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Final Boss FAQ (PS2)

Also available for : PS3

OkamixAmeratsu ( on Saturday, February 3, 2007 <br/><br/>at 09:03:09<br/><br/>---------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>system: PS2<br/><br/>game_title: Okami<br/><br/>gob_ID: 678618<br/><br/>code_title: How to Beat the Final Stage with Ease<br/><br/>message: Okay, this is my little hint for when you arrive on the Ark of Yamoto.<br/><br/>What you do is go in it of coarse,<br/><br/>by lots of the Holy Bones from the<br/><br/>Celestial Merchant.<br/><br/>Make sure to buy the ones that heal you for 10.<br/><br/>And buy 10 Inkfinite Stones.<br/><br/>^^MAKE SURE TO HAVE THE THUNDER SWORD IN THE FIRST SLOT AND THE FAT-LOOKING or <br/><br/>NINETAILS SWORD IN THE SECOND!!!^^ ^^^And when you fight them, hold down <br/><br/>Square. Then release for an awsome attack^^^<br/><br/>Now, go fight the bosses in this order:<br/><br/>1- Spider Queen (somewhat harder)<br/><br/>2- Orochi (easier, when they leech out for you, run towards you the player but <br/><br/>on the screen, then they'll roar, put the Sake in its mouth)<br/><br/>3- Blight (easier, when he stops to power then blast, jump up. When he makes <br/><br/>the faint smoke with the swirling swords, draw the 'slow time' so you can wack <br/><br/>the blue sword away)<br/><br/>4- Crimson Helm (make sure you have your Cherry Bombs ready!)<br/><br/>5- Ninetails (In the middle for toughness, the heads of his tails are the <br/><br/>hardest, so use Cherry Bombs on them!)<br/><br/>6- Yami: The Dark Lord<br/><br/>*the numbers beside the ( ) are which boss type to fight against when you get <br/><br/>to it* **Don't kill me if I have the forms mixed up, I at least know what to <br/><br/>do!**<br/><br/>1(When you fight his first form, I know you want to sue the makers of Okami, <br/><br/>but you gotta do what ya gotta do.<br/><br/>So, don't let him land a pounder on you, but run away until he stops then wack <br/><br/>him, you'll get a power back. Watch out for the laser.) 2(He'll change forms. <br/><br/>Still, when he fires anything at you, draw a slash through the fired items and <br/><br/>they'll hit him back. Now, here's your chance to hit him good.) 3(He will <br/><br/>change into a slot machine later, then all you have to do is wait, draw a <br/><br/>slash straight through the machine and wait. Member, if it fires anything, let <br/><br/>it go back to him.) 4(Big armor freak? With squiggly arms? Well, hopefully <br/><br/>you'll get the catwalk soon, wait until the missiles fire, make them go back <br/><br/>to him. He'll show his sensitive spot, whack him!) 5(The big hand? Show some <br/><br/>morning spirit! Let him know you're there! He hates it though, but all I have <br/><br/>to say is... KILL HIM!)<br/><br/>Thanks for reading!<br/><br/>&#169;2012-06-21, IGN Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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