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Walkthrough (JPN) (PS2)

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-- Ookami --<br/><br/>-- FAQ/Walkthrough --<br/><br/>-- By Ken "Kouli/Ice" Zhao ( --<br/><br/>-- Version 1.0 --<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>&lt;Beforehand Words><br/><br/>The game is made by Clover Studio & published by Capcom. As for this FAQ, it is<br/><br/>based on the Japanese version of "Ookami" that is released on April 20, 2006.<br/><br/>This document can contain spoilers, BTW.<br/><br/>If you are wondering, the title means "Great God/Deity". It's a pun since the<br/><br/>term "Ookami" in Japanese means Wolf. Wolf is written with 1 kanji, the title<br/><br/>of this game is written with 2 kanji, Oo(Great/Big) kanji & the Kami(God/Deity)<br/><br/>kanji. Also, the full name of the protagonist of the game/Amaterasu is known as<br/><br/>Amaterasu No Oo Mi Kami.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>&lt;Update Logs><br/><br/>\April 21~23, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.1, at the end of Tsutamaki Ruins<br/><br/>\April 24, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.2, done Takamiyadaira<br/><br/>\April 25~26, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.3, before Kazejin Palace<br/><br/>\April 26~28, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.4, just got to Ryoushima Plain<br/><br/>\April 28~29, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.5, just got to Seiankyou<br/><br/>\April 30, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.6, just got to Northern Ryoushima Plain<br/><br/>\May 07, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.7, took a break and back, just got to Dragon Palace<br/><br/>\May 08, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.8, got to Oni Island<br/><br/>\May 11, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 0.9, got to Kamui<br/><br/>\May 12~14, 2006/<br/><br/>- Version 1.0, done the walkthrough<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>Walkthrough--------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kamiki Village<br/><br/>Once you gain control of Amaterasu, head into the light since you can't go to<br/><br/>the south to the village.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Heavenly Stream<br/><br/>Go up to the Monozane Mirror. This is what you use to save your game. Pass the<br/><br/>bridge, destroy the jars with Square. At the end, use X to jump and press X at<br/><br/>the wall to jump again. Once you are up there, there is a box near, Square it<br/><br/>to get the Divine Zenith. Get near the broken bridge then cross after. Go east<br/><br/>up the hill and drawing time! Press and hold down R1, use Square to make five<br/><br/>dots at the five spots. After, back track and time to go north. There is water<br/><br/>between, but nothing hard. Draw a straight line to the other end. At the other<br/><br/>end, Square that box for the Odd Bag. After, go in the light.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Izanagi Cavern<br/><br/>Just continue on up, pretty straight forward. Around the middle of the Map, by<br/><br/>the bridge and the waterfall, check the east/nearby for a rock. Just jump over<br/><br/>the water and you will see a box behind the rock. This is a Lost Jewel, there<br/><br/>are 99 of them in the game. Anyway, get near the statue at the end. It's time<br/><br/>to draw again. The sword is broken, so just complete it with a straight line<br/><br/>to north. Next, like before, make six dots on the six spots. More, a rock but<br/><br/>you can cut it in half but drawing a horizontal line. After, follow that arrow<br/><br/>to go back. Horizontal line again to cut the fence. Continue on and it's<br/><br/>fighting time. You can use Square to attack. If they are down, you can draw a<br/><br/>horizontal line over them. Back track to the Heavenly Stream then back to the<br/><br/>Kamiki Village.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kamiki Village<br/><br/>See that peach hanging onto the tree? Get in place so you would have the peach<br/><br/>in sight. Horizontal line the peach to get it down. Now you can go back to the<br/><br/>village. The east path on the Map(hold down L2) leads to an altar & take that<br/><br/>south path to move on. Check out the houses if you want, explore around and go<br/><br/>check out few statues/villagers. Eventually, you will get an arrow which leads<br/><br/>to that altar above. Drawing time again, we need a sun so make a circle. After,<br/><br/>another quick battle. Near box is the Bait Bag(Bean). Afterward, back track. If<br/><br/>you talk to that Mendicant Zen Priest on the way, you can fight enemies to get<br/><br/>Coins. For beating the time limit, you can get Sachidama/Fortune Jade. Keep in<br/><br/>mind that Sachidama is used to strengthen the Sun Vessel, Ink Gourd, Odd Bag &<br/><br/>the Wallet. Enemies can also drop Demon Fang and I'll get to the usage of that<br/><br/>later. BTW, keep pressing Circle/with some timing at the "Loading Screen" can<br/><br/>also get you Demon Fang.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>Back in the village, there are various things you can do. Start up with that<br/><br/>Mushikai's Mother. Dig up 9 radishes without getting hit, then dig up that 10th<br/><br/>one. Triangle it to take it, then head to Mushikai that's running around at the<br/><br/>nearby.<br/><br/>Speak with Granny Mikan by the river. There are 2 poles near, make a horizontal<br/><br/>line to make a stick so she can dry the clothes there. To make the clothes dry,<br/><br/>draw another sun at the sky. Get to her house at night time to wrap this up. Go<br/><br/>draw a sun at the sky if you want the night over instantly.<br/><br/>By the Bar, there is Kushinada and you can check the house nearby as well. In<br/><br/>front of the Bar, horizontal line that watermelon. Within the Bar, you can also<br/><br/>go cut down the screen. Check out the other houses for anything that you can<br/><br/>break down. Within Mikan's House, there is also another screen you can cut down<br/><br/>for more items. On top of Mikan's House, cut down that big mandarin.<br/><br/>Pass the bridge, there is a Monozane Mirror/Save Point. At the other side, one<br/><br/>more house and further behind that house, a rock in the water with a box on the<br/><br/>top. You get this box later.<br/><br/>For the windmill near Kushinada, draw and complete the broken windmill. Go in<br/><br/>that house after, to speak with Kushinada. You will get a wine. This will come<br/><br/>in handy later.<br/><br/>There are 2 light circles in this area. Have it at night first, check out that<br/><br/>radish field for the first one. The second one is near where the Priest is. You<br/><br/>can dig at the light circles and get boxes.<br/><br/>For the altar platform, check the beginning & you should see 2 boxes just under<br/><br/>which look pretty hard to jump to. Don't bother jumping, get to the below, so<br/><br/>you should be near the Priest. Look up and cut the boxes, hopefully those items<br/><br/>drop down to you with some luck.<br/><br/>Just a bit east of Granny Mikan, so it's the water near the bridge. Look into<br/><br/>the water and you should see 2 boxes. Like above, cut the boxes open then those<br/><br/>items will float up.<br/><br/>Between the windmill and the waterfall, look into the water for more object and<br/><br/>a box. Like above, cut them then the items will float up.<br/><br/>South of Granny Mikan, check the surface of that mountain path. You can double<br/><br/>jump to get up there. Square it for the Hama Talisman.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>Anyway, once you are ready, go north to speak with the Merchant then another<br/><br/>fight. Now get to the near house. Few objects to break & the right object will<br/><br/>reveal the ladder to go down to Susanoo. Speak with him few times. Square him<br/><br/>to wake him up. When Susanoo is riding on Amaterasu, head back to that Merchant<br/><br/>then go get the wine from Kushinada. Just behind Susanoo's house, talk to that<br/><br/>Susanoo and you will hand over the wine/Superb View God.<br/><br/>Once you are ready, speak with Susanoo and time to start the training. Just as<br/><br/>Susanoo about to cut down each thing, draw a horizontal line to cut that thing<br/><br/>down. So, little timing is needed. After that, he will go for the big rock that<br/><br/>is blocking the exit of the town. Likewise, horizontal line to cut it down. Now<br/><br/>the Merchant will also reopen his Shop. Go on to north to advance the game.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Shinshuu Plain<br/><br/>Pretty straight forward here, just continue along the path. If you touch any of<br/><br/>the Hyakki Scroll, you will get into a battle. Go on to the valley.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Hanasaki Valley<br/><br/>Save your game. Go on to Square a box to get the Journey Charm. Further, more<br/><br/>enemies to fight. Go on a bit for some tree enemies. Cut the balls they throw &<br/><br/>go cut the trees down after. Eventually, you will battle the Yellow Amanojaku.<br/><br/>Not hard, just besure to jump to avoid the drum wave. After, at the picture on<br/><br/>the wall, draw a sun. Next up, go on and don't bother with the sprout yet. To<br/><br/>the west of the Map by cutting down the fence. Draw and cut down objects for<br/><br/>Susanoo again. With the bear's ball, push it and to the room with the sprout.<br/><br/>There is a spot with some water, push the ball there. After that, draw a sun at<br/><br/>the sky. Next up, same old drawing dots at spots. Lastly, circle the tree. Now,<br/><br/>go back for one more fight.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>After the valley turns back to normal, back track and you will get into another<br/><br/>fight by the picture wall. After that, few boar will show up and you will feed<br/><br/>them some bait if you wish.<br/><br/>As for those tree enemies, stun them as usual then circle them to purify them.<br/><br/>Nearby, there is some grass plot, circle it as well. You will get the Scroll,<br/><br/>Cherry Blossom's Essential Point.<br/><br/>Also, on the way, you can circle any dead tree you see. And by the fest, defeat<br/><br/>those enemies again. This will have a box showing up. Square it for the Scroll,<br/><br/>Digging's Essential Point.<br/><br/>Once you do revive all the tree enemies and dead trees, a box shows up near the<br/><br/>picture wall. Square it for the Sun Fragment.<br/><br/>There are 3 light circles in this place: east of the Monozane Mirror, west of<br/><br/>the fest after you beat the enemies, just by a box and the last one is to the<br/><br/>west after you cross the first bridge. You will need to wall jump. And remember<br/><br/>that you are to dig within these circles till you get the sprout out.<br/><br/>At night time, after the bonfire/fest & just after the tunnel, there's 1 light<br/><br/>circle by a tree. Dig up the box and open it.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Shinshuu Plain<br/><br/>Come back here and go to that tree. Circle it. Square the box for the Scroll,<br/><br/>Escape From Battle. Anyway, you are freely to explore this area. There is some<br/><br/>Antique Merchant around. As you can see on the Map, few places to check out:<br/><br/>At E, you will fight the Corpse Goldfish on the way. Before the house, there is<br/><br/>a box. Square it for the Scroll, Orochi Legend. Now, you can only enter through<br/><br/>at night time. Keep talking to Tamaya within. He will throw the materials and<br/><br/>you will need to draw a circle, as well as the fuse. Next, same old dots on the<br/><br/>spots. For the cracked wall, remember a bomb is circle+fuse/line. Square that<br/><br/>box within for one of the Zodiac Ornament.<br/><br/>At SW, there is a Doujou. Speak with Kodzuka Onigirisai within. You can pay to<br/><br/>learn various things: Body Transfer, Shikou/Four Sparkle and Impolite.<br/><br/>At SE, there is the Izayoi Temple. Speak with Mikadzuki few times and you will<br/><br/>get the Demon Search Book. Exit out and another battle. Once you beat it, cross<br/><br/>out the name of that monster. If you take the path near the Temple, it leads to<br/><br/>the entrance of the Izayoi Shrine. But, it's blocked right now.<br/><br/>At S, there is a cracked spot on the floor. Bomb it to reveal a box. Square the<br/><br/>box for Sango's Shard.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>At S, there is a box. Square it for the Scroll, Secret Of Feeding. At around<br/><br/>the north, you can see Idaten. Give him a Journey Charm. Nearby, there is also<br/><br/>a cracked wall. Bomb it to get the Hama Talisman.<br/><br/>As you can see at this area, there are various Rajou Gate around. Go through<br/><br/>them to get into battles. Clear each will bring out some bunny. If you go clear<br/><br/>them all, a box will show up. Square it to get the Revenge Talisman.<br/><br/>You can also check out the Nameless Man's House, cut down that firewood within<br/><br/>the house. For another box/Journey Charm, it's just behind the tree.<br/><br/>As for the light circles, there are 8: South of the tree and Monozane Mirror,<br/><br/>but it doesn't look like you can dig it yet. The 2nd one is around the middle<br/><br/>of the plain. For the third and fourth ones, both are at near NW of the tree &<br/><br/>the Antique Merchant. But one is easier to see at night time. As for the fifth<br/><br/>one, it's near the Izayoi Temple, at one beach side of the ramp. It's easier to<br/><br/>spot it in night time as well. As for the 6th and 7th one, they're near by the<br/><br/>house of Tamaya. Both are easier to see at night time. The one near the house,<br/><br/>you can't get it yet. The other one is at the near pier. As for the 8th one, it<br/><br/>is near the 2nd light circle, during night time as well. Remember, dig at these<br/><br/>light circles and if you see any sprout, circle it.<br/><br/>There are few more monsters in the Demon Search Book you could kill. Just touch<br/><br/>those Hyakki Scroll on the field and you might fight the right enemies. Cross<br/><br/>their names once you kill them. For me, most of them appear in night time. Once<br/><br/>you got them all, go to talk to Mikadzuki to get the Gold Polishing Powder. It<br/><br/>is used to power up your Divine Weapon, such as the Mahutsu Mirror.<br/><br/>Few more Lost Jewels. Near the entrance to the valley, behind the stove for the<br/><br/>woods. It's by the corner and you should see it during night time. Next, get to<br/><br/>the back of the Doujou(outside, not inside). You would see it during night time<br/><br/>as well.<br/><br/>That's about it, there are some dead trees and grass plots, so besure to circle<br/><br/>those.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kamiki Village<br/><br/>Come back here once you are ready to move on. Head to the altar to speak with<br/><br/>Oldman Mikan. Now, go circle all the dead tress. The Priest near the Mirror can<br/><br/>also tell you how many you have left. Go back to Oldman Mikan. You gonna play<br/><br/>the True Kagura along with him. Just quickly circle all the cherries. Next up,<br/><br/>same old dots at spots. Draw a circle on the water to make a lotus. Jump to the<br/><br/>rock and Square that box for the Sun Fragment. You should be able to see 1 more<br/><br/>rock nearby. Make your way there and if you can't jump on, just go around since<br/><br/>some side is lower. At night time, you should be able to see 3 light circles.<br/><br/>Dig them for 2 boxes and 1 sprout. Open the boxes and circle the sprout.<br/><br/>Before you go back to the plain, just one more thing. Go north toward the tree.<br/><br/>If you go there through the gate/door, you will see Sakuya. If you just go here<br/><br/>from the left or right of the gate/door, you will see Sazanka and Tsubaki like<br/><br/>usual. Just above Sazanka and Tsubaki, there should be a peach. Cut it down to<br/><br/>get the Ox Horn Decoration. Come back here another time to get another peach.<br/><br/>Just besure to visit here from time to time for a peach.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Shinshuu Plain<br/><br/>Go to the southern area. To across the water, keep making lotus one after one,<br/><br/>then at the end, bomb the cracked wall.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Agata Forest<br/><br/>Go on, down the stairs then to the cave. It leads to a Mirror and a house. Save<br/><br/>your game and enter the house. Check that box. Talk with Granny Bokusen. Do pay<br/><br/>500 Coins and get the Appraisal Report. Now, out the cave. By the stairs, see<br/><br/>those torches? Walk along that edge. It leads to another cave. Go on and bomb<br/><br/>the cracked wall at the end. Circle the tree to revive it. Square the item near<br/><br/>for the Tarutama/Leg Jade. Since you already have the Mahutsu Mirror equipped<br/><br/>as the Front, you might just wanna equip the new Tarutama as the Back. Exit out<br/><br/>and time for a boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: Ushiwaka<br/><br/>Equip the Tarutama as the Front. You can then use the Back as a Shield if you<br/><br/>press Triangle. Square with it is long range whip attack so avoid being close<br/><br/>to that Ushiwaka. Abuse the Shield as much as you wish, then attack when he's<br/><br/>open.<br/><br/>After, speak with Kariudo which is around the south of the cave to Bokusen. A<br/><br/>Merchant is also near. You can buy couple Gold Polishing Powder from him. Keep<br/><br/>in mind that you use Gold Polishing Powder to power up your Divine Weapon, such<br/><br/>as the Mahutsu Mirror and the Tarutama you have right now.<br/><br/>About east of Kariudo, there is Kokari that's fishing. Keep talking then Square<br/><br/>to hit him. Connect the rod and the fish, then use the Left Stick to pull. Just<br/><br/>watch out for the mood bar. When you see a Button, press that Button, then draw<br/><br/>and cut the fish. Eventually, there should be only 1 big fish, that's the Great<br/><br/>Salmon you need. The fish got the Key Of The Ruins.<br/><br/>With the Key, head to the SE gate. Don't forget the near box for the Scroll,<br/><br/>Strengthen Of Divine Weapon. You can also find Susanoo around. Anyway, you may<br/><br/>head in now or after doing the followings:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>First light circle is by the tree, dig it and circle the sprout. For the second<br/><br/>one, take the ramp near the Merchant, and you will be by a pond. The 2nd light<br/><br/>circle is nearby a big tree log. But, you can't dig it right now. For the third<br/><br/>one, take the near path from the second light circle, it leads to the Shinshuu<br/><br/>Plain. Again, you can't dig this one as well. The 4th one, from the entrance,<br/><br/>go on the road and you will see it by the corner in night time. The 5th one, at<br/><br/>the stairs just by the cave to Bokusen, night time as well. The 6th one, just<br/><br/>about east of the 5th one, by a tree on the water, night time as well. For the<br/><br/>7th one, it's by the entrance to the high area of Shinshuu Plain, night time as<br/><br/>well. For the 8th one, just near the house of Bokusen. For the 9h one, just by<br/><br/>the entrance of the ruins, night time as well. For the 10th one, the mountain<br/><br/>path near the entrance of the ruins, just by a cracked wall.<br/><br/>Near the entrance of the cave to Bokusen, there is a peach. Circle it and get<br/><br/>the Journey Charm. There're five more, also near a cave, the one that leads to<br/><br/>the tree previously. Near Kariudo, there is another one. Near Kokari and the<br/><br/>tent, there are two more.<br/><br/>At SE, there is a cracked wall by the mountain path. Jump up and bomb it. Also<br/><br/>there is some grass plot around the tent, circle it as well.<br/><br/>As you might notice, there is a bear/Nemuri at the entrance of this place. Not<br/><br/>too far on the road, there is cabbage/ball. Push it up toward him. Move around<br/><br/>this forest to find another ball. Push it up to him as well. Now, among those<br/><br/>trees on the water, one of them got a bee nest. Cut it down and push it toward<br/><br/>the bear. At the end, the bear won't be sleeping but dancing around.<br/><br/>Take the ramp near the Merchant, to a pond and a hollow tree log. Go into the<br/><br/>log and spot some grass plot. Circle it to reveal a peach then circle the peach<br/><br/>for an item.<br/><br/>Since you have a Magatama(Tarutama for example), back to Kodzuka Onigirisai in<br/><br/>the Doujou in the Shinshuu Plain to learn Gekitama/Circular Soul. You will need<br/><br/>to equip the Tarutama as the Front.<br/><br/>Go toward the SW to spot the Fang Merchant, Kibame. You can exchange Demon Fang<br/><br/>with him. The near box is the Scroll, Essential Point Of Battle. Anyway, Kibame<br/><br/>offers these Divine Accessories:<br/><br/>~Exorcist's Bell, 20 Demon Fangs<br/><br/> - On-Screen enemy, Hyakki Scroll, won't chase you<br/><br/>~Kamiki Pillow, 30 Demon Fangs<br/><br/> - Have Amaterasu to sleep/don't move, then the Divine Vessel/Vitality will be<br/><br/> recovered gradually but in exchange of some Coins you have<br/><br/>~Gold Beckoning Cat, 50 Demon Fangs<br/><br/> - Draws drops(money, items, but not stuff in boxes) to Amaterasu<br/><br/>For a Lost Jewel, check the back of the tent(outside, not inside) during night<br/><br/>time.<br/><br/>Next, as you can see, there are Rajou Gates here, might as well get rid them<br/><br/>all. And at SW, before the stream, one more light circle but you can't get to<br/><br/>it.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Tsutamaki Ruins<br/><br/>Within, a peach and box near, as well as a Monozane Mirror. Left and right lead<br/><br/>to more peaches and tree enemies. Remember that you can circle the tree enemies<br/><br/>when they are stun. The right also got a box and an automatic stone door. Just<br/><br/>beyond the automatic stone door, more tree enemies. Since the water is normal<br/><br/>here, you can make lotus to get to that rock for the light circle. Pass another<br/><br/>door and circle the peach on the way. Wall jump to get up. Your goal is way up<br/><br/>there to the left. But, if you turn around, you can actually jump & get across<br/><br/>to a light circle at the end. Dig and circle the sprout.<br/><br/>Anyway, make your way up and there is another peach. Ignore the rock and move<br/><br/>on to fight the Hoozuki/Oni Light. When it throws the balls at you, cut those<br/><br/>balls to stun him. Now, circle the flower that's on its back, then you can go<br/><br/>attack. After, go back and get that rock/sphere to the hole with the switch. Go<br/><br/>through the door after. There are 2 more Hoozuki for you to kill.<br/><br/>The fence leads to a peach and to make the mushrooms grow, just draw a sun at<br/><br/>the sky. Jump up and move on. Bomb the cracked wall. Go on through another door<br/><br/>and one more after. Move on a bit and the road will collapse, just hurry up and<br/><br/>jump. Go through another door at the end. Forget that Demon Lock, just go jump<br/><br/>down. By the door, Square it and draw the dots at the spots. Pick up that Arrow<br/><br/>then go back up. While going up, around few areas before the top, you can bomb<br/><br/>the 'door-like' wall for a hidden path. Circle that peach for a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>Toward and pass that Demon Lock. Just pass the door, look up to the right. You<br/><br/>can jump up there for a box. Anyway, go on and circle that peach on the way. By<br/><br/>the broken bridge, draw a bridge. Beyond, another door and a Mirror for you to<br/><br/>save your game. Behind the Mirror, jump up and there is a light circle for you<br/><br/>to dig at the end. Beyond the door, 3 Rajou Gates and 2 peaches. Clear out all<br/><br/>the Rajou Gates to get the mushrooms show up. Draw another sun. Jump up and go<br/><br/>destroy all the jars. Near box is the Map Of The Ruins.<br/><br/>Go back down and as you can see, you can enter the waterfall. Break the jars<br/><br/>then bomb the wall for a hidden room. Circle the peach for a lost Jewel. Back<br/><br/>to the Mirror. Take the path behind the Mirror then jump all the way down. Back<br/><br/>to the start. Head into the light. Circle all the grass plots. Next, more dots<br/><br/>on spots again. To get up to the bud, draw some curve line like what you did<br/><br/>for fishing. Repeat all the way to the top. Pass through the door.<br/><br/>Anyway, make your way to the top by linking Amaterasu with buds. At the top, go<br/><br/>connect the 4 buds around with the 4 hook-like objects. Jump in and save your<br/><br/>game. Go on and 2 more boxes before the last door. Once you are ready, head in<br/><br/>the door for a boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: Yellow Spider<br/><br/>Focus on avoiding her attacks first. There are buds around, connect at least 2<br/><br/>of them to her tail. This will have her expose the eye balls. Now, it's time to<br/><br/>go attack. Try bombing her or equip the Tarutama as the Front, so you can use<br/><br/>the whip. Besure to move away before she closes up. The rest is pretty much the<br/><br/>same. It just takes a while though.<br/><br/>For beating her, you get the Shinjuu/Divine Beast Mirror. You have a choice to<br/><br/>save your game after. If you got any Gold Polishing Powder, you can go power up<br/><br/>that Shinjuu Mirror.<br/><br/>Head to the SW of the Map to find Kokari and Umetarou. Now, the wooden log will<br/><br/>be going down the river and there are 6 hooks. Pay attention to the sides of<br/><br/>the roads for buds. Press R1 quickly and connect the bud and the hook. Connect<br/><br/>all 6 hooks and you will be saved. You can now cross the river and there is a<br/><br/>box after. It's the Scroll, Essential Point Of Stroke Dot. Beyond leads to the<br/><br/>Takamiyadaira. Don't go there yet since there are stuff you can do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>In Tsutamaki Ruins, just near the light, there is another light circle. Not<br/><br/>too far from the light, there is a small waterfall. Nearby, there is one area<br/><br/>where you could try to jump up to a light circle. Jump up then wall jump and go<br/><br/>quickly press Square. Also not too far from the light, there is a tree and one<br/><br/>more light circle by it. Further, take the east door & move on to the previous<br/><br/>area with the ball and switch. Look up and locate a bud. Ivy up and lead you to<br/><br/>a light circle, as well as a peach.<br/><br/>In Agata Forest, couple buds in the air among the trees on water. You can Ivy<br/><br/>your way up to get items. Take the ramp near the Merchant. By the pond and the<br/><br/>big tree log, look up for a bud. Ivy up and cut the box that's in water.<br/><br/>In Kamiki Village, couples buds high in air by the waterfall. Icy your way to<br/><br/>get a box and a light circle.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Takamiyadaira<br/><br/>There is a Merchant and a Mirror on the way. Save your game. Go along the road<br/><br/>and bomb the rocks. Go on for a boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: Ushiwaka<br/><br/>Similar tactics from before work here. If you want to be cheap, keep running<br/><br/>around and bomb him.<br/><br/>Continue on up and go along the path. Few dead trees on the way and a broken<br/><br/>bridge at the end. Draw a bridge and circle the tree afterward. Takamiyadaira<br/><br/>will be back to normal. There are 3 places you can head to: the Sasabe Village<br/><br/>which is through the middle/north gate, the Station that's at the west and the<br/><br/>Kusanagi Village at the south. As usual, there are things you can do before you<br/><br/>move on:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>In Takamiyadaira, west of the Mirror, talk to a mole to play the Whack A Mole<br/><br/>game. Square to hit him few times then pick up that item. Take that to the Tea<br/><br/>Shop Owner that's at the entrance of Takamiyadaira. You will obtain the Golden<br/><br/>Mushroom. Near the Tea Shop, during night time, there is a light circle.<br/><br/>Near the place with the moles, there is a house. Look at the top of that house<br/><br/>for a bud. Ivy up and square that box. You can also jump up to the second level<br/><br/>of the house and might as well go in to check the first level.<br/><br/>There are Rajou Gates around, clear them all if you wish. One of them will have<br/><br/>the water back. Also, there are dead trees around, cure them.<br/><br/>Around where you met Ushiwaka, near the water ponds, there is a light circle. A<br/><br/>nearby pond also got bubbles coming up, cut there to get a Lost Jewel. By that<br/><br/>Granny's House, near the pond, a light circle during night time. Near a spring<br/><br/>at middle part of the map, between 2 rocks, a light circle at night time. At<br/><br/>the west part of the map, before the Station, a light circle at night time as<br/><br/>well.<br/><br/>The plain area after where you fought with Ushiwaka, which is the area with the<br/><br/>tree, look up for buds. Ivy around for 3 light circles and 1 box.<br/><br/>Around the pond at the middle of the map, look at those pillars. Look up and<br/><br/>you will find few buds. You can Ivy up there. There is a box on top of one of<br/><br/>the pillars.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~The Station<br/><br/>A Mirror nearby, a Merchant, dead tree and you can also speak with Yoichi. Head<br/><br/>down the stairs and a Scroll, Motherly Great Tree, just around the corner. Head<br/><br/>down further, pass the waterfall and there is a light circle at the end. Around<br/><br/>this light circle, there is another light circle during night time. Around that<br/><br/>waterfall and the box with fire around, another light circle during night time<br/><br/>as well. 1 more light circle, behind the Merchant during night time. That's it<br/><br/>for now.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Sasabe Village<br/><br/>Go up and you can't get through yet. There is a Mirror near. Near the Mirror,<br/><br/>jump up the rocks to a light circle. One more thing is during night time, near<br/><br/>the door and the Mirror, there is another light circle.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kusanagi Village<br/><br/>Beware that your Ink Gourd is decreasing as time goes. There is a Mirror near<br/><br/>and a Merchant. You can buy the Okitsu Mirror, Pinwheel & 2 more Gold Polishing<br/><br/>Powder. Besure to power up the Okitsu Mirror. Anyway, there isn't much you can<br/><br/>do here since you can't draw. Go on and you can find that Susanoo. There is a<br/><br/>light circle behind the fence near him. Take the path near him. Jump up that<br/><br/>ladder to find another light circle, a cracked wall and the Priest. Further on<br/><br/>that path leads to Oldman Taketori.<br/><br/>Now, go save your game and time to speed through the village. You'll find Fuse<br/><br/>on the way. After speaking with her, you will get into a battle. After that, do<br/><br/>notice that your Ink Gourd won't decrease and you can draw again. Anyway, get a<br/><br/>move on and another light circle on the way, before the Kazejin Palace. But as<br/><br/>usual, there are things you can do before moving on:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>The Pinwheel from the Merchant of Kusanagi Village, you can hand it over to the<br/><br/>customer by the Tea Shop in Takamiyadaira.<br/><br/>Keep in mind that you should check out anything you didn't do previously due to<br/><br/>the fact that you can't draw. There is a grass plot, the light circle near that<br/><br/>Susanoo, a cracked wall and a light circle near the Priest. Lastly, another one<br/><br/>light circle near the entrance to the Kazejin Palace & 1 more just a bit before<br/><br/>during night time, as well as another one near the small bridge by the Shrine,<br/><br/>night time as well.<br/><br/>Within Oldman Taketori's House, dig around the stove for a box that contains a<br/><br/>Lost Jewel. Look around the above of Susanoo, there is a bud that you can Ivy<br/><br/>yourself up. It leads to a box and a tunnel.<br/><br/>Before the path to Princess Fuse, take the other path and Ivy up few buds. It<br/><br/>leads to another one of those Q&A stone wall. Square it and make the dots. Get<br/><br/>to the end for 2 light circles and a box.<br/><br/>Besure to beat the Priest's time to get more Sachidama/Fortune Jade. Go on and<br/><br/>keep talking to that Princess Fuse for the Seal Cage. This is used to locate 8<br/><br/>dogs.<br/><br/>Behind the cracked wall is 1 dog, healing the grass plot is 1 more, if you go<br/><br/>cut the light bamboo by Oldman Taketori's House, that's another. The 4th one is<br/><br/>at the end of the tunnel which is located after you Ivy yourself up with that<br/><br/>bud above Susanoo. Feed each one with Meat. Once you got those 4, back toward<br/><br/>Fuse to fight the 5th dog.<br/><br/>At where Fuse is, there are 2 ponds, check both of them since they got boxes in<br/><br/>the water. Cut the boxes for the items to float up.<br/><br/>On the 2nd floor of the Inn, speak with Haruka. You will get Blood Seal Sheet<br/><br/>Of Vengeance. This is for hunting down monsters like before. On the first floor<br/><br/>of the Inn, there is a daruma doll, dot its right eye for a Hama Talisman. For<br/><br/>hunting down the monsters that Haruka wants, back to Takamiyadaira. I hunted<br/><br/>all of them during night time. Once you got all, back to Haruka for another one<br/><br/>of those Gold Polishing Powder.<br/><br/>Now, there are 3 more dogs, let's find them. First, to the Sasabe Village.<br/><br/>~Sasabe Village<br/><br/>You still won't be able to enter yet. Back to Takamiyadaira, toward that house<br/><br/>of Oldman Tongue-Cutter. Don't enter yet, jump up to the second level from one<br/><br/>side. Bomb that opening then enter at night time. Talk to Granny Tongue-Cutter<br/><br/>then drag her using Triangle, to under the sunlight(under where you bomb the<br/><br/>ceiling). You will end up fighting 2 Crow Tengu. Cut them so they can't fly and<br/><br/>finish them off. With ChunJack, back to the Sasabe Village. Now you can enter.<br/><br/>Within, go up stairs and take the lift. Open all those boxes and toward that<br/><br/>Leader. Go explore around. In the same building, you can find the Priest in one<br/><br/>room and a Merchant in another room. Within the room with the Merchant, dot the<br/><br/>right eye of the daruma doll. Down to the first floor and take the other path<br/><br/>to go outside. Speak with the Hotspring Guard & Taketori from Kusanagi Village<br/><br/>will show up. You can play the digging MiniGame. Pretty straight forward, just<br/><br/>follow the hints the game gives out, and bomb your way to the end. Taketori'll<br/><br/>stand on top of the water source, then you can dig there to end it. As usual,<br/><br/>go dot the spots in the sky. Now you can put out fires, so connect the water to<br/><br/>that owl. For that pond, see where the water coming up, just draw a straight<br/><br/>line up/north. Once you are up there, dig that light circle.<br/><br/>Jump down and speak with Taketori. To open that gate, connect the water to the<br/><br/>big bamboo near. Take that path and on the way, speak with Taijan. That Seal<br/><br/>Cage will appear and continue on for bamboo with light in them. Quickly cut the<br/><br/>bamboo with the light to get the 6th dog. Defeat it & you will get the Gigyoku/<br/><br/>Justice Jade. Remember to feed it with Meat.<br/><br/>After, get back to Taketori to get the Merman's Old Coins. You can also buy it<br/><br/>from any Merchant now. This works like instant transmission. By the pond with<br/><br/>a light whirl, you can use the Old Coins to transfer to another place with the<br/><br/>light whirl as well. Before anything, check out the area near the hotspring at<br/><br/>night time. There is a light circle near. At where you found the dog, there are<br/><br/>2 more light circles at night time as well. Lastly, on the way to the dog, one<br/><br/>more light circle as well.<br/><br/>Since you can put out Fire now, time to check out few boxes in places:<br/><br/>- In the Station, just after that waterfall<br/><br/>- In Takamiyadaira, the path to the tree previously<br/><br/>- In Agata Forest, the cave to Bokusen<br/><br/>~Agata Forest<br/><br/>Go to talk to Kokari. Take the ramp near the Merchant to meet with Kushinada.<br/><br/>Connect the water to her wine bottle. Repeat till the bottle is full. Susanoo<br/><br/>will come and quickly cut down all the enemies for him. The Seal Cage will show<br/><br/>up and time for the 7th dog. Get back to Kokari for more fishing. Keep fishing<br/><br/>till you get the Jouzu. As usual, dot the spots in the sky. After, draw a new/<br/><br/>half moon in the sky. Defeat the dog and besure to feed it with Meat.<br/><br/>Keep in mind that you can draw a new/half moon in the sky to make it night time<br/><br/>instantly. No need to wait anymore. Time for the 8th and last dog.<br/><br/>~Kamiki Village<br/><br/>Before this, you should have done the radish-digging quest since you can do it<br/><br/>since early stage of the game. If not, during day time, near Mushikai's Mother,<br/><br/>dig up 9 radishes without getting hit, then dig up that 10th one. Triangle it &<br/><br/>take it to Mushikai and his dog that are running around nearby.<br/><br/>At night, toward that Mushikai's Dog. Feed it with Meat then talk to it. Defeat<br/><br/>it and back to Princess Fuse in Kusanagi Village. She's within the Shrine now.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kazejin Palace<br/><br/>There is Susanoo on the way. Go north to speak with Yatsufusa. With the Eight<br/><br/>Jades Of The Satomi Family(for finding the 8 dogs above), you will be able to<br/><br/>go in.<br/><br/>Within, you will come to an area with a pond. Look into the water for 3 boxes.<br/><br/>Take one of the paths here to a Rajou Gate. Go through it for a fight. Just go<br/><br/>stun the enemy and bomb it few times. Do pick up the Hama Arrow with Triangle<br/><br/>and back track to take the other path. Go on and unlock that Demon Lock near a<br/><br/>Mirror.<br/><br/>At the lift, create a bomb at the middle to get you to Floor 2. Defeat an enemy<br/><br/>on Floor 2, get the Arrow then back down to the lift. Create 1 bomb then 1 more<br/><br/>& you'll be at Floor 3. Through the Demon Lock with the Arrow. Go on up to the<br/><br/>end. Time to draw: Just repeat the same drawing on the screen, starting from<br/><br/>the right. Next, same, from the outside to the inside. Lastly, from the left to<br/><br/>the right and at the end, same old dots in spots at the sky. Afterward, 1 more<br/><br/>and just repeat what you did earlier with the evil spirit. The game will hint<br/><br/>you if you got it wrong. After, go back track few steps and just before those<br/><br/>stairs, you should see a box at the other side of the atic. Get it for another<br/><br/>Sun Fragment.<br/><br/>Back track and keep in mind that the Wind can also blow away the fire. The box<br/><br/>contains the Map Of Kazejin Palace. At Floor 2, there is another box with the<br/><br/>Lost Jewel. Down to Floor 1. There is also something UNDER the lift. To get to<br/><br/>there, stand at the edge of Floor 1, just before the lift. Create a bomb but<br/><br/>since you not on it, you will be able to get under. There are few boxes and few<br/><br/>light circles.<br/><br/>Floor 1, stand BEFORE the bridge area with those windmills, meaning you should<br/><br/>not be on the bridge. Create some Wind to blow from right to the left. Move on<br/><br/>and Square that box for the Scroll, Essential Point Of The Brush. Go on and<br/><br/>ignore the fallen pillar yet. Wind that fire box and Square that box. If you go<br/><br/>take that pillar up, it leads up to another box with fire. There're buds around<br/><br/>which you can take to get to boxes. Take the middle bud, to before the banners.<br/><br/>Wind the banners then you can jump on top of them. On the way, more boxes. At<br/><br/>the end, jump down to north and pass the door after you have saved your game at<br/><br/>near Mirror.<br/><br/>Wind away the fire then jump to move on. At the end, a boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: Red Helmet<br/><br/>Keep bombing it till the armor is off. Use the Wind to blow away the fire then<br/><br/>you may attack. The powered up Okitsu Mirror is pretty strong as the Front. For<br/><br/>me, I almost killed it in one try.<br/><br/>After, assist that Susanoo to kill the enemies. At the end, Wind him few times<br/><br/>till he kills off the Red Helmet. You will get the Divine Weapon, Ikutama/Lift<br/><br/>Jade. Besure to power it up with Gold Polishing Powder. The game will prompt to<br/><br/>save the game. Do so.<br/><br/>To the Shinshuu Plain, toward and enter the Kamiki Village. Go toward Susanoo's<br/><br/>House. Go after Kushinada to the Shinshuu Plain. Toward her and she will be on<br/><br/>Amaterasu. With her, you're to head toward the Izayoi Shrine which is SE of the<br/><br/>Shinshuu Plain. BTW, you should check out the leaves by Tamaya and Onigirisai's<br/><br/>House. Wind away the leaves then dig.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Izayoi Shrine<br/><br/>Before the entrance, go up toward that Ushiwaka. Go on up the stairs then jump<br/><br/>down. Since you can't go through the door, turn around to the Limestone Cave.<br/><br/>Go on to get the Raigeki/Lightning Strike Wine. Near left, there is a box and<br/><br/>go on to find a Rajou Gate. A quick fight as you go through it. Just cut down<br/><br/>the heads then attack it. Get the Face Gauze after. Just draw a circle on it &<br/><br/>back to the Guards by the door. After, you may go through the door.<br/><br/>At the opposite side, there is an Amanojaku and a bell. Then at one side, there<br/><br/>is a path to the kitchen and one side got a Demon Lock. At the kitchen, there's<br/><br/>a Mirror if you need to save your game. If you connect the buds in the air with<br/><br/>the hooks, you can save the Master Chef Ajimi. Pick up the Arrow & head to the<br/><br/>Demon Lock at the other side. Here, link with a bud and when you about to fall,<br/><br/>quickly connect with the next one while you are in air. At the end, cut the eye<br/><br/>by the door. Go through the Rajou Gate and get the Hoozuki Liver.<br/><br/>Back track and on the way, at that pond, draw a straight line up to create the<br/><br/>geyser. Next, create another geyser to move up. Through the near path and by<br/><br/>the crystal, go back and the bridge will collapse. Through the Rajou Gate for a<br/><br/>pond appear. Connect the water to a near bamboo. Near that hole in the wall, go<br/><br/>create another geyser. Move on for more fight. Cut that eye and create another<br/><br/>geyser nearby. Get up and you will be back to the initial central area. Now, go<br/><br/>to the central platform. Cut down that enemy & repeat till you are at the end.<br/><br/>There is a path all the way down, so besure to jump on there. Now, hit all four<br/><br/>eyes together then go through that door. Check the central object and time for<br/><br/>another fight. After, same old dots on spots. Next, connect the fire to that<br/><br/>crystal to melt it. Moving on, don't take the platform yet. Melt that ice for a<br/><br/>cracked wall. Bomb it for a box. Talk to that Amanojaku by the platform & ride<br/><br/>it to go up. Go through the Rajou Gate and get the Hyoushinwa Priest's Lips. Go<br/><br/>burn the crystals here to get back to the kitchen.<br/><br/>Back to the central area, somewhat near the bell, there is a flower bud. Use it<br/><br/>to get back up. Ride the geyser near. Take the near path & back to that bridge<br/><br/>that collapsed earlier. Draw a bridge then melt the ice. Through the Rajou Gate<br/><br/>to get the Akemewa Priest's Eyeball. Melt the crystal & get the Arrow. Now, go<br/><br/>back track. If you jump down from the bridge, there is a box on top some rocks.<br/><br/>At the central area, there are a light circle and a box near that flower.<br/><br/>Use the flower to jump back up then take the geyser. Now, go along the path and<br/><br/>there is another Demon Lock. Through it and at the sand area, Square that round<br/><br/>rock to move on. Cut that eye and to view the invisible path, just create some<br/><br/>Wind. There is a light circle at a corner then the box with the Map. Square the<br/><br/>rock to the switch. Go on, melt the ice for a box and there is also a Merchant<br/><br/>near. Use the bud to get up. Move on and create some Wind at the banners. Cross<br/><br/>and there is a canon. Connect the fire to the fuse, but the canon must fire at<br/><br/>the other side. So, little timing is needed here.<br/><br/>After, go through that hole in the wall that the canon made. There is a fire<br/><br/>sphere on the way. Use the Wind to bring it down and move it to the end. Melt<br/><br/>the ice at the end for 2 boxes and a path. Take that path & go through a Rajou<br/><br/>Gate for the Black Amanojaku's Horn. That's it, you got all four materials. Get<br/><br/>back to Master Chef Ajimi.<br/><br/>Before moving on, let's get back to melting down some ice. At the central area,<br/><br/>there are 2 ice near the bell. One of the ice is a pond where you can make some<br/><br/>geyser to go up for a box. Use the flower to get up then take that geyser to go<br/><br/>up further. Take the near door to the bridge area. Beyond the bridge leads to 3<br/><br/>ice with 3 boxes and under the bridge leads to another box.<br/><br/>Now, once you are ready, back to the central area and hit the bell 8 times. Do<br/><br/>go save your game then back to the central area, speak with that Amanojaku to<br/><br/>go up. There is a Merchant if you need to Shop. Go on up for the boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: Yamata No Orochi<br/><br/>Ease up, this is not the final fight nor you are at the end of the game. Start<br/><br/>by finding the 'Water' head. When it creates water, it will get its head into<br/><br/>the water. Get close and attack it.<br/><br/>After Susanoo shows up, the real fight starts. Pick about 3 heads to start this<br/><br/>and I prefer Fire, Poison and Wind. Start with Fire, Poison or Wind, up to you.<br/><br/>If they attack, cancel it by creating Wind. When they scream, connect the wine<br/><br/>in front to the mouth of that head. Repeat till you stun all 3. Now, you can go<br/><br/>climb up to that bell and attack it till you take it out. Once you take out the<br/><br/>bell, it's easier now since they are weaker. Now, stun each head and attack to<br/><br/>take each head out.<br/><br/>Afterward, draw a new/half moon in the sky and assist Susanoo to cut down those<br/><br/>heads. At the end, you will get the Divine Weapon, Tsumugari Long Sword. You'll<br/><br/>also be able to save your game when the game prompt you.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kamiki Village<br/><br/>You will be back here. Don't forget to power up the Tsumugari Long Sword if you<br/><br/>got any Gold Polishing Powder. Speak with everyone. After, head up all the way<br/><br/>toward the tree. Through the gate and speak with Sakuya. Next, go back into the<br/><br/>Heavenly Stream then to the Izanagi Cavern. At the end, you will find Kushinada<br/><br/>and that Susanoo. Once you are done talking to everyone, exit out the village<br/><br/>and meet with Sakuya. Before you go to the Station, there are things you can go<br/><br/>check out:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>In the Shinshuu Plain, speak with the Nameless Man. Pick up the item and you're<br/><br/>to check out all those Guardian Deity/road statue. For the 1st one, just a bit<br/><br/>south of Nameless Man's House; Make it the night then the day, talk to Nameless<br/><br/>Man for another item. For the 2nd one, north part, beyond a cracked wall that's<br/><br/>near the cat statue. Make the night then the day, speak with Nameless Man again<br/><br/>for another item. For the 3rd one, it's around the Doujou. Repeat and for the<br/><br/>4th one, it's at one side of the beach near the Izayoi Temple. That is it for<br/><br/>now.<br/><br/>In Takamiyadaira, near the pond at the middle of the map. During night time, go<br/><br/>Wind the leaves to reveal the box. Next, hidden tunnel path to the tree, after<br/><br/>where you fought with Ushiwaka, Wind a fire box. Next, near the entrance to the<br/><br/>Station, there is Binko. Wind the leaves near him. Speak with him and time for<br/><br/>the Treasure Digging MiniGame. It's a bit tricky but still easy. You can get a<br/><br/>Sun Fragment at the end. Lastly, not too far from the pond at the middle of the<br/><br/>map, there are those 2 pillars. Ivy yourself up and Wind the banners. But, I do<br/><br/>not think you can't make it to the other side yet.<br/><br/>In Takamiyadaira, there are 3 piles of leaves at the tree area/the plain area<br/><br/>that's after where you fought with Ushiwaka. Two are around the field, and the<br/><br/>last one is by the tree. For 2 more piles of leaves, check the nearby of the<br/><br/>Mirror and the moles. Further, another pile behind the Tongue-Cutter Granny's<br/><br/>House. You can also create another geyser at the nearby pond that leads to one<br/><br/>more light circle. Lastly, near those pillars by the middle pond of the Map, 1<br/><br/>last pile of leaves.<br/><br/>In Kusanagi Village, the bud that leads to the banners. Wind the banners and go<br/><br/>across to boxes. One of the boxes is a Sun Fragment. Also, that well by the<br/><br/>entrance of the village, Wind that.<br/><br/>In Kazejin Palace, to the area with the pond, take the right path to find Fuse<br/><br/>and the 5 dogs. Nothing to do right now, we will come back later.<br/><br/>In the Shinshuu Plain, you can also speak with Idaten to race him. Chase after<br/><br/>him and Square him to win. At night, you can race him again. It's hard since he<br/><br/>will throw down traps. But, there is a trick. There is a small bridge just near<br/><br/>that Nameless Man's House. Go along with Idaten and when you are about to get<br/><br/>there, hurry up and pass Idaten. Wait at the other end of bridge, and when that<br/><br/>Idaten comes, Square him.<br/><br/>In Agata Forest, take the ramp near the Merchant to that pond. Around, there is<br/><br/>a pile of leaves. Wind it and dig. Next, the cave to Bokusen. Just outside that<br/><br/>house, there is a pond. Create a geyser to another box. Now, not too far along<br/><br/>the road from the entrance and the bear, there is another pile. Wind it and dig<br/><br/>for another box. Lastly, just pass the wooden log and before Takamiyadaira, one<br/><br/>more pile of leaves.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~The Station<br/><br/>Once you are ready, go west of Takamiyadaira. Within, speak with Yoichi if you<br/><br/>haven't done so yet. Now, as he shoots off his arrow, connect the fire to that<br/><br/>arrow. After, you can cross the bridge.<br/><br/>Beyond the bridge, 2 grass plots at each side. Circle them and each side will<br/><br/>reveal a light circle at night time.<br/><br/>One last thing before you move on, stand at the middle of the bridge. Look up<br/><br/>and you will see buds all around. You won't be able to stand on top of them, so<br/><br/>you will have to Ivy yourself through all of them without any stop. Ivy through<br/><br/>isn't much of a problem, but the Ink Gourd is. So, you should prepare some of<br/><br/>those Infinite Ink item. On the way, a box and at the end, another box which is<br/><br/>a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Ryoushima Plain<br/><br/>Go up and there is a Mirror to save your game. Go on and bomb the cracked wall<br/><br/>at the end. Connect the water from a pond to a dry pond. Repeat till you are up<br/><br/>to the end with the tree. Circle the tree after. The whole plain will be back<br/><br/>to normal.<br/><br/>There is a Doujou in this plain, it is at the western small island. Besure to<br/><br/>get at least the Divine Air which is double jump. Also, you should get the Hole<br/><br/>Digging Lord which allow you to dig paved and cracked ground.<br/><br/>When you can double jump, head to the platform not too far from the Mirror. Do<br/><br/>the double jump to get up there. Draw a new/half moon in the sky. You can head<br/><br/>into the ship but you can't do much right now. Once you are done, just draw a<br/><br/>sun in the sky to bring the water back.<br/><br/>Head toward the NW for a fight. If you go north, you will be in the Seiankyou<br/><br/>Commoners' Quarter. Of course, before that, few things to do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>During day time, go to the top of the deck of the Shipwreck. There are 2 boxes<br/><br/>there. If you stand at that platform, draw a new/half moon in the sky, you can<br/><br/>get the water down again. Around the Shipwreck, there are 3 light circles.<br/><br/>Before the gate to Seiankyou, there is a Rajou Gate. Beat it and there will be<br/><br/>rabbits around. Look for a black&white one. Feed it grass and press Triangle to<br/><br/>take it. Go to that Animal Loving Man by the beach. You will get a Lost Jewel<br/><br/>at the end.<br/><br/>At night time, outside the Doujou, there is a light circle at that paved ground<br/><br/>which you will need the Hole Digging Lord skill. Nearby platform got a box and<br/><br/>another box by the shore.<br/><br/>On the way to the mother tree from before, just before that cave, there is one<br/><br/>cracked ground nearby. With the Hole Digging Lord skill, dig through and fight<br/><br/>some similar spider boss. You can get a Sun Fragment at the end. Next, go back<br/><br/>down & keep fighting Rajou Gates. After doing about 10 of them consecutively,<br/><br/>you will get the box with a Lost Jewel. But, this is pretty hard if you don't<br/><br/>have enough healing items.<br/><br/>Also nearby the way to the mother tree, just before that cave and not too far<br/><br/>from the cracked ground, there is a cave which leads back to Bokusen's House in<br/><br/>the Agata Forest.<br/><br/>In the Ankoku Temple, there is a box. At the western pier, there is another box<br/><br/>to be opened. Next, before the gate to Seiankyou, there is another box. Lastly,<br/><br/>look into the water by the beach or the edges of the islands. You will at least<br/><br/>find 8 clams. Cut them and the items will float up.<br/><br/>Nearby the Mirror, there is a waterfall and a small island with a big pillar &<br/><br/>a statue. There is a light circle nearby. By the platform, there is one light<br/><br/>circle. Near the path to Bokusen's House, there is another one. Behind Ankoku<br/><br/>Temple, there is another light circle at night time. By the stairs to the pier,<br/><br/>there is another one at night time. If you check the other side of the pier, at<br/><br/>that little corner, there is another light circle. Just after the gate and just<br/><br/>before Seiankyou, there are 2 more light circles nearby. At around where that<br/><br/>Rajou Gate and the black&white rabbit, there is another light circle during the<br/><br/>night time.<br/><br/>Near the beach, there is a Merchant and not too far away, there are grass plots<br/><br/>and besure to circle them. If you take the other path from the gate, it leads<br/><br/>to another Rajou Gate. Defeat it and that will reveal the transportation pond.<br/><br/>Now that you have the Divine Air and Hole Digging Lord skills, there are few<br/><br/>things you can check out in other places:<br/><br/>- In Shinshuu Plain, light circle at the paved ground not far from the Mirror<br/><br/>- In Agata Forest, take the ramp near the Merchant. There is a light circle at<br/><br/> the paved ground near the tree log. Nearby, take that path to get back to the<br/><br/> Shinshuu Plain. There is a light circle at the paved ground; Just before the<br/><br/> Tsutamaki Ruins, light circle at the paved ground<br/><br/>- In Takamiyadaira, a cracked ground near the entrance to the Station. Under<br/><br/> there, there are dead trees, light circles and boxes; Remember those banners<br/><br/> near the pond at the middle of the Map? Now with double jump&square, you can<br/><br/> make it across to that box<br/><br/>Back to Ryoushima Plain, see those islands far away on the Map? Make it to the<br/><br/>SW one, there are 2 clams; To the south island, 3 more clams; For all the ones<br/><br/>at SE, there are 6 clams in total; The most SE big one, 3 more clams.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Seiankyou (Commoners' Quarter)<br/><br/>At the Item Shop, buy either the Yukimune or the Shibimaru FishRod. You might<br/><br/>as well buy both since you could use both of them. At the Weapon Shop, you can<br/><br/>buy the Nanatsusaya Sword, as well as two Gold Polishing Powder. Besure to go<br/><br/>power up the Nanatsusaya Sword.<br/><br/>Jump down to the lower level. Speak with Naguri and go around to get all those<br/><br/>boxes first. After, back to speak with Naguri few times. You will play the Hole<br/><br/>Digging MiniGame again. After, the water will come back. Before moving on to<br/><br/>the Nobles' Quarter, there are few things you can do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>At SW, there is a box. Behind the eastern house, there is another box. Nearby<br/><br/>the gate to the Nobles' Quarter, one more box.<br/><br/>At around the middle, there is Hayate. At NE, there is Oldman Hanasaka. As for<br/><br/>the light circles, at night time, near the bridge. At east, behind some houses<br/><br/>and behind Oldman Hanasaka's House. At night time, to Oldman Hanasaka's House<br/><br/>and cut down the sliding door.<br/><br/>In Kamiki Village, head up to north of the Map to speak with those 2 sisters.<br/><br/>Square that Sazanka. If there is peach in the tree, besure to cut it down.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Seiankyou (Nobles' Quarter)<br/><br/>Go on and speak with Benkei. Hand over the Yukimune or the Shibimaru FishRod to<br/><br/>him. You can buy the FishRods at the Item Shop in Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter.<br/><br/>Keep finishing till you get the Long Sword Fish. After, the bridge will be back<br/><br/>to normal. Go on to speak with Ushiwaka. After, go in and speak with Tsudzurao.<br/><br/>Talk to her and hold down R1 to draw something, just to show her. Exit out at<br/><br/>the near exit.<br/><br/>Go to the eastern and before that Mansion, check the item at NE corner. Take it<br/><br/>and back to Tsudzurao. Keep talking to her for info and you are to go back to<br/><br/>the Ryoushima Plain. Before that, few things to do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>Near Tsudzurao, there are 2 boxes. After the House with Tsudzurao, there is the<br/><br/>Priest. Beat his time to get a Lost Jewel. At night time, check around for one<br/><br/>light circle. Near the SE house, another light circle and also a box. Within<br/><br/>the SE house, there is another box. Behind the NW house, another light circle<br/><br/>at night time. Around the middle of the Map, yet another light circle at night<br/><br/>time. By the NE house, another light circle and a box. Within this house, one<br/><br/>more box.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Ryoushima Plain<br/><br/>During day time, double jump to that platform and draw a new/half moon. Go back<br/><br/>to the Shipwreck. Within, connect the charm that Tsudzurao has to that sealed<br/><br/>door. Save your game after.<br/><br/>For the spirits, connect Tsudzurao's charms to them. Jump down and there are<br/><br/>lots of boxes around. Some of them are enemies, so besure to cut the boxes open<br/><br/>instead of using Square. Go on with the side hallway, just look out for those<br/><br/>bamboo. Eventually, a quick fight. After, another sealed door.<br/><br/>Next, a light circle nearby, during night time. Draw a sun in the sky. Go back<br/><br/>track for another fight. Continue to back track and jump up to spot a canon. A<br/><br/>box is also nearby. Jump on to the canon. Now, there are 3 targets, you would<br/><br/>want to stand on the tail or the head of the canon to adjust which target you<br/><br/>want, then draw a bomb and insert it. The goal is only the lower one, but you<br/><br/>can bomb all 3 targets. You can't get the Arrow at the lower part yet and that<br/><br/>one at the upper part is a Sun Fragment.<br/><br/>Take the near path by the canon, on the way, look out for a box that contains a<br/><br/>Lost Jewel. After, another box. In the big area, beware of the hand from the<br/><br/>water. Cut the rope so the barrel would drop down. Push the barrel down & ride<br/><br/>it to the other end with the hooks. By the hooks, there is also a box. Now, go<br/><br/>take the path and move on, you will be back to the area where you drew the sun<br/><br/>previously. Draw a new/half moon in the sky.<br/><br/>Jump back up and head back to the area with the canon. Take the Arrow and there<br/><br/>is also a water pond here where you can draw a geyser. Anyway, with the Arrow,<br/><br/>go open that Demon Lock. Go on to the sealed door. Beyond, few boxes. Only the<br/><br/>ones that are darker color got stuff, the others are enemies. After, time to go<br/><br/>back out. You will be chased by the Water Dragon. Just flee and head back to<br/><br/>Seiankyou.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Seiankyou (Nobles' Quarter)<br/><br/>Tsudzurao is already back in the house. Anyway, go east to that Mansion. Head<br/><br/>toward that cracked corner.<br/><br/>Within the Mansion, connect Issun to that box. Go on and save your game. Go on<br/><br/>and 2 boxes on the way. Next, a quick fight. After, there are two places with<br/><br/>water, both got cracked wall. Both got boxes after and the higher one also got<br/><br/>the Arrow. To get to the higher one, you'll need to lure a person to attempt to<br/><br/>step on you, just around the Arrow. Before you get stepped on, move away fast<br/><br/>and you can now use that person's foot to get up to the Arrow.<br/><br/>Now, back track to meet Kaguya. After, back track and pass through that Demon<br/><br/>Lock. Bomb the cracked ground then go down. You can jump on the spiders here to<br/><br/>take you up. Near one leads to a light circle. Move on and if you decide to go<br/><br/>up, it leads to more light circles and a box after the spider net. Once you are<br/><br/>done, go down all the way and bomb that crack wall.<br/><br/>Cut the rope so the gourd will fall down. Get in the gourd. Position yourself<br/><br/>so that your left is the exit/small one. Wind from the right to the left then<br/><br/>you will be out. Make the dots at spots in the sky. Draw 2 lines on the spider<br/><br/>to test it out. Now, stay away from the spider then make the 2 lines, you can<br/><br/>quickly rush through.<br/><br/>Now, back to where you got the Arrow from before, the area with the people. It<br/><br/>is now possible to get pass the brooms with the new brush. Go on and a box on<br/><br/>the way. Now connect the water to the bamboo and make your way through. Use the<br/><br/>new brush if you need to. Once you are inside a room, use the spiders to get up<br/><br/>there. Explore one side to get boxes first, then move on toward those spiders<br/><br/>that move in high speed. Use the new brush to get across. On the way, another<br/><br/>box behind some web, then go on toward the poison mist. Jump down and go on to<br/><br/>save your game. Beyond is the boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: The Plague<br/><br/>Slow him down with the new brush and attack. The sword will be deflected away<br/><br/>and then you can go attack the sword.<br/><br/>Afterward, you will get the Chigaeshi Jade. Next, you will be controlling that<br/><br/>Treasure Emperor. Head right toward the soldier. Continue on and you may save<br/><br/>your game at the end. With the Treasure Emperor, you can also trade in Demon<br/><br/>Fangs to get various stuff. If you got 80 Demon Fangs, get the Misty Pot Gourd<br/><br/>which is the Ougi of the Brush Misty Stealth, Mist Flying. At specific Mirror,<br/><br/>you can draw an 'X' to instantly teleport to another area. Anyway, got any Gold<br/><br/>Polishing Powder? Besure to power up the Divine Weapon, Chigaeshi Jade. There's<br/><br/>also a box nearby. Go south a bit for 3 light circles. Go right a bit for more<br/><br/>light circles. Remember, all in night time. Go south to exit out the Mansion.<br/><br/>As for the Divine Accessories that Treasure Emperor offers, here's the list and<br/><br/>excluding out the ones from Fang Merchant Kibame:<br/><br/>~Pickpocket Glove, 70 Demon Fangs<br/><br/> - Steal item from an enemy, just draw and connect Issun to the enemy<br/><br/>~Fast Ink Gourd, 100 Demon Fangs<br/><br/> - Faster recovery speed for the Ink Gourd<br/><br/>~Drainage Stone Tablet, 100 Demon Fangs (after beating 9-Tail)<br/><br/> - Walk on water<br/><br/>Head up to Kaguya. Speak with her again and she will be off. Now, to get to the<br/><br/>northern mansion, head toward the guards and use the new brush/2 lines. After,<br/><br/>you can go pass them. Don't go in yet, instead, go around to the back for a box<br/><br/>with a Lost Jewel and a light circle. There is another light circle, it is at<br/><br/>around the SE.<br/><br/>Walk up a bit and don't enter the center house yet. Check the left and right<br/><br/>houses for boxes. One got a daruma doll, so dot the right eye. Check the back<br/><br/>of the center house for a box then enter the center house. Within, move around<br/><br/>the hallway to the back for a box with a Lost Jewel. Go in and take the lift to<br/><br/>get up. The problem is, you can't pass the magma here. So, no choice but to go<br/><br/>chase after Kaguya.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Sasabe Village<br/><br/>Go in the house and take the lift up. After, go north to the bamboo forest to<br/><br/>find Kaguya. Yet another Hole Digging MiniGame. You will get the Fire Avoiding<br/><br/>Stone Tablet. It's time go back to Seiankyou.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Seiankyou (Nobles' Quarter)<br/><br/>Equip the Divine Accessory, Fire Avoiding Stone Tablet. With that, you can go<br/><br/>pass the magma now. Meet with Himiko at the end and keep talking to her to get<br/><br/>the Key Of Kanmon Fortress. Before anything, there are lots of things you can<br/><br/>do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>In the Ryoushima Plain, speak with Hayate and you can also race him. Same with<br/><br/>Idaten from before, chase after Hayate and Square him. You can race him during<br/><br/>day and night time.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, to the west house. Speak with Hayaemon in<br/><br/>the house and draw on the clothes. Now, to the east of the Commoners' Quarter,<br/><br/>there is a girl drawing on the floor. Give her the Charcoal that you can buy<br/><br/>from the Shop. Now, her 'thought bubble' would hint out on what to draw inside<br/><br/>the clothing store/west house, if you talk to her. First thing is a heart, so<br/><br/>go back to the store and draw a heart. The trick is to draw from the lower left<br/><br/>to the lower right. Something like this:<br/><br/>----G---K----<br/><br/>---F-H-J-L---<br/><br/>--E---I---M--<br/><br/>---D-----N---<br/><br/>----C---O----<br/><br/>-----B-P-----<br/><br/>------A------<br/><br/>(Start from A to B to P and back to A)<br/><br/>If you got it right, she will reward you some Sachidama/Fortune Jade. As for<br/><br/>the next thing, a star. The trick of it is to draw it in one continuous stroke.<br/><br/>That is beyond easy and something you learned from kindergarten. As for the 3rd<br/><br/>thing, it is a 'V', that's V For Vendetta. For the 4th thing, four rings. Make<br/><br/>sure each 1 ring hooks with 2 other rings. Pretty easy & as for the 5th thing,<br/><br/>it is the 'Ama/Ten' kanji. For that, if you don't know kanji, then go get the<br/><br/>basic of the kanji from that girl's thought bubble. Start with the upper line<br/><br/>then the lower one. Make sure the upper one is longer. Next, make a left curve<br/><br/>stroke to the left then the right curve stroke to the right. At the end, you'll<br/><br/>get a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, if you did the event with Sazanka and that<br/><br/>Tsubaki previously, then they will show up near the west house. You can speak<br/><br/>with them, then make a dot near them. This will create a tree. Anyway, you can<br/><br/>not do more at this point. We will get back to this later.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter, the early area with the bridge and the great<br/><br/>lake. To the east of the lake on the Map, there is a box in the water. Cut it<br/><br/>for that Lost Jewel to float up.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter, around the area with the Priest, check for a<br/><br/>box and 2 light circles at night; At NW, there is another light circle; Near a<br/><br/>west house, a light circle and a box, then another box within the house; Now at<br/><br/>the NE, a pond and a light circle near, as well as Benkei where you can play<br/><br/>the Fishing MiniGame; Lastly, look in the water in this Quarter, you can find<br/><br/>about 3 boxes in the water.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, there is a pond at SE. But, you will need<br/><br/>to connect water to that pond then you can create a geyser to get to the house<br/><br/>that's high up in the sky. Check the back of this house for a box. Go in that<br/><br/>house and speak with Abeno. Speak with the guard near the SE pond to hear about<br/><br/>the Pickpocket Hayazou. As you can see, there are altars and torches around, go<br/><br/>connect fire to them or draw the Infinity Symbol to make fire. I don't think it<br/><br/>does anything if you do get all torches. But, do light up the altars. Anyway,<br/><br/>we can't catch Hayazou fight now so we will come back later.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, bomb the cracked wall of the SW house. Get<br/><br/>in and jump around to get all boxes here. One of the boxes is a Sun Fragment;<br/><br/>Behind the west house, another box; At west, during night time, there is also a<br/><br/>light circle behind some house; At west, you can meet with Sakurako & Momotarou<br/><br/>at day time. But at night time, you can meet with Sanda. For Sakurako, buy the<br/><br/>Spice Mix Divine Powder from the Shop then hand it over to her. Now, circle and<br/><br/>revive all the trees within this Quarter, except the ones you can't revive. Go<br/><br/>to Oldman Hanasaka at NE. There is a tree on top of his head. Within his home,<br/><br/>one more tree. After, speak with Oldman Hanasaka and you are to assist him to<br/><br/>perform the Camellia Kagura. Chase after him and wait after he's done with some<br/><br/>gesture, circle the tree to revive it. The key is to follow him and when to do<br/><br/>the circle over the tree. The final tree is the one that's on top of his house.<br/><br/>After, go back to Sakurako and Square that Father. Don't forget to circle and<br/><br/>revive the trees in the Nobles' Quarter.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, there are people by the pier. Create some<br/><br/>leaf on the water near them so they can get on. You can Wind them to a specific<br/><br/>spot: For the person at SW, Wind to an eastern pier; For the one at west, Wind<br/><br/>to the eastern pier that's just behind the Weapon Shop; For the one at NW, Wind<br/><br/>to the SE; For the one at east, Wind to the NW then go in the NW house.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, right house at the northern part, that is<br/><br/>the Wildcat Cafe. Talk to Yamaneko within, hand over the Golden Mushroom that<br/><br/>you obtained in Takamiyadaira. Talk to him again and draw the Infinity Symbol.<br/><br/>You will obtain the Ougi of Crimson, Burst Flame. During night time, enter the<br/><br/>Wildcat Cafe. Speak with Masumi. Cut him and talk to him again to get the Kill<br/><br/>List. During night time at Ryoushima Plain, kill all these enemies that are on<br/><br/>the Kill List. After, back to Masumi to get the Gold Polishing Powder.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>Once you are ready, exit back to the Ryoushima Plain. Take the other path from<br/><br/>the gate, and before the 2 guards, speak with them and you may pass, to get to<br/><br/>the Northern Ryoushima Plain.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Northern Ryoushima Plain<br/><br/>Go on to meet with Ushiwaka. Go on and by the bridge, there is a Mirror if you<br/><br/>need to save your game. Cross the bridge and there is a Merchant. Go north from<br/><br/>the Merchant, to meet with Urashima by the beach. Square him & go to that pier<br/><br/>at night time, then draw a sun in the sky to make it the day time. Now, you can<br/><br/>ride on Shachimaru and control it to go to the eastern island. Get off and go<br/><br/>up on that island. Save your game and go in to the Nekonari Tower.<br/><br/>Within, check around for 3 light circles and a box. This looks like a dead end,<br/><br/>but you can actually jump on the tower and hang on to the wall. Continue to go<br/><br/>jump up, on the way, there are cats where you can use the Fish Bait. Slowly go<br/><br/>make yourself up and look out for any stop with a box. Once you get up to the<br/><br/>top, there is a box and a pond. Anyway, take the stairs up. Look around for one<br/><br/>more box. At the very top, use Fish Bait to the cat. Dots at the spots, then go<br/><br/>a line from the cat statue to north/up. Repeat and go up for a Sun Fragment. Go<br/><br/>all the way down and check around for a cat statue. Above it is a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>Now, if you go back all the way up to the tower, there is a new box showing up<br/><br/>and that's a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>Back to the Northern Ryoushima Plain, head to the west. Use the cat statue to<br/><br/>go up. Toward that Man Of The Tenbou Cape. During night time, just make dots<br/><br/>at the sky to create stars. The Amanaru Gate will appear, head toward it and go<br/><br/>stand at that rock at the end. Go Wind in the sky from left to the right, keep<br/><br/>doing it for few more times. That whirl in the sea leads to the Dragon Palace.<br/><br/>But before you go there, few things to do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>With Shachimaru, head to the nearest island. At night time, 2 light circles and<br/><br/>a box near the tree; The island north of Nekonari Tower, 2 light circles at the<br/><br/>night time; The island further north from the previous one, a box with fire and<br/><br/>a cracked ground. Under there, dead trees and light circles, as well as a Gold<br/><br/>Jousen. Put in 120000 Coins to get the Ougi of Shining Sphere, Style Two.<br/><br/>With Shachimaru, go to the northern island. A light circle at night time. There<br/><br/>is also a normal rock here, which you can just cut it down. Once you do so, you<br/><br/>can go down that hole. There are light circles and dead trees, as well as Gold<br/><br/>Jousen. Put in 60000 Coins to get the Ougi of Issen, Style Two. Get back up and<br/><br/>you can cut the other rock now to reveal a light circle.<br/><br/>At the island to SW, talk to the Fisherman there. If you do have the other Rod<br/><br/>that you can buy in Seiankyou, then he will take it and you can fish. Keep on<br/><br/>fishing till you get to the Marlin. Anyway, on this island, there are about 4<br/><br/>light circles at night time and a box; Near island got a light circle at night<br/><br/>time and a cracked ground where you need to Dig. If you jump in, it leads to a<br/><br/>boss fight which is also similar to the Yellow Spider. Beat it and you will get<br/><br/>a Sun Fragment; Next near island to NW, one light circle at night.<br/><br/>On the Northern Ryoushima Plain, north of the Mirror is the Seacat Cafe. Once<br/><br/>you got the Marlin, come to Seacat Cafe and speak with Umineko. Assist him by<br/><br/>drawing 3 lines. You will get the Ougi of Gale, Dragon Roll.<br/><br/>At the east of the plain, there is a pond with Yoichi from before. There is a<br/><br/>light circle nearby at night time. With Yoichi, as he shoots out the arrow, go<br/><br/>connect the water from the pond to his arrow. That will make a peach at a tree.<br/><br/>Go cut it down.<br/><br/>Also at the east of the plain, there is a Rajou Gate and a cat statue. The cat<br/><br/>statue leads to a cave which got 3 boxes.<br/><br/>At the W/SW of the plain, a light circle at night time near the debris. Another<br/><br/>light circle near the cat statue that leads up to the Tenbou Cape. Up to the<br/><br/>Tenbou Cape, light circle at night time as well.<br/><br/>Around north of the Mirror, there is a light circle at night and cut down one<br/><br/>more rock for another. At the Mirror, draw an 'X' and head to the Rocky Area of<br/><br/>this plain. It leads to 2 light circles and a box. Near the Merchant, there is<br/><br/>another light circle at the paved ground. North from the Merchant, another one<br/><br/>by the beach at night time. Near the east tree(after beating the Rajou Gate),<br/><br/>there is another light circle at night time and there is also a cracked ground<br/><br/>nearby. Dig and go down. It leads to dead tress, light circles and 3 boxes. If<br/><br/>you go check the water near the bridge and Merchant, there are few boxes in the<br/><br/>water. Also, check the beach for clams.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, time to catch the Pickpocket Hayazou. You<br/><br/>might want to fire up the torches and altars at SE & this whole area. At night<br/><br/>time, cut some rock at SE. You will meet with Hayazou. He will make 2 splits &<br/><br/>the weaknesses are hint out within their thought bubbles. They will also have<br/><br/>numbers with them, so just go with that order. You will need to connect water,<br/><br/>fire or even just cut them. It will depend on the weakness the split got. Make<br/><br/>sure the time is always at night time so besure to draw a new/half moon when<br/><br/>you can. He will be stun at the end. Square him and pick up the item. With the<br/><br/>item, go to that Samurai that walks around near the entrance & the Mirror. For<br/><br/>the 2nd time, cut the rock that's just by the SE guard. Similar to last time,<br/><br/>but he's got 3 splits this time. Get the item at the end and take it to that<br/><br/>Momotarou that's at the west during day time. For the 3rd time, cut some rock<br/><br/>at SE again. I cut the same one as the first time. This time, he's got 4 splits<br/><br/>but it isn't too bad. Get the item at the end and go to the Wildcat Cafe. Hand<br/><br/>it over to the Man near the entrance. For the 4th time, same rock as the second<br/><br/>time for me. But, you can't do much yet. We will come back to this later.<br/><br/>Since you have the Issen Style Two and the Wall Feet, there are few things for<br/><br/>you to check out:<br/><br/>- Cat statue at north in Shinshuu Plain. This leads to 5 light circles, 2 Rajou<br/><br/> Gates and 1 box<br/><br/>- Steel Rock near the bridge/wooden log in Agata Forest<br/><br/>- Mountain path near the entrance of Tsutamaki Ruins in Agata Forest. It's just<br/><br/> beyond where the cracked wall was. The Cat statue leads to a light circle<br/><br/>- Steel Rock after the area where you fought with Ushiwaka in Takamiyadaira<br/><br/>- Cat statue in the middle of the lake near the Mirror in Ryoushima Plain. It<br/><br/> leads to a box<br/><br/>- Steel Rock in the cave to the mother tree in Ryoushima Plain<br/><br/>- Steel Rock by the beach in Ryoushima Plain<br/><br/>- Cat statue at the back of the NW house in Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter. Gennai<br/><br/> is at the top room<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Dragon Palace<br/><br/>Within, go up for 3 clams and a Mirror. Save your game and go up to meet those<br/><br/>Guards. Go in. Go check the back of the stairs, bomb that cracked wall. It will<br/><br/>lead to light circles, dead trees and boxes. Now, go up the stairs. One room at<br/><br/>each side, one leads to a box and the other leads to a Shop. Take the lift that<br/><br/>is in the middle. Go up to speak with Princess Oto.<br/><br/>Speak with her few times to get the Shell Charm. Go back down the lift and the<br/><br/>stairs, you can now go through either path. Go to the east of the Map. There're<br/><br/>few clams, a light circle just a bit high up, a cracked ground and a broken red<br/><br/>pillar. For the broken red pillar, you can revive it like any broken bridge. It<br/><br/>leads to a box with a Lost Jewel. As for the cracked ground, dig through it and<br/><br/>another MiniGame. You will have to go all the way up to get that person then go<br/><br/>all the way down with that person. In the end, speak with that person & time to<br/><br/>draw. Make a whirl from the left to the right, from the outside to the inside.<br/><br/>You will get the Ougi of Riverside, Water Flying.<br/><br/>Now, time to go to the west of the Map. Don't jump in yet, check the nearby for<br/><br/>2 clams and 1 more clam at a slightly higher ground. Jump in.<br/><br/>Within the Water Dragon, there are clams around and for some, you need to dig<br/><br/>them up. Move on and lots of platform you can jump on. There are clams around &<br/><br/>besure to go get the Arrow which requires you to jump down. After that, move on<br/><br/>and by the area with the Mirror, there is a clam and a Geyser around. For that<br/><br/>geyser, it leads to a box. Anyway, go on to the Demon Lock. Take the near path<br/><br/>and to the place with all the red blood and acid. There is also a piece of meat<br/><br/>with red drop coming down. Connect the red blood/acid that's on a platform to<br/><br/>that meat. Repeat till you destroy it. Draw a leaf on the water and Wind it to<br/><br/>get back. Use the red blood/acid water to damage that core. That will get you<br/><br/>the Dragon Jade. You will fight lots of Tube Foxes. Defeat them and get the Fox<br/><br/>Tubes. After that, escape out within 3 minutes.<br/><br/>Back in the Dragon Palace, go back to speak with Princess Oto. Go to Ryoushima<br/><br/>Plain, and to the Ankoku Temple. Go after Tsudzurao. Do not worry about that<br/><br/>fake wall, you can go through it. Jump into the well. Go on and you will end up<br/><br/>in the Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter. Go up to meet with Himiko and besure to save<br/><br/>your game before getting to her. Time for a boss battle.<br/><br/>Boss: 99-Tail In Disguise<br/><br/>Keep running around to avoid her attacks. If you got a Mirror as the Back, then<br/><br/>you can press Triangle to shield. Charge up with a Sword and attack her from<br/><br/>time to time. This is quite an easy fight overall.<br/><br/>After, go to the Northern Ryoushima Plain. Go up to the NW cape/Tenbou Cape. Go<br/><br/>toward the rock at the end to meet with Princess Oto. After, go on all the way<br/><br/>to the Oni Island.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Oni Island<br/><br/>Go on and a magma spring. Treat it as any water pond and create a geyser. The<br/><br/>trick is to equip the Fire Avoiding Stone Tablet. Next, a big magma area but<br/><br/>there are rocks for you to stand on. Swim through with the Fire Avoiding Stone<br/><br/>Tablet. Each side leads to a bud where you can Ivy yourself to a box. Get both<br/><br/>boxes if you wish. Also, you can make a geyser at each side. Pick a side and go<br/><br/>up with a geyser. Get to the gate for a fight with Red Oni and Blue Oni. Attack<br/><br/>their backs to damage them.<br/><br/>After, go in and there is a Merchant. Save your game at the Mirror. There is a<br/><br/>Demon Lock to the right and the Arrow is to the left. Pick up the Arrow and go<br/><br/>destroy the Demon Lock. Go on and by the stairs, get the box at the other side.<br/><br/>Go on to meet Hayatobimaru.<br/><br/>First up, step on that switch by Hayatobimaru then go through the nearby door.<br/><br/>Next, step on the switch and carefully jump through to the door. At the back of<br/><br/>the stairs, there is a box. Go on up and there is a cat statue. Continue on and<br/><br/>Hayatobimaru again. Jump through toward the door. Further, make this fast and<br/><br/>jump through toward the door. A box at the end. More with Hayatobimaru, just go<br/><br/>speed up and through openings between the wheels. Another box after. For the<br/><br/>next one, quickly finish off the enemies then go through the door. There's one<br/><br/>more box after.<br/><br/>Next up, a room with lasers. Carefully go through and look for any switch and<br/><br/>box. After, go on for a fight then a Mirror after. Next, a Demon Lock and that<br/><br/>Hayatobimaru again. Speed up and jump through, bomb the cracked wall at the end<br/><br/>to get to the roof. Use the cat statue to the right to get to the Hama Arrow.<br/><br/>With the Arrow, back to the Demon Lock. There is a box on the way. Go through<br/><br/>the door at the end and get near that statue. Draw an arrow for the bow. Next,<br/><br/>dots at spots and connect the lightning from the sky to the pole near the door.<br/><br/>Move on and connect lightning to a pole again. Now, speed up and go through as<br/><br/>it spins. A light circle at the end then go through the door.<br/><br/>Use the lightning at the ceiling to open that box, then bomb the cracked floor<br/><br/>to move on. Go through the scroll and pick up the item. Now, go take the other<br/><br/>path and jump up. At the end, connect the lightning from that item to the pole<br/><br/>by the door. Further, there are 3 doors. Not really confusing, but you can get<br/><br/>lots of boxes here. Go through all of them if you wish. At the end, you'll need<br/><br/>to bomb a cracked wall. You will be back to the early area. Use the lightning<br/><br/>to open the near door for a box. Go back to the area with the Merchant and the<br/><br/>Mirror. Get near that altar to insert the key. Use the lightning from the key <br/><br/>to open the 2 boxes. Move on for 2 more boxes. Now, connect the lightning from<br/><br/>the ceiling to the sword of that statue. Go on and the alarm will go out. Cut<br/><br/>all 5 eyes to set it off.<br/><br/>Next, go on to the left and connect the lightning to the pole. Move up and use<br/><br/>the cat statue to get up further. At the end, if some fence is blocking you, go<br/><br/>cut it off. At the end, pick up the key. Above the key, Ivy yourself up and it<br/><br/>leads to a box. From where you get the key, you can also jump up to the left &<br/><br/>it leads to another box. With the key, head right from the cat statue. Insert<br/><br/>the key and move up. At the circular lift, use the openings to jump up.<br/><br/>Next area, save your game at the Mirror. Nearby is the key and a box. As for<br/><br/>the Laser Samurai here, lightning them. Get up to the 2nd floor and jump up to<br/><br/>the end. Drop the key with Triangle then get the box and pick up the Hama Arrow<br/><br/>that's nearby. Bomb the cracked wall behind the scroll. You will be just by the<br/><br/>Demon Lock, so use the Arrow. Go on and it's Hayatobimaru again. Speed up and<br/><br/>use the 2 lines to slow down the spider, and watch out for the traps. Move on<br/><br/>to fight the Blue Oni and Red Oni again. Same as before, attack their backs.<br/><br/>After, go on and use the cat statue to get up. Check the two sides, each got a<br/><br/>box and a box got a spider near. Go on and a stone wall. Square it and remember<br/><br/>the weak points. After, dots on the weak points. Next, Hayatobimaru yet again.<br/><br/>Bomb the cracked wall first, then press the switch to race him. Now, Ivy to the<br/><br/>bud and you will be just by the door. Go through the door and move on after. Do<br/><br/>save your game at the Mirror. Go up, make dots at spots and a boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: 9-Tail<br/><br/>Circle around it to avoid attacks. First goal is to burn out those tails. You<br/><br/>can connect fire from the torches or draw the Infinity Symbol. Make sure you do<br/><br/>the drawing fast since 9-Tail CAN draw as well. Once you got those tails, the<br/><br/>sword will be exposed. Connect Lightning to it and it will split up. Now, take<br/><br/>them out fast. I will recommend some items here, the Charm Of Revenge and the<br/><br/>Hama Charm. Once it's down to one tail, equip the Chigaeshi Jade as the Back.<br/><br/>That way, you can shoot with Triangle. Continue to shoot it and when the sword<br/><br/>is exposed, Lightning it. Just watch out when it rushes.<br/><br/>After, you will get the Divine Weapon, Kusanagi Sword. The game will prompt you<br/><br/>to save your game. Do so and afterward, don't forget to power up Kusanagi Sword<br/><br/>with a Gold Polishing Powder.<br/><br/>Now, to the Shinshuu Plain. To the northern part with the cat statue. Go on to<br/><br/>a structure. Connect Lightning to the sword. You can go in from the back to get<br/><br/>to Kamui. Before heading to Kamui, few things you can do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>In the Shinshuu Plain, you can race with Idaten one more time. Win him to get<br/><br/>the Mechanical Gear. Go to the cat statue at the back of the NW house in the<br/><br/>Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter. Get to the top and talk to Gennai. Give him the Gear<br/><br/>and talk to him again. Look at the board, see those 4 gears? In between, there<br/><br/>are lines which make the Thunder Symbol. Draw the Thunder Symbol and you will<br/><br/>get the Ougi of Thunderclap, Lightning. Use Lightning at the near box, it is a<br/><br/>Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>At the most north of Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter(which is behind Himiko's Shrine)<br/><br/>where you can find a pond and 4 stone poles nearby. Connect the water to those<br/><br/>4 stone poles. You will get the Ougi of Riverside, Welcome Rain. Go to the west<br/><br/>of the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter. Speak with Sazanka and make a dot nearby<br/><br/>to make a tree, then make 2 lines to make the Welcome Rain. Speak with Tsubaki<br/><br/>at the end to get a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, time to more on the Pickpocket Hayazou. Go<br/><br/>cut some rock at SE and this time, he will make 5 splits. Same as before, but<br/><br/>if you need Lightning, then use Sanda which is to the W of Commoners' Quarter.<br/><br/>With the item at the end, use the geyser at SE to get back up to the house high<br/><br/>up in the air. Speak with Abeno and you will get a Lost Jewel at the end if you<br/><br/>talk to him again.<br/><br/>In the Ryoushima Plain, you can race with Hayate one more time. Win him and you<br/><br/>will get a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>Go to Treasure Emperor in the Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter. He now offers one new<br/><br/>Divine Accessory, Drainage Stone Tablet which requires 100 Demon Fangs. Go back<br/><br/>to the Station. Equip the Drainage Stone Tablet and jump down to the water. You<br/><br/>can walk and run on the water, so go against the current. You will get to one<br/><br/>small island at the end with a dead tree and 2 light circles at night time. One<br/><br/>of them is a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>In the Dragon Palace, take the lift to get back to Prince Oto and talk to her<br/><br/>few times to get a Lost Jewel. Go back down to Floor 1, go to the west of the<br/><br/>Map. This was the entrance to the Water Dragon. Circle it till you purify it.<br/><br/>This will reveal the box that contains the Treasure Box.<br/><br/>With the Treasure Box, to the Northern Ryoushima Plain. Speak with Urashima few<br/><br/>time and hand over the Treasure Box. He will turn back to Oldman Urashima and<br/><br/>you will get a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>In the Northern Ryoushima Plain, get on Shachimaru and to the middle island at<br/><br/>the west. Go down and there should be Rajou Gate. This is like the one in the<br/><br/>Ryoushima Plain from before, you need to keep fighting Rajou Gates here without<br/><br/>going back up. After going through about lots of them consecutively, you'll get<br/><br/>the box with a Lost Jewel. However, this is real hard if you don't have enough<br/><br/>healing items.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kamui<br/><br/>Go on and a fight near the house. Go in the house & exit out to fight Okikurmi.<br/><br/>After, go on to see that Yoichi again. As he shoots out the arrow, go connect<br/><br/>Lightning to his arrow then circle the tree. Kamui will be back to normal. If<br/><br/>you go all the way to north of the Map, you will be in Uepeker. But, before you<br/><br/>go there, few things to do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>At SE, 2 light circles at night time. That Kokari and Umetarou are also around.<br/><br/>You can play the Fishing MiniGame if you wish. As for that ice box, just melt<br/><br/>it with fire. There is also the Doujou nearby if you want to learn new skills.<br/><br/>Near the middle of the Map, a steel rock with a light circle, a Merchant nearby<br/><br/>and a frozen lake. In the middle of the frozen lake, a light circle & a cracked<br/><br/>ground where you can dig through. It leads to dead trees, light circles and one<br/><br/>of those walls. Square it and dots at the spots. This can be real hard though.<br/><br/>It leads to an Antique, Gold Polishing Powder and a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>Near the mother tree, there is a bud in the air so you can Ivy yourself up. Go<br/><br/>get that light circle at night time and there is also a cracked wall. Bomb the<br/><br/>wall and go make 2 bombs at the next cracked ground. It leads to dead trees and<br/><br/>more light circles, as well as a Gold Jousen. Put in 300000 Coins to obtain the<br/><br/>Ougi of Shining Sphere, Style Three.<br/><br/>Near the Merchant, there is a Rajou Gate. Defeat it and the pond will appear.<br/><br/>Near the pond, there are 2 light circles but it's somewhat hard to see. Go on &<br/><br/>near the bridge, there is another Rajou Gate. There is also a house nearby and<br/><br/>speak with O Uware Iw Ne Kur within to get the Demon Book. At night time, move<br/><br/>around Kamui and defeat all the enemies on the list. Back to O Uware Iw Ne Kur<br/><br/>to get a Gold Polishing Powder.<br/><br/>Not too far from O Uware Iw Ne Kur's House, there is a cave which leads to lots<br/><br/>of boxes. Near the bridge, there is a steel rock with another light circle. Go<br/><br/>check nearby for 2 more light circles at night time. Look around here and you<br/><br/>can see there are some ice platform you can jump onto for more box.<br/><br/>Go on to the north and from the main road, jump off to the side to find a light<br/><br/>circle, a box and a cracked wall. After the cracked wall, a cracked ground and<br/><br/>it leads to another fight that's similar to the Yellow Spider. Beat it to get a<br/><br/>Sun Fragment.<br/><br/>In Shinshuu Plain, back to Tamaya's House. Show him the Style Two/2 Bombs and<br/><br/>the Style Three/3 Bombs. He will give you a Lost Jewel at the end.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Uepeker<br/><br/>Go up to the north till you meet with Samaykur. After, attempt to exit out the<br/><br/>village to meet with Kaipoku. Speak with her again & repeat for few more times.<br/><br/>Exit out and get back to Samaykur. Go enter the house to meet with Kemushir. Do<br/><br/>Square him and speak with him few times. Exit out & you can take the near path<br/><br/>to the Ezo Fuji Mountain Base. Before that, few things to do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>At the entrance area with the Mirror, a light circle at the middle and more of<br/><br/>them by nearby houses. There is also a Merchant around. You can buy 2 more Gold<br/><br/>Polishing Powder and the Makarugaeshi Jade. Besure to power that up. You can<br/><br/>also speak with Kaipoku near the entrance.<br/><br/>There are 2 paths to go up from the entrance area. One leads to 2 light circles<br/><br/>at night time then take the one near the Merchant. Don't go on up yet, take the<br/><br/>other narrow path to a house, a light circle and a box.<br/><br/>Now go on up and on the way, enter a snow playground. There are boxes around so<br/><br/>use fire to melt them. There is also a light circle at night time. Near that<br/><br/>kid, there is a snowball. Roll it around the snow pieces you see. Once it's big<br/><br/>enough, roll it back to the kid.<br/><br/>Go on up and another light circle near a house. Check the back of the house for<br/><br/>another one. If you jump down nearby by, you will see another box under that<br/><br/>small bridge. It's another Sun Fragment.<br/><br/>At the top house, nearby is another light circle at night time.<br/><br/>Go into the Ezo Fuji Mountain Base then come back to Uepeker. Make an X at the<br/><br/>Mirror and you can teleport to the Rocky Area of Ezo Fuji Mountain Base. This<br/><br/>leads to 3 boxes.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kamui (Ezo Fuji Mountain Base)<br/><br/>Go on and to a house by the gate to meet with Tuskur. Speak with her few times<br/><br/>to get the Sewapororo. Now, to move on, you are to get back to Kamui then head<br/><br/>toward the NE of the Map which leads to Yoshipetai. But before that, few things<br/><br/>you can do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>There is a box at the entrance of the Ezo Fuji Mountain Base. Around the east<br/><br/>of the Map, look up the sky for few buds. They lead to ice & fire box, as well<br/><br/>another light circle.<br/><br/>Near the gate and the house, more flower bud. Jump down to 3 light circles at<br/><br/>night time. Look up for more flower bud. Get up and jump to another box which<br/><br/>contains a Sun Fragment. Go on to 2 more light circles.<br/><br/>Go to the west of the Map which is the trail to the house and the gate. Well,<br/><br/>while you are on the trail and around the west of the Map, look down and you<br/><br/>should see some rock you can jump onto. Cut the Steel Rock to go down. It leads<br/><br/>to more dead trees, light circles and a Gold Jousen. Put in 360000 Coins & you<br/><br/>will get the Ougi of Issen, Style Three. Get back up and cut the Diamond Rock<br/><br/>that's near for a light circle.<br/><br/>Since you have the Issen Style Three now, let's get back to few Diamond Rocks:<br/><br/>- In Agata Forest, by the Mirror and Bokusen's House<br/><br/>- In Ryoushima Plain, just by the gate to Northern Ryoushima Plain<br/><br/>- In Northern Ryoushima Plain, get on Shachimaru and to the eastern island<br/><br/>- In Kamui, the cave at north part of the Map<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Yoshipetai<br/><br/>Go on to meet with Ushiwaka. Go on after to meet with Kaipoku. Follow her and<br/><br/>don't worry about anything right now. Continue on to follow her to go through<br/><br/>few maps. At the end, you will be by Pon Kotan.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Pon Kotan<br/><br/>Check the tree at the middle. Go to the inside. Go up to the big mushroom and<br/><br/>to the east of the Map. Miyabi is in the near house. Talk to her few times and<br/><br/>go to the house at northern part of the Map. If the guards won't let you in, go<br/><br/>draw 2 lines to slow them then go in to meet with Issak. Talk to him few times<br/><br/>and go exit out the village. Afterward, you may go north to the Island. But you<br/><br/>can do few things before that:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>Take some time to go through the 3 Maps of Yoshipetai. Most boxes are pretty<br/><br/>obvious on the field. At the end of each map, there is an arrow sign that shows<br/><br/>the correct path. If you take the opposite paths, they lead to boxes. For the<br/><br/>3rd map, you will need to dig the box up at the end of the opposite path.<br/><br/>By Pon Kotan, just 2 dead trees. Within Pon Kotan, about NE of the Mirror, spot<br/><br/>the flower bud and Ivy yourself to there to a box. A bit north of the Mirror,<br/><br/>look up for another flower bud. Ivy up to a box that contains a Lost Jewel. Do<br/><br/>look around for another flower bud around. Ivy there & check around for a box.<br/><br/>Jump to go up and on the way, look for a house in house with a bud. Ivy there<br/><br/>and go in to meet with Granny Ikkan. But, you need 99999 Coins to make a Seal.<br/><br/>Forget it for now.<br/><br/>At east, there are a box and a light circle. Go around up the east house and go<br/><br/>jump on the big mushroom for a light circle.<br/><br/>Go to the northern part. Check around for flower buds and Ivy yourself through<br/><br/>to get to few boxes. You will end up at the western part. Around the NW, there<br/><br/>are few boxes and the Item Shop. Within the Item Shop, you can buy the Yatsuka<br/><br/>Sword. Besure to power it up with some Gold Polishing Powder.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Yoshipetai Inland<br/><br/>It's similar to the last time. You still have a time limit here and boxes lay<br/><br/>out on the field. First area, all the boxes are obvious. At the end, besure to<br/><br/>take the opposite path from the arrow sign to another box. Second area, nothing<br/><br/>tricky here and at the end, take the opposite path from the arrow sign to one<br/><br/>more box. Third area, go on to an area where you will need to jump and hang on<br/><br/>to the wall. Pick the right side because it's got a box on the way. At the end,<br/><br/>take the opposite path from the arrow sign. Dig up that box at the end. It is a<br/><br/>Sun Fragment. As for the last area, save your game and toward the door.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Kamiki Village (Hundred Years Ago)<br/><br/>Go up to meet with Syakuya. If you go on and go back without going through the<br/><br/>gate, you can meet with some sisters. Moving on, if you go up to the altar, you<br/><br/>can circle few dead trees and an oldman at the end.<br/><br/>Move on to the village & circle the dead trees on the way. Within the village,<br/><br/>check with the villagers if you wish. You can dig up those radishes & by that<br/><br/>river, jump on to some trail for a light circle. Check the back of the first<br/><br/>house then dig up that box.<br/><br/>Now look into the river for about 3 boxes. At NE part of the Map, those 2 small<br/><br/>islands. There are a light circle and a box where you need to dig. By the exit<br/><br/>of the town, there is a Merchant. You can buy the Hetsu Mirror and besure to do<br/><br/>a power up on it.<br/><br/>Anyway, toward the man that's sleeping on the floor. Square him & you will end<br/><br/>up fighting Izanagi. Use a Sword to attack and a Mirror to shield yourself. By<br/><br/>the waterfall, Izanami is taking a shower. WALK and pick up the costume. Now,<br/><br/>go back to Izanagi. When you are dragging him on the back, head out to Shinshuu<br/><br/>Plain.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Shinshuu Plain (Hundred Years Ago)<br/><br/>Dead trees on the way. Go on for a quick fight. Time to explore around first.<br/><br/>For the place with the 4 stone poles, a light circle in the middle. Not too far<br/><br/>from here, a Steel Rock. Nearby, a gate and go through it for a box. From the<br/><br/>gate, check nearby main road for another light circle.<br/><br/>Go on up for another Steel Rock on the way. A box and a pond near. Further from<br/><br/>the pond, another light circle. Go on and another light circle. Further, there<br/><br/>is one more Steel Rock and a light circle not too far away.<br/><br/>Time to go down and as for the 2 sides, the left got a light circle and for the<br/><br/>right, 2 dead trees and a box. Go to the shrine once you are ready.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Izayoi Shrine (Hundred Years Ago)<br/><br/>Go on and save your game at the Mirror. One more fight on the way then go into<br/><br/>the shrine. Within, go on up and get the wine. At the end, a boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: True Yamata No Orochi<br/><br/>Rather similar to the last fight. Pick about 3 heads to start this and I prefer<br/><br/>Fire, Poison and Wind. Start with Fire, Poison or Wind, up to you. If they make<br/><br/>an attack, cancel it by creating Wind. When they scream, connect the wine just<br/><br/>in front to the mouth of that head. Repeat till you stun them. Now, you can go<br/><br/>climb up to that bell and attack it till you take it out. Once you take out the<br/><br/>bell, it's easier now since they are weaker. Now, stun each head and attack to<br/><br/>take each head out.<br/><br/>After, draw a new/half moon in the sky & assist Izanagi to take out each head.<br/><br/>At the end, you will get the Divine Weapon, Ama No Murakumo Sword. Besure to go<br/><br/>power the sword up if you have some Gold Polishing Powder.<br/><br/>Now, go back all the way to the Ezo Fuji Mountain Base. Head up toward the gate<br/><br/>and go in.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Irwak Shrine<br/><br/>Head up and there will be canons firing at you. Use the 2 lines to slow them<br/><br/>down and avoid the bullets. If you cut the bullets back to them, that will get<br/><br/>you 2 boxes if you take out both. Go on to a Demon Lock. Take the near path and<br/><br/>melt the ice. Go on to the next room. Melt the 2 ice on the scales. For the big<br/><br/>bonsai here, cut it to turn it to a small one. Now, you have 3 small ones. Get<br/><br/>the 3 bonsai to the right side of the scales. Now, pick a bonsai and circle it<br/><br/>to turn it to a big bonsai.<br/><br/>Now, use the Wind to move the ice ball to the switch. Go get the Hama Arrow and<br/><br/>there is also a box near. Go back to the Demon Lock and melt the ice. Create a<br/><br/>geyser to go up. Go around and look up to see a cat statue. Use it to get up.<br/><br/>Move and don't worry about the wheel first. Check the other side and take out<br/><br/>the canon. Draw 2 lines to slow down the wheel then cross. Go on for more wheel<br/><br/>and canon. Step on the switch at the end. If you drop down from the 1st wheel,<br/><br/>it actually leads to a box and a cracked wall. Anyway, go on & save your game.<br/><br/>Go in the near room with the gears. Draw 2 lines to slow them down then you can<br/><br/>cross. If you look up the gears, you can actually jump up to a box. Go on and<br/><br/>melt the ice box. Further, a light circle. Slow down the spiders to move on. Go<br/><br/>jump down for a fight then bomb a cracked wall. Create some Wind to clear out<br/><br/>the leaves to see the whole picture. Back track and go melt the left lever of<br/><br/>the mechanism. Now, here is how it works: The eye of each needs to be at the<br/><br/>specific direction. Most Left one faces up, middle faces right & the right most<br/><br/>faces the left. Since they spin so far, draw 2 lines to slow them down and when<br/><br/>you get the timing right, cut the lever to stop each one.<br/><br/>After, dots at spots and this is the last brush. You will also get the Divine<br/><br/>Weapon, Yata Mirror. Power it up if you have any Gold Polishing Powder. For the<br/><br/>testing, connect ice to the fire on the spider. For the Ougi of Snow Storm, go<br/><br/>make an 'X' then a line in between the 'X', either vertically or horizontally.<br/><br/>Back track to those 3 spiders. For the middle one, Ice it while it's in air. Do<br/><br/>jump up and this leads to a box that contains a Lost Jewel. Go back to the area<br/><br/>with the Mirror and a spider. Use it to get up and repeat for the next one. It<br/><br/>gets you to a box that contains a Lost Jewel. Next, melt the ice to reveal the<br/><br/>flower bud. Ivy across and use the cat statue to get up. Now ice the spiders to<br/><br/>get up. Go through the door at the end to a gear room. Slow them down and get<br/><br/>across. On the way, there is a box with the Irwak Shrine Map. Go on & melt the<br/><br/>ice by the door.<br/><br/>Jump through the wheels and for the fire wheel, slow it down then ice it. Move<br/><br/>on and to get to the other side, connect the ice from the other side to you, so<br/><br/>make a straight line. Go on and repeat. There is also a light circle. Go on and<br/><br/>pass the trees, to a fire room. Use Wind to blow the fire away, then slow down<br/><br/>and cut to take out the canon.<br/><br/>Next, ice glasses, icicle in air and a canon. Cut the icicle to get them down<br/><br/>first. Slow down and move across. Besure to cut the bullet back to take out the<br/><br/>canon. Go on and melt the ice boxes. Save your game. Time for a boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: Kotanechik<br/><br/>Pretty each fight since you have a helper here. Deflect his attacks back and<br/><br/>when he's stun, go attack him.<br/><br/>After, pick up the item and talk to Okikurmi. Go save your game and take that<br/><br/>door near the spider. Use the 4 canons to fire at the other side. Connect ice<br/><br/>from the other ice and cross. Slow down and deflect the bullet back. Once that<br/><br/>seal is gone, you can safely across. There is a light circle nearby. Melt those<br/><br/>snow at the left to reveal the snow sphere. Wind it to the inside. Connect the<br/><br/>ice from the snow sphere to freeze the gears. Get to one side to spot a cracked<br/><br/>floor. Bomb it and pick up the Hama Arrow. Get to the other side to destroy the<br/><br/>Demon Lock. There are 2 ice boxes, a Merchant and a Mirror. Go toward Okikurmi<br/><br/>for a boss fight.<br/><br/>Boss: Twin Devils<br/><br/>Okikurmi will be the helper in this fight. Mostly avoid their attacks and any-<br/><br/>thing you can deflect back, do deflect them. Once they are stun, go attack. If<br/><br/>one becomes gray, you can use cut/Issen. If one spins around, keep using R2 to<br/><br/>avoid. If they have flower bud, then you can circle them for some healings. If<br/><br/>one got the sword out, connect Lightning to the sword. If this is too fast for<br/><br/>you, slow down the battle by drawing 2 lines. If one is stun, and when you are<br/><br/>close to Okikurmi, you can press Triangle for an arrow attack. Once one is down<br/><br/>on the floor, give it your best attacks. If there is a bomb out, connect fire<br/><br/>to it to set it off. This can also stun the enemy.<br/><br/>After, you will get a Sun Fragment. The game will prompt you to save the game,<br/><br/>do so. At Ezo Fuji Mountain Base, save your game. Before you go up to the Ark,<br/><br/>here are the last few things to do:<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>~Sub Events<br/><br/>In the Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter, the Weapon Shop offers the Yasakani Jade.<br/><br/>In Shinshuu Plain, speak with the Nameless Man. Finally, he gives you the last<br/><br/>item. Take it to where the Izayoi Shrine was. There is a statue there. Back to<br/><br/>the Nameless Man for a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>In the Kazejin Palace, from the first pond area, go right to Fuse and the Dogs.<br/><br/>You will fight these Dogs, the Kusanagi Five. Beat them for a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>In Pon Kotan, to the northern house. Speak with Issak for a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>In Yoshipetai, speak with Kaipoku by the entrance and you have race her. Win<br/><br/>her to get a Lost Jewel.<br/><br/>In Kamui, northern part of the Map, jump down and through a cracked wall to a<br/><br/>cracked floor with a spider boss. Go back there and there should be Rajou Gate<br/><br/>within. Like the ones before, continue to clear them out without going up. You<br/><br/>will get a Lost Jewel at the end.<br/><br/>MAKE SURE you did everything you wish to do before going to the Ark Yamato. You<br/><br/>won't be able to return once you are in Ark Yamato.<br/><br/>-----------<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Ark Yamato<br/><br/>Nearby, there is the Merchant Malko. You can buy Weapon/Item and Trade in Demon<br/><br/>Fangs for other stuff. He offers the last 2 Gold Polishing Powder in the game.<br/><br/>Anyway, there are 5 paths and a Mirror. Each path leads to a boss from before,<br/><br/>so you have to fight them all. Once you took all 5 of them out, save your game<br/><br/>and head to the central altar for the final battles.<br/><br/>Final Boss: King Of Everlasting Darkness<br/><br/>You don't have any brush to begin with. Keep attacking it to get the Picture<br/><br/>Dragon brush back. Go on to get Issen/One Flash back. Issen it when it's stun.<br/><br/>Repeat and get the Cherry Blossom brush back. Circle it & reduce all its life.<br/><br/>It will be on fire. Avoid and then attack it when it's got no fire. You will<br/><br/>get the Shining Sphere brush back. Bomb it and keep on reducing its life. You<br/><br/>will get back the Riverside brush back. When it's on fire, connect water to it<br/><br/>to stun it. Bomb and reduce more life. You will get the Moonlight brush back.<br/><br/>Draw a new/half moon in the sky then reduce all its life.<br/><br/>It will turn to a slot machine. Use Issen to stop each one. Get the same sphere<br/><br/>ones for all & you will get back the Gale brush. Use it to blow away the fire.<br/><br/>Do Issen to get the same sphere ones again to get back the Crimson brush. Go<br/><br/>connect fire around to melt the ice. Issen to get the same sphere ones again to<br/><br/>get Misty Stealth brush back. Now, you can slow down the slot machine. Issen to<br/><br/>get the same sphere ones yet again and reduce its life. When it's got the feet<br/><br/>and arms, attack the core and you will get back the Wall Feet. As you can see,<br/><br/>there are 2 poles you can jump on to get to boxes. Keep on attacking to get the<br/><br/>Thunderclap brush back. When it's got the 2 swords up, connect Lightning to the<br/><br/>swords. Go on and keep attacking to get back the Snow Storm brush. Go on and<br/><br/>reduce all its life to end this battle.<br/><br/>Second part, draw a sun in the sky. Attack the core and when the hand gets the<br/><br/>core back, go on and try to attack the core in the hand. If it uses laser from<br/><br/>high above, you can Issen the top to stop it. If it's grey, then you can Issen<br/><br/>it as well. Repeat till you beat it.<br/><br/>That's it, you have beaten the game. Sit back and enjoy the ending.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>~Clear Bonus<br/><br/>At the end, you will get the results:<br/><br/>- Play Time<br/><br/>- # Of Days Passed<br/><br/>- # Of Times You Saved<br/><br/>- # Of Deaths<br/><br/>- # Of Demons Hunted<br/><br/>- Amount Of Money Acquired<br/><br/>- # Of Demon Fangs Acquired<br/><br/>- # Of Sachidama/Fortune Jades Acquired<br/><br/>As for what you can unlock, here's the list:<br/><br/>- Gift From Issun, Clear The Game Once<br/><br/> - The Ookami Tradition Scrolls<br/><br/> - The Ookami Music<br/><br/> - The Footage Box<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 1, Clear The Game Once<br/><br/> - Dog Of Virtue<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 2, Clear The Game Once<br/><br/> - Dog Of Wisdom<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 3, 'God' Rating For # Of Deaths<br/><br/> - Powerless Amaterasu<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 4, 'God' Rating For # Of Demons Hunted<br/><br/> - Dog Of Faith<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 5, 'God' Rating For Amount Of Money Acquired<br/><br/> - Dog Of Courtesy<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 6, 'God' Rating For # Of Demon Fangs Acquired<br/><br/> - Dog Of Brotherhood<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 7, 'God' Rating For # Of Sachidama/Fortune Jades Acquired<br/><br/> - Shiranui<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 8, 'God' Rating For # Of Sachidama/Fortune Jades Acquired<br/><br/> - Shiranui Statue<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Change 9, 'God' Rating For # Of Sachidama/Fortune Jades Acquired<br/><br/> - Presentation Amaterasu<br/><br/>- Art Of Body Return, Clear The Game Once<br/><br/> - Amaterasu<br/><br/>- Lost Jewel, Clear The Game Once<br/><br/> - 100th/Last Lost Jewel<br/><br/>- Vainglorious Rosary, Obtain All/100 Lost Jewels<br/><br/> - Infinite Vessel/Life, Ink Gourd and Tenfold Attack Power<br/><br/>- In-House Presentation A, Above 31 Hours Play Time<br/><br/> - Footage In The Footage Box/Gift From Issun<br/><br/>- In-House Presentation B, Above 31 Hours Play Time<br/><br/> - Footage In The Footage Box/Gift From Issun<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>&lt;Credits><br/><br/>- Me<br/><br/>- CJayC<br/><br/>- Clover Studio<br/><br/>- Capcom<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>&lt;Legal Words><br/><br/>This document is copyrighted by Ken Zhao/Kouli. All Rights Reserved. It is for<br/><br/>private and personal use only. It can not be reprinted, reproduced in parts or<br/><br/>in its entirety in any form or shape. Since it is intended to be free, you can<br/><br/>not sell it, you can not give it away as prize, bonus or promotion. It can not<br/><br/>be used for profitable, commercial or promotional purposes. Further, this FAQ<br/><br/>can not be altered, referenced or distributed by any individual, web site,<br/><br/>organization, group, company, magazine, strategy guide author without my<br/><br/>absolute permission. This is protected by International Copyright Law, break<br/><br/>or violate any of these rules may resulted in severe civil and criminal<br/><br/>penalties.<br/><br/>Lastly, this document along with my other ones CAN NEVER EVER be posted on this<br/><br/>site:<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>&lt;Help Stop FAQ Theft><br/><br/>Check Out Michael Sarich's FAQ Theft="20885654<br/"><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>&#169;2012-06-21, IGN Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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