/>Double cast which increases power. As for <br/><br/>augments, you should have...<br/><br/>- Health enhances if you can<br/><br/>- MUST have magick damage enhancements<br/><br/>- IMPACT is good too.<br/><br/>- Keeping it short and sweet, once again the <br/><br/>Elemental sorcerer OWNS just about everything.<br/><br/>::: MAGICK ARCHER:::<br/><br/>Magick Archer relies heavy on magic, so if<br/><br/>your thinking about using it, stick to mage/sorc<br/><br/>during most of your hardcore leveling hours.<br/><br/> If not, the magick archer may end up kind of weak.<br/><br/>- His arrows seek enemies, look amazing and the magick<br/><br/>bow simply rocks.<br/><br/>I made a build I like to call the Ignus, or Apollo build,<br/><br/>Which consist of;<br/><br/>Apollo mask-<br/><br/>crimson robes-<br/><br/>wizards boots-<br/><br/>scarlet cape-<br/><br/>Red leather gloves-<br/><br/>Dragon blood-<br/><br/>any shirt-<br/><br/>any pants-<br/><br/> - These items will boost magic atk, and debilitation resist.<br/><br/>- Skills<br/><br/>Immolation will set YOU on fire, at level 2<br/><br/>you take less damage. Running a blaze into enemies,<br/><br/>setting them on fire.<br/><br/>- magick rebuffer<br/><br/>You then cast magick rebuffer which will create an aura, <br/><br/>that boost your magic while standing in it.<br/><br/>- Finally unleash attacks, such as explosive rivets,hunter<br/><br/>arrows,sixfold arrows, and of course the MIGHTY, sacrifice bolt.<br/><br/>- Don;t forget ricochet bolt which truly,truly rocks.<br/><br/>:::::::::: ASSASSIN ::::::::::<br/><br/>The assassin uses a wide variety of weapons and armors.<br/><br/>it is the most versatile build in the game.<br/><br/>- it can still fire tipped arrows<br/><br/>- it can still use a shield<br/><br/>- switch it up with a sword<br/><br/>- many many possible builds<br/><br/>- Tons and tons of vocation skills to choose from<br/><br/>- I would save this build for either first or last,<br/><br/>if your planning on completing EVERYTHING. this will<br/><br/>be the ULTIMATE build as it does virtually everything.<br/><br/>- Now combine that with ALL the Core skills you have gained,<br/><br/>+ the levels you gained and on top of that all of the augments !<br/><br/>You have one heck of a powerhouse.<br/><br/>**********BESTIARY**********<br/><br/>- Goblins<br/><br/>Goblins Galore !<br/><br/>Goblins come in various sizes as well as the <br/><br/>Hob goblin kin.<br/><br/>Some have horns to call MORE hob goblins.<br/><br/>Tactics:<br/><br/>- Weak to Fire<br/><br/>- Sorcerer or Mage with Fire boon<br/><br/> as well as attack will be the fastest way <br/><br/>to take them out in groups.<br/><br/>- Fighters and archers/assassins <br/><br/>will not have a problem it will just take longer.<br/><br/>DROPS:<br/><br/>- Goblins drop a variety of horns,meat, and ores.<br/><br/>- Harpies<br/><br/>Harpies Come in several forms,<br/><br/>regular, snow, and then later on the evolved succubi.<br/><br/>Harpies are AIR borne enemies and the biggest<br/><br/>threat they have is carrying you off to<br/><br/>a bottom less pit, or putting you to sleep.<br/><br/>Both are dangerous.<br/><br/>Rangers- Pentad Shot works Great<br/><br/>Striders- Pentad Shot<br/><br/>Mystic Knight - Magick Cannon<br/><br/>Mystic Knight- Sky Rapture<br/><br/>Fighter- Shield Drum<br/><br/>OVERALL : Medium Difficulty<br/><br/>-Saurians<br/><br/>- Saurians come in 3 forms.<br/><br/>- Sulfur, Geo, Regular<br/><br/>- The best tactic is to severe there tail <br/><br/>with melee.<br/><br/>- With an Archer build, PIERCING damage works <br/><br/>well, TRIAD shot even better !<br/><br/>- Fire is it's elemental weakness, as <br/><br/>is lightning.<br/><br/>- Chimera<br/><br/>- Chimera comes in two forms, Chimera <br/><br/>And Gore Chimera.<br/><br/>- Gore Chimera are more difficult.<br/><br/>- Although you battle them the same way.<br/><br/>1. Cleaver the Snake<br/><br/>2. Mount the Goat Attack its head till sileneced.<br/><br/>3. Attack the LION'S face if it falls you do <br/><br/>Extra Damage.<br/><br/>- Most effective Class<br/><br/>* Sorcerer With High Boltide<br/><br/>* Fighter or Warrior Early on.<br/><br/>- Ogre<br/><br/>- Ogre's are very much Like Cylopes<br/><br/>- Take them out best by climbing them <br/><br/>and hitting the head.<br/><br/>- Even with arrows or spells aim for<br/><br/>the head.<br/><br/>- Ogre's just get a little more wild especially <br/><br/>around Females !<br/><br/>DROPS:<br/><br/>-Saurian Tail<br/><br/>-Saurian Scale<br/><br/>-Striped Saurian Scale<br/><br/> <br/><br/>Wolves come in 3 forms, Hell,dire and regular.<br/><br/> Hellhound wolves obviously are more difficult. <br/><br/>They also come in different sizes, from large<br/><br/> and small. <br/><br/>Although in packs they can be challenging,<br/><br/> they are basic simple opponents.<br/><br/>* CAUTION*<br/><br/>* Hellhound are DANGEROUS on the other hand.<br/><br/>* Proceed with ice boons, High Gicel Sorc *<br/><br/>* CAUTION*<br/><br/>- Weak vs Fire especially dire wolves<br/><br/>- Dire wolves are strong vs cold or ice.<br/><br/>- Smiting works great as a fighter.<br/><br/>- Archers may have trouble<br/><br/>- Sorcerer or Mage OWN them in packs.<br/><br/>- Drops, Dire wolf pelt, wolf pelt, ores and rift fragments.<br/><br/>- HYDRA<br/><br/>Hydra's are one of the most difficult enemies in the game <br/><br/>especially at lower levels. <br/><br/>There is although a good trick to beating them. <br/><br/>For starters you will need someone that puts out<br/><br/>good melee or High Magic damage. <br/><br/>So basically stay away from a MAGE for these battles.<br/><br/> - Tactic -<br/><br/>- Either climb the heads clever one by one<br/><br/>- or have a sorc cast high boltide constantly<br/><br/>- Both in conjunction work great !<br/><br/>- Rangers EAT these guys ALIVE<br/><br/>- Try My PYRO RANGER build vs Hydras you CAN'T LOSE !-<br/><br/>- CYCLOPS<br/><br/>Cyclops range in difficulty to hard at low levels,<br/><br/> to very easy at higher levels, with a good Mage.<br/><br/> Cyclops or Cyclopes, are very susceptible to<br/><br/> LIGHTNING magical attacks. <br/><br/>So basically Levin and it's higher forms work GREAT.<br/><br/> So stick with a mage, <br/><br/>if you run into a lot of cyclops or feel<br/><br/>like hunting them.Some cyclops at later levels,<br/><br/>wear a metal helmet. Sometimes you should just<br/><br/>ignore it, and if your stuck with melee build,<br/><br/>climb for the head and attack.<br/><br/>- Best Class<br/><br/>Sorcerer/Electric Mage<br/><br/>- Griffin<br/><br/>Griffin's are another BIG class type<br/><br/>enemy. They can fly obviously. They are <br/><br/>also rather powerful,at low levels.<br/><br/>Honestly i do not suggest climbing a griffin.<br/><br/>Sorcerer and ranged attacks work best. This<br/><br/>is because they are airborne most of the time.<br/><br/>Once the griffin is injured enough, it will<br/><br/>come down to the ground, for a LONG period<br/><br/>of time. This is when you can have your fighter<br/><br/>classes finish them off.<br/><br/>- Dragons<br/><br/> Dragon's Come in 3 basic Forms, Drake, Wyvern and Wyrm.<br/><br/> They all drop a special item called a tear at a % rate.<br/><br/> The Tear changes the type of drops that you receive<br/><br/> from beating certain enemy's. <br/><br/> Drakes are the easiest of the dragons,<br/><br/> one of them can be found around Gran Soren,<br/><br/> AFTER the final battle. Wyrm's can be found <br/><br/>in 2-3 areas. Around Conqueror's sanctuary, Everfall<br/><br/>chamber of fate and cursewood forest area.<br/><br/> Finally there is ALWAYS a Wyvern atop Bluemoon Tower.<br/><br/>Also, Don't forget the Wyrm at Watergod's Altar as well.<br/><br/> Dragons, are EXTREMELY difficult early on. Even at<br/><br/>Levels 40 +. The Heart is the Key. First attack should<br/><br/>always be on the heart, and LAST attack on the heart.<br/><br/>The Dragon will NOT die otherwise. Even with NO HEALTH.<br/><br/>You must finish him off with a "heart attack".<br/><br/> I Suggest Fighting the Chamber of Fate, Dragon.<br/><br/>Do this several times, because this one does NOT<br/><br/>have much room to fly around. Once you level up,<br/><br/>enough in the Everfall. Around 55-65. Then start<br/><br/>Dragon hunting. I Highly recommend those levels.<br/><br/> The FINAL BATTLE Dragon, is Simply known as<br/><br/>The Dragon. He is the 2nd Hardest boss in the game.<br/><br/>Next to the Ur- Dragon. This BOSS can upgrade ALL<br/><br/>your equiped items to dragon forged in one shot.<br/><br/>You Also will get a ton of XP. The Trick is to<br/><br/>take him out like any other Dragon. Attack the Heart,<br/><br/>Then finish him off with a Heart attack. Once again,<br/><br/>Heart shots are key. If you have to use a Ballista,<br/><br/>and you have the oppurtunity to do so. Do it.<br/><br/>-Wights<br/><br/> Very hard at low levels. The trick is to beat their<br/><br/>summon attacks first. They will then come to the ground<br/><br/>and be vulnerable to melee. <br/><br/>- Archers can hit them from afar as can magick casters.<br/><br/>The problem is that more damage is done + a better hit%<br/><br/>rate, if they have finished their summons.<br/><br/>- Rangers Tenfold arrow, imbued with some kind of<br/><br/>Holy element+ blast arrows, can OWN these guys quick.<br/><br/>-Undead<br/><br/> Undead come in LARGE and Small. They are basically<br/><br/>zombies.Some of them explode (fat ones) So take <br/><br/>those one's out when there are GROUPS of undead.<br/><br/>This will do radius damage to the whole group.<br/><br/> Large undead drop hex and brawn runes, which sell <br/><br/>for a nice amount and are good for enhance equipment.<br/><br/> Holy Shield Mystic Knight DESTROYS these guys.<br/><br/>Usually all it takes is ONE blessed riposte.<br/><br/>This is even at mid level. A good mystic knight<br/><br/>can clear rooms of these guys in seconds.<br/><br/>- Cockatrice<br/><br/> These guys are NASTY, they can kill you instantly.<br/><br/>They have a petrify attack that will turn you or<br/><br/>your pawns to stone. Which is an instant death.<br/><br/> They fly, they do ton's of damage and they are<br/><br/>very hard to grab onto. Not to mention they have<br/><br/>good physical defense and decent HP.<br/><br/> Good thing we only have ONE of these guys early <br/><br/>on in the game. All you have to do in that situation<br/><br/>is destroy all the quest marks, then it will fly off.<br/><br/> For ones later on in the game, LIGHTNING For the win!<br/><br/>Sorcerer, High fulmination spell will take these guys <br/><br/>down very very quickly. <br/><br/>- Succubi and Gargoyles<br/><br/>- Both of these enemies are weak to holy.<br/><br/>Gargoyles can petrify you which as we know,<br/><br/>is dangerous. <br/><br/> Gargoyles and succubi travel in packs, in<br/><br/>everyfall chambers. So take out Gargoyles first.<br/><br/>Jump attacks, and ranged attacks, with WIDE range<br/><br/>work well. As does of course Large area of effect <br/><br/>spells.<br/><br/> The tactics above work just the same for the<br/><br/>succubi, except succubi have less health, give<br/><br/>less XP and are FAR less dangerous. So save them<br/><br/>for after the gargoyles.<br/><br/>- PHANTOMS<br/><br/>- Phatoms are very annoying without a spell<br/><br/>caster. You need elemental output to get<br/><br/>rid of these guys.<br/><br/>- If you do not have a boon, or spell caster<br/><br/>in your party, I suggest running from them.<br/><br/>- They can possess your pawns.<br/><br/>This will render them forfeit. <br/><br/>Once again, no spell caster, just avoid them.<br/><br/>- Evil Eye<br/><br/>- Obviously the eye is the weak point.<br/><br/>Problem is that it has an invisible barrier<br/><br/>that protects it.<br/><br/>- take out the tentacles, even when they are<br/><br/>comming from the ground. While the eye is <br/><br/>recharging the tentacles, that is when it is vulnerable<br/><br/>to attack.<br/><br/>- It is vulnerable to ALL types of attacks so let loose.<br/><br/>- GOLEMS<br/><br/>- golems have weak points.<br/><br/>Any area with a purple glow is vulnerable.<br/><br/>This is the ONLY way to kill a Golem.<br/><br/>- Melee is your best bet, because attacks can be more direct.<br/><br/>- The hardest part to take out is the hand. I would grab from its,<br/><br/>its left torso and strike the hand from the side. This should land<br/><br/>in a bunch of HAND shots and take it down. The Rest is cake.<br/><br/>- The Ur- Dragon<br/><br/>- the Ur- Dragon can be Found in Everfall.<br/><br/>The Chamber of Lament. It is the 4th chamber going<br/><br/>down on the right side. Sticks out like a SHORT line or<br/><br/>hallway.<br/><br/>- The Ur- Dragon Has weak points just like a Golem.<br/><br/>Take out ALL the glowing weak points OFFLINE. To kill<br/><br/>the Ur- Dragon. Once again FINAL BLOW, MUST BE on A<br/><br/>glowing point or he will NOT DIE.<br/><br/>- The Ur- Dragon ONLINE !<br/><br/>- Ok your thinking your probably doing NO DAMAGE.<br/><br/>but in reality, your taking off parts of his body at<br/><br/>a time. When something stops glowing, move on to the<br/><br/>next body part. you will NOT see his HEALTH METER<br/><br/>go DOWN ONLINE !!!<br/><br/>- The Final Blow:<br/><br/>You have to strike EVERY glowing piece on the Ur-Dragon<br/><br/>to take him out ONLINE. Even if his health is At ZERO.<br/><br/>once EVERY light is out. He will Fall.<br/><br/>- Reap the AWESOME REWARDS !<br/><br/>::: POWER TOOLS SECTION :::<br/><br/> * This section is going to show you,<br/><br/>IMPORTANT tools, or tools that really make<br/><br/>a big diffrence. I will NOT be listing things<br/><br/>that I find minimal, such as a rock. <br/><br/>1. Periapts:<br/><br/>- Periapts as a whole are really useful. They are <br/><br/>charms and come in many forms. Basically they will<br/><br/>increase either your defense, magic atk, magic def,<br/><br/>strength,or debilitation resistance. There are also,<br/><br/>more powerful ones such as....<br/><br/>1.1 Vetarans Periapt :<br/><br/> Very Good Item, even and especially late game.<br/><br/>Incresaes XP earned by doubling it. Last for several<br/><br/>game time minutes.<br/><br/>- Fournival the rich merchant will sell these. He<br/><br/>has only limited stock per time of the week. Best<br/><br/>hope he does not go to prison.<br/><br/>- Combine Malecryst and Black crystal to make<br/><br/>Veterans Periapts. Malecryst drops off Evil eye.<br/><br/>Black crystal drops of liches and wights.<br/><br/>1.2 Bankers Periapt :<br/><br/> This one will double your gold drops, off<br/><br/>of enemies for a short period of time.<br/><br/>- Forunival will sell these as well.<br/><br/>- Combine electrum,eldricite to make a bankers<br/><br/> periapt.These ingredients can be found off of GHOSTLY <br/><br/>monsters.<br/><br/>2. Charms:<br/><br/> - Charms are cool, they look like periapts<br/><br/>most of the time on the menu screen. They are<br/><br/>similar and yet diffirent. Here are the good ones.<br/><br/>1.1- Goddess Cameo<br/><br/>- This will cast a sort of High boltide spell,<br/><br/>when invoked. Really awesome, consider forging <br/><br/>these as they are rare. VERY RARE.<br/><br/>1.2- Pilgrims Charm<br/><br/>- This is a combo of vetarans and bankers<br/><br/>periapt. Create them that way for double gold+<br/><br/>double Xp when used. Madeline also sells them<br/><br/>post game, every 3 days you may purchase 2x.<br/><br/>3. Airtight Flask<br/><br/>- This one is pretty cool, problem is<br/><br/>that it's kind of heavy. I would use this one<br/><br/>for a really powerful curative, such as Golden<br/><br/>egg. It keeps it fresh at all times. Thus increasing<br/><br/>potency. <br/><br/>4. Jeweles<br/><br/>Jeweles, inflict either an area of healing, or an area<br/><br/>of debilitation. either or being positive for you<br/><br/>and your team. They are multi colored and take time<br/><br/>to use, like a mage spell. GREAT if you have NO MAGE.<br/><br/>* Healing jewel is very useful ! <br/><br/>5. Lantern<br/><br/>- Most useful tool or item in the game. Brings <br/><br/>light into the area,uses oil flasks.<br/><br/>6. Pickaxe<br/><br/>- Mine ore with this always keep one handy.<br/><br/>7. ferrystones<br/><br/>- These will let you fast travel to GRAN SOREN.<br/><br/>Also they will let you fast travel to a port crystal,<br/><br/>pending on where you EXACTLY placed one.<br/><br/>- The Black cats SELLS TONS of these if your short.<br/><br/>8. Portcrystals<br/><br/>- Used in conjunction with ferrystones, as the <br/><br/>teleport markers.<br/><br/>- Black cat sells them. EXPENSIVE !<br/><br/>9. Skulls<br/><br/>I only found this one interesting, because<br/><br/>you need 66 of them to complete a certain quest.<br/><br/>So hold on to them !<br/><br/>10. Arrows<br/><br/>1.1 Makers Finger<br/><br/>- Instant Kill arrow on APPARENTLY ANY CREATURE.<br/><br/>1.2 Poison Arrows, I mention these because they<br/><br/>are good VS large enemies with a good HP count.<br/><br/>Damage over time is nice.<br/><br/>1.3 Oil + Blast arrow combo.<br/><br/> Think about it, enemies doused in oil,<br/><br/>Hit with a fire enhanced blazing arrow,<br/><br/>that explodes like a rocket or missile on<br/><br/>impact !<br/><br/>- Only Ranger ,Strider and Sin may use these.<br/><br/>11. PAWNS GUIDES<br/><br/> These are great, they help you during battle.<br/><br/>The more knowledge your pawns have of foes.<br/><br/>The better fight they will hand out. Here are the<br/><br/>guides names and locations.<br/><br/>--Chimera 1+2+3- ShadowFort,Bluemoon Tower,Hillfigure Knoll.<br/><br/>-- Cockatrice Start 1+2:: Shadow Fort, SoulFlayer first floor<br/><br/>--Cyclops 1-3 :: Shadow Fort, Hillfigure knoll, watergods altar<br/><br/>Dragon Vol1+2- Final Battle,Tainted Mountain<br/><br/>Evil Eye- 1+2- Blighted manse,Soulflayer canyon<br/><br/>Ghost 1+2- Hillfigure knoll, catacombs<br/><br/>Goblins :: Cassardis,<br/><br/>Golem 1-3 :: witchwood,Bluemoon 1st floor,Hillfigure knoll<br/><br/>Griffin-1-3 :: Shadow Fort, Hillfigure knoll, bluemoon<br/><br/>Harpy- Encampment<br/><br/>HYDRAS::-- encampment,great wall, blighted manse<br/><br/>HOBGOBLIN: Gran soren , hillfigure knoll,<br/><br/>LICH TACTICS- Chamber of fate, hope<br/><br/>OGRE-1-2- Everfall 5th level. (NON POSTGAME) Ancient quarry.<br/><br/>Saurian1-4::: Cassardis,Chamber of fate, Watergodaltar<br/><br/>Soulflayer canyon first floor.<br/><br/>Skeleton Knight--- Everfall (POST GAME)<br/><br/>Skeleton-- Catacombs<br/><br/>UNDEAD1-4 : Forunival manor, Catacombs,Miners Hut,Greatwall<br/><br/>WIGHTS: catacombs 2nd level undergound<br/><br/>WOLVES 1-3 :: Pawn guild, Cassardis,Gransoren<br/><br/>:::::: POWER CURATIVES :::::::::::::<br/><br/>- Salubrious Brew<br/><br/>- Heals about 1500 Hp, pending on other<br/><br/>augments. Really useful. Combine With<br/><br/>Strong Warish + Forgotten Arcanum To Make.<br/><br/>- Panacea<br/><br/>- Cures all debilitations + heals some hp.<br/><br/>Buy this post game off Carmilla in Gran soren.<br/><br/>-Foreign Medicant<br/><br/> VERY POWER healing potion<br/><br/>heals about 3000 HP ! Madeleine will sell this one.<br/><br/>-Liquid Vim<br/><br/> Stamina will not drain for a period of time.<br/><br/>Joye and Delec sell this in ever fall chambers.<br/><br/>you may also create some using the following.<br/><br/>Pickled mushrooms+ giant fish, ranked including.<br/><br/>- Mushroom potage<br/><br/>Heals 1.4k stamina to the entire party.<br/><br/>Akim will SELL these at the first level of post-game<br/><br/>everfall.<br/><br/>-Large Mushroom<br/><br/>- very useful, abundant, and very cheap. use<br/><br/>when travelng or running great distances. Carmilla<br/><br/>sells these, they are also lightweight.<br/><br/>Pefect Herb ale:<br/><br/>- Heals the Entire partys health and stamin<br/><br/>by about 2000 points.<br/><br/>* Extremely rare ingredients. Its a great cure<br/><br/>but not worth the time.<br/><br/>- Spring Water<br/><br/>* get these from healing springs, have empty flasks.<br/><br/>Heals 300-400 hp to enitre party.<br/><br/>- Sobering Wine<br/><br/>- Protects the ENTIRE party from ALL debilitations<br/><br/>Buy these off of AKIM in everfall.<br/><br/>- Taglius miracle<br/><br/>A miracle potion that greatly increases strength for <br/><br/>the ENTIRE party. AWESOME ! AKIM sells them.<br/><br/>- Salomets Secret<br/><br/>AKIM sells these, boost MAGIC for entire party !<br/><br/>- Kept Golden egg<br/><br/>- Restores all health and stamina.<br/><br/>:: IMPORTANT SPECIAL ITEMS ::::<br/><br/>- Arisen Bond<br/><br/>- Get this during the dragon's tounge quest,<br/><br/>they can also be created as well as forged.<br/><br/>- It rasies NPC affinity.<br/><br/>* it's not that important to have this, <br/><br/>as you can just give harspud sauce to NPC's<br/><br/>resulting in the same effect.<br/><br/>- Godbane<br/><br/>- end game item use it wisley.<br/><br/>- Wyrmward perfume<br/><br/>- Keeps dragons at bay. Find it in the ruins of <br/><br/>Aernest castle.<br/><br/>::OTHER Important Items :::::::<br/><br/> -Badge of Merit-<br/><br/>Hold onto this in inventory to lower prices.<br/><br/>- Brone Idol<br/><br/>- Give a forgery to caxton, to get more weapons<br/><br/>from his inventory.<br/><br/>- Keep in inventory to grant 10% discount.<br/><br/>- Gold Idol<br/><br/>- Grants a 30% merchant discount when held.<br/><br/>- Give forgery for affinity,+ more items to caxton.<br/><br/>- Seekers Token<br/><br/>- Collect 20 to get a HUGE gold reward for a quest<br/><br/>- Sell them for 3k a piece.<br/><br/>- Silver idol<br/><br/>* can be forged to caxton<br/><br/>- grants 20% item discount<br/><br/>- Skeleton Key<br/><br/>- Mountebank sells these, they can be crafted<br/><br/>* opens locked doors in dungeons.<br/><br/>- Dragons Tears<br/><br/>-Drakes<br/><br/>-Wyverns<br/><br/>-Wyrms<br/><br/>- Collect at 3 and hold them in inventory.<br/><br/>- More wakestones+ shards will drop off enemies.<br/><br/>- Wakestone<br/><br/>- Brings dead back to life, NPC's as well as arisen.<br/><br/>collcect 3 wakestones shards, to make a wakestone,<br/><br/>this is an auto creation.<br/><br/>::::::: appearence items :::::::::<br/><br/> In the Encampment, Go to the rift stone.<br/><br/>There is a merchant named Johnathan.<br/><br/>He deals in rift crystals only.<br/><br/>He sells apprence and pawn altering items.<br/><br/>Collect many rift crystals to get them all!<br/><br/>::::: MAJOR ITEM COMBINATIONS ::::<br/><br/>These are mentioned in the above sections.<br/><br/>All major combos, are listed in the power tools,<br/><br/>power curative section of this guide. Many are not <br/><br/>very useful.<br/><br/>::: MATERIALS ::::<br/><br/> The Trick with materials is to NOT sell them.<br/><br/>Keep collecting and collecting, deposit to<br/><br/>bank when neccessary. <br/><br/>- Later when you have a TON, use to enhance gear.<br/><br/>The Higher a gears level of enhancement, makes for <br/><br/>an easier chance of dragon forge, at a dragon kill.<br/><br/>- Guranteed dragon forges come from Ur-Dragon ONLINE<br/><br/>And Final battle dragon. ONLY arisen equipped items,<br/><br/>can become dragon forged. ONCE AGAIN. ITEMS must be<br/><br/>Equipped by Arisen to be Dragon Forged.<br/><br/>::: TROPHY SECTION :::<br/><br/>1. It begins<br/><br/>- Complete introduction at tained mountain.<br/><br/>2. Onward<br/><br/>- Leave cassardis first time<br/><br/>3. New ally<br/><br/>- Create your main pawn<br/><br/>4. getting a head<br/><br/>- Defeat the hydra at encampment<br/><br/>5. The Courie<br/><br/>- Reach Gran Soren<br/><br/>6. Writ Large<br/><br/>- Receive wyrm hunt license<br/><br/>7. Come Courting<br/><br/>- Meet the Duke<br/><br/>8. The message<br/><br/> Complete reward and responsibilty quest (MAIN)<br/><br/>9.Rough Landing<br/><br/>- Complete Deny Salvation (MAIN)<br/><br/>10. Destiny<br/><br/>- Complete the final battle<br/><br/>11. Treacherous<br/><br/>- Complete a warm welcome<br/><br/>12. Freedom<br/><br/>- Complete fathom deep<br/><br/>13. Mercy<br/><br/>- Complete final judgement<br/><br/>14. Solutide<br/><br/>- Choose not to Fight the Dragon<br/><br/>in the final battle, then leave.<br/><br/>15. Servitude<br/><br/>- Lose in the final judgment quest<br/><br/>16. PEACE<br/><br/>- Choose to not move when With the NPC<br/><br/>portion of the final judgement quest,<br/><br/>even if they come at you.<br/><br/>17. Closure<br/><br/>- Complete the here after quest.<br/><br/>18. Human Resources<br/><br/>- Change vocations<br/><br/>19. In human resources<br/><br/>- Change main pawns vocation<br/><br/>20. The Specialist<br/><br/>- Learn ALL skills from one vocation<br/><br/>21. Local Recruit<br/><br/>- enlist a pawn in the field<br/><br/>22. Foreign Recruit<br/><br/>- Enlist a pawn located inside a rift stone<br/><br/>or the rift.<br/><br/>23. Captain<br/><br/>- Hire 70 pawns<br/><br/>24. The savior<br/><br/>- Use a wakestone on an NPC <br/><br/>25. The Knave<br/><br/>- Have a forgery made, some won't work.<br/><br/>to get this one use one of the idols, silver<br/><br/>bronze or gold. Give to MOUNTEBANK, at the <br/><br/>black cat.<br/><br/>26. Artisan<br/><br/>- combine two items to make something new.<br/><br/>27. Dragon Forged<br/><br/>- Get a piece of equipment to level 4,<br/><br/>or dragon forged level.<br/><br/>28. Well Equiped<br/><br/>- Collect 350 types of weapons and armors.<br/><br/>29. Philanthorpist<br/><br/>- Give 50 items to NPC's<br/><br/>talk to them then hit the present button.<br/><br/>works great with Harspud juice or sauce.<br/><br/>30. Coin Collector<br/><br/>- Earn 10 million gold, you don't have to<br/><br/>aquire it all at once.<br/><br/>31. Veteran<br/><br/>Defeat 3000 enemies.<br/><br/>32. Heads Hunter<br/><br/>- Defeat an Archydra<br/><br/>33. Eye Contact<br/><br/>- Defeat an evil eye<br/><br/>34. Serpents Bane<br/><br/>- Defeat a drake, wyrm and wyvern<br/><br/>35. The messiah<br/><br/>- Defeat Ur-Dragon online or offline.<br/><br/>36. Intro dripstone cave<br/><br/>- Enter dripstone cave in cassardis<br/><br/>37.<br/><br/>- Into the Ancient quarry<br/><br/>- Enter the ancient quarry<br/><br/>38. Enter Soulflayer Canyon<br/><br/>- enter soulflayer canyon, near cursewood, and<br/><br/>tainted moutain.<br/><br/>39. Into the Manse<br/><br/>- Enter the Manse during the Duchess in Distress<br/><br/>quest.<br/><br/>40. Into Frontier caverns<br/><br/>- Enter frontier caverns, near shadow fortress.<br/><br/>41. Tourist<br/><br/>- visit 50 location<br/><br/>42. Vagabound<br/><br/>- Visit 100 locations<br/><br/>43. Explorer<br/><br/>- Visit 150 locations<br/><br/>44. Laborer<br/><br/>- Complete 50 notice board quests.<br/><br/>45. The Hero<br/><br/>- Complete ALL non notice board pre planned quests.<br/><br/>EXAMPLE : salomets secret, land of oppurtunity<br/><br/>46. The Patron<br/><br/>- Complete chasing shadows quest, Madeline will <br/><br/>open shop in Gran Soren, give her 1000 gold and you<br/><br/>will receive this trophy.<br/><br/>47. A Queens Regalla<br/><br/>- Wear the lady garb outfit, that mountebank sells<br/><br/>at the black cat. Must be Male.<br/><br/>48. The Escort<br/><br/>- Take An Escort quest from notice board, and <br/><br/>complete it.<br/><br/>49. Affinity and beyond<br/><br/>- Keep doing good deeds, for a certain NPC<br/><br/>such as giving gifts, and doing certain quests.<br/><br/>- Once a certain level of "AFFINITY" is reached<br/><br/>you will receive this reward.<br/><br/>50. The Ever Turning Wheel<br/><br/>- Beat the game twice.<br/><br/>SIDE QUESTS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::<br/><br/> Most quest reward you with gold, thus they are easy to<br/><br/>complete and rather less important then ones mentioned above.<br/><br/>my advice is to read this whole guide, as for every weapon and <br/><br/>valuable SET item is accounted for.<br/><br/>:::::::::::: SETS :::::::::::::<br/><br/>* Just a Fun section on some of the cool armor combos<br/><br/>that you can setup in the game. Finding them is really<br/><br/>fun because most come in pieces or rare occasions. *<br/><br/>1. White Hawk Set<br/><br/>- You can complete this whole set off of ALON<br/><br/>in the Ancient Quarry.<br/><br/>2- Chimera Set<br/><br/>- Caxton will sell the complete set, including<br/><br/>the Shield.<br/><br/>3. Assassins set<br/><br/>- This is found all over the game in various chests.<br/><br/>Problem is there is no interesting armor for it<br/><br/>4. Swordsman's Set<br/><br/>- Really awesome set that looks 1337 (elite)<br/><br/>its also rather powerful. Alon the merchant is the <br/><br/>only merchant that has this, he sells the whole set.<br/><br/>5. The Griffin set:<br/><br/>- Caxton the merchant will sell this after the<br/><br/>griffins bane quest.<br/><br/>6. Captain's outfit<br/><br/>- DLC content<br/><br/>7. Red leather set<br/><br/>- Basic red leather set that just looks 1337,<br/><br/>find or buy it off caxton.<br/><br/>8. Iron set<br/><br/>another basic set off of caxton<br/><br/>9. Meloriein set:<br/><br/>a Higher level set found or bought off of<br/><br/>Caxton the merchant.<br/><br/>10. Rex lion lords,<br/><br/>Really cool looking archer set, buy off caxton.<br/><br/>the Rare golden helm and torso, can also be found.<br/><br/>Delec has the helmet, but the torso must be found in<br/><br/>the everfall.<br/><br/>11. Cyclops set<br/><br/>Buy the Cyclops sigil off of caxton, Mathias at<br/><br/>the tained mountain will sell both Cyclops helms.<br/><br/>12. Dire wolf set:<br/><br/>Caxton sells the cape, while the helm can be found<br/><br/>in the ever fall.<br/><br/>13. The Abyssinal set:<br/><br/>Defeat the Ur-Dragon online or offline to get<br/><br/>all 3 pieces.<br/><br/>14. Crimson set<br/><br/>- An Extremely rare set of 4 pieces,<br/><br/>Burns crimson red.<br/><br/>THANKS FOR READING HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY !<br/><br/>: Andrew Turelli Jr :<br/><br/>: Codebreak1337 : SUBSCRIBE !<br/><br/>: VISIT !<br/><br/>: EMAIL ME !<br/><br/>: 6/17/12<br/><br/>: Version 1.0<br/><br/></pre><br/><br/>&#169;2012-06-25, IGN Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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