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Stray Beads List (PS2)

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===============================================================================<br/><br/> OKAMI<br/><br/> STRAY BEADS LIST<br/><br/> Written and maintained by SubSane<br/><br/> Last updated February 26,="<br/"><br/>#1 Found in a chest behind a tree to the right of the first bridge at Cave<br/><br/> of Nagi.<br/><br/>#2 Found on the lower rafter of the sacred deck in Kamiki Village. Jump up<br/><br/> using the rock and open it with Power Slash.<br/><br/>#3 At night in Kamiki Village, swim out to the eastern island and dig up the<br/><br/> bright spot to get the bead.<br/><br/>#4 Use Vine to get to the flower bud on the left side of the waterfall in<br/><br/> Kamiki Village, then use Vine again to reach the flower bud to the right<br/><br/> of the waterfall. Run behind the rocks to find the chest.<br/><br/>#5 Down on the beach near the Moon Cave entrance. Look to the left of the<br/><br/> path to see some cursed trees. Look for the corner of a chest sticking out<br/><br/> of the ground between the trees.<br/><br/>#6 Walk around behind the dojo in Shinshu Field at night to find a bright<br/><br/> digging spot that contains the chest.<br/><br/>#7 Wait until night in Shinshu Field, then go to the Guardian Sapling and turn<br/><br/> south. You'll see a bright digging spot up on a ridge between two tufts of<br/><br/> grass. Dig it up to find the Stray Bead.<br/><br/>#8 Run to the northern corner of the Shinshu Field, right in the middle. Look<br/><br/> for some long grass and a corner of a chest poking out of the ground.<br/><br/>#9 After running through the required quest with Tama the pyrotechnist, return<br/><br/> when you get Cherry Bomb 3. Create 3 Cherry Bombs in his house to get Praise<br/><br/> and a Stray Bead. If you've done the double cherry bomb in his house, you<br/><br/> need to leave and come back to find him lying down, before he'll acknowledge<br/><br/> the Cherry Bomb 3.<br/><br/>#10 Offer all five of Nameless Man's vases to the statues in Shinshu Field.<br/><br/> You won't be able to get the last one until after you complete Wawku<br/><br/> Shrine.<br/><br/>#11 Located in Hana Valley. At night, run up the path past the campfire and<br/><br/> cave. You'll see a bright spot just past the cave on the left side.<br/><br/>#12 Found in a chest inside Madame Fawn's house, at Agata Forest.<br/><br/>#13 Found behind someone's house in the south part of Agata Forest. Look for<br/><br/> a yellow corner sticking out of the sand near the edge.<br/><br/>#14 There is a ledge right next to the entrance to Tsuta Ruins in Agata Forest.<br/><br/> On this ledge you'll find a crack in the wall and a bright spot when you<br/><br/> visit at night. Dig up the bright spot to find the bead.<br/><br/>#15 Use Vine to reach a flower bud on a tree on the south-west island in<br/><br/> Agata Forest.<br/><br/>#16 Use Vine to reach the flower bud above the tree in Hitoshio Spring, in<br/><br/> Agata Forest. Use Water Lily to set a platform and bust open the chest<br/><br/> up there to get the bead.<br/><br/>#17 Inside one of the flame chests next to Madame Fawn's hut at Agata Forest.<br/><br/> Use Galestorm to get rid of the fire.<br/><br/>#18 In Tsuta Ruins, after running across the falling bridge in the statue<br/><br/> chamber on floor 2F. Once you reach the locked door, turn to the right<br/><br/> to find several ledges leading down to 1F. Jump down to the second ledge<br/><br/> and use Cherry Bomb to blow open the wall and find the big bud containing<br/><br/> the bead.<br/><br/>#19 In Tsuta Ruins, after destroying the statues that are spreading the poison<br/><br/> in the water on 2F. Jump down that waterfall and look behind it to find a<br/><br/> pot and a wall. Use a Cherry Bomb to blow the wall and find the big bud<br/><br/> containing a bead.<br/><br/>#20 In the far east room on floor 1F of the Tsuta Ruins, look for a flower<br/><br/> bud above a platform. Use Vine to get up there and then head north to find<br/><br/> a big bud containing the bead.<br/><br/>#21 Inside the cave where you fought Waka in Taka Pass. Use Power Slash on the<br/><br/> bubbles in the pond that's to the right of the large column.<br/><br/>#22 At Taka Pass, to the left of the Cutter's House. Look for a bright digging<br/><br/> spot at night near the water.<br/><br/>#23 At the west side of Taka Pass. Look for the couple of foxes on the north<br/><br/> side of the path, then walk south a few feet to find a yellow corner of<br/><br/> a chest sticking out of the ground.<br/><br/>#24 Use Galestorm on the pile of leaves near Spring Girl in Taka Pass to<br/><br/> uncover the chest.<br/><br/>#25 Inside the second flame chest in the cave that leads to the Guardian<br/><br/> Sapling at Taka Pass. Use Galestorm on the flames.<br/><br/>#26 After learning Digging Champ at the Ryoshima Coast dojo, return to Taka<br/><br/> Pass and dig up the crack with yellow light near Bingo the excavator.<br/><br/> You'll find several chests, one containing the bead.<br/><br/>#27 In Kusa Village follow the path that leads up the mountain. From the spot<br/><br/> where you first find Princess Fuse, turn left and follow the wall at night<br/><br/> to find a bright digging spot.<br/><br/>#28 Enter Mr. Bamboo's house in Kusa Village and look for the corner of a chest<br/><br/> sticking out of the sand. Dig it up to get the bead.<br/><br/>#29 After attaining the Galestorm brush power, head to the path behind Mrs.<br/><br/> Plum's Inn at Kusa Village. Use Vine to get up to the wooden ledge above<br/><br/> the Inn and run east to the end of the walkway. Use Galestorm on those carp<br/><br/> streamers and jump across them to reach the basket containing the bead<br/><br/> on the other side.<br/><br/>#30 At the entrance to Sasa Sanctuary, dig in the bright spot to the left of<br/><br/> the gate.<br/><br/>#31 Enter the Sparrow Inn at Sasa Sanctuary and go into the first room on the<br/><br/> left on the top floor. Use your brush to fill in the missing eye of that<br/><br/> big red statue to get the bead.<br/><br/>#32 In the small crevice at the northern tip of the bamboo thicket near Sparrow<br/><br/> Inn, there will be some bright digging spots. Dig up the one on the right<br/><br/> for the bead.<br/><br/>#33 At the elevator on floor 1F of the Gale Shrine, stand outside the elevator<br/><br/> and plant a Cherry Bomb in the center to make it go up to 2F. Jump into<br/><br/> the hole to find the bead in one of the chests.<br/><br/>#34 In a chest shielded by flames on floor 2F of the Gale Shrine.<br/><br/>#35 After completing Oni Island, return to the small cave near the entrance to<br/><br/> Gale Shrine and battle the Kusa 5. They'll be much tougher this time, so<br/><br/> make sure to equip lots of Vengeance Slips, Steel Sakes, and Holy Bones<br/><br/> before taking them on. Use Cherry Bombs and your strongest weapon to<br/><br/> defeat all of the Canine Warriors and earn the bead.<br/><br/>#36 Head down to the southern tip of the river at City Checkpoint at night and<br/><br/> look for a bright digging spot between some long grass.<br/><br/>#37 Use Galestorm or Waterspout to put out the flames and open the chest near<br/><br/> the waterfall of the south-east river bank in the City Checkpoint.<br/><br/>#38 After restoring all the dead grass at the west side of City Checkpoint,<br/><br/> look for a corner of a chest sticking out of the ground near a boulder on<br/><br/> the south side.<br/><br/>#39 Get to the bridge at the City Checkpoint. Use Vine to pull yourself onto<br/><br/> the flower bud above the bridge and keep swinging from one vine to the next<br/><br/> until you reach the last one above the rock and torches. Drop down to find<br/><br/> the chest.<br/><br/>#40 Use the Water Tablet to run to the north end of the river and find the<br/><br/> chest containing the bead.<br/><br/>#41 Inside a chest on top of the ship at Ryoshima. Swim out to it and run up<br/><br/> the fallen beam to reach it.<br/><br/>#42 After closing a Devil Gate at the west end of Ryoshima Coast, near the<br/><br/> path to Sei-an City, a bunch of hares will appear. There will be a lonely<br/><br/> black and white among the group of all white hares. Feed it and take it<br/><br/> to the Animal Lover to get Praise and a Stray Bead.<br/><br/>#43 Dig in the hard ground in front of the dojo at Ryoshima Coast.<br/><br/>#44 Return to the spider den in east Ryoshima Coast after you defeat the spider<br/><br/> and fight through a series of Devil Gates to get the bead.<br/><br/>#45 Challenge Hayate at Ryoshima Coast to a third race and beat him to get the<br/><br/> bead.<br/><br/>#46 In a chest in the south-west canal in Sei-an City.<br/><br/>#47 Inside the closet in Mr. Flower's house in north-east Sei-an City. You'll<br/><br/> need to dig to uncover it.<br/><br/>#48 Complete the Charcoal Girl side quest in Sei-an City Commoners' Quarters.<br/><br/>#49 Get the Tao Mask from Hayazo the thief in Seian City C. Qtr, then take the<br/><br/> mask to Abe in the hidden chamber in the south-west corner. Use Waterspout<br/><br/> to get up there.<br/><br/>#50 Paint a dot in the dirt in front of Camille and Camellia at Sei-an City<br/><br/> C. Qtr, then use Deluge to create a rainstorm. Talk to them afterwards<br/><br/> to get the bead from Camellia.<br/><br/>#51 Enter the Sei-an A. Qtr and cross the first bridge at night, then make<br/><br/> a right turn. You'll see the bright light between some grass.<br/><br/>#52 Defeat Komuso's enemies in Sei-an City A. Qtr in about 24 seconds or less<br/><br/> to get the bead. You'll need to complete his challenges in Kamiki Village<br/><br/> and Kusa Village before he shows up here.<br/><br/>#53 Jump into the water on the north-east side of the bridge and look for the<br/><br/> chest deep in the water.<br/><br/>#54 Get past the guards at the Queen's palace gates and run around to the west<br/><br/> side to find a small path. It leads to the chest containing the bead.<br/><br/>#55 Inside a basket in Queen Himiko's chambers, in Sei-an City A. Qtr.<br/><br/>#56 Complete Oni Island, then race Ida at Shinshu Field to get the Gimmick<br/><br/> Gear. Now head to Gen's tower in the north-east part of Sei-an City A. Qtr.<br/><br/> Get up to the chamber at the top and give him the Gimmick Gear, then create<br/><br/> a bolt of lightning to get the machine running. Use the electricity to open<br/><br/> the chest and get the bead.<br/><br/>#57 In an alcove in the eastern hallway of the Sunken Ship in Ryoshima.<br/><br/>#58 Inside the final treasure room in the Sunken Ship.<br/><br/>#59 Dig up the bright spot just outside the Emperor's chamber at the<br/><br/> Imperial Palace.<br/><br/>#60 Search to the left of the broken stairs that used to lead up to Watcher's<br/><br/> Cape at N. Ryoshima Coast, and you'll find a buried chest.<br/><br/>#61 In a buried chest near the cows and Yoichi on the east side of N. Ryoshima<br/><br/> Coast.<br/><br/>#62 Found on the large south-west island in N. Ryoshima Coast. Look for a<br/><br/> bright digging spot at night.<br/><br/>#63 Look for a cracked hole on the east side of N. Ryoshima Coast. Inside<br/><br/> you'll find several chests, one containing the bead.<br/><br/>#64 Go to an Origin Mirror and use Mist Warp to move to an area called<br/><br/> N. Ryoshima Coast (Rocky Area). Open the chest for the bead.<br/><br/>#65 Return to the spider den on the small island in N. Ryoshima Coast after<br/><br/> you defeat the spider and fight through a series of Devil Gates to get the<br/><br/> bead.<br/><br/>#66 Go to Dragon Palace and restore the grass over the spot where the Water<br/><br/> Dragon used to be. Take the Treasure Box from there to Urashima on the<br/><br/> beach at N. Ryoshima Coast to get the bead.<br/><br/>#67 On a platform about seven eigths of the way up Catcall Tower.<br/><br/>#68 After first reaching the top of Catcall Tower, jump all the way down and<br/><br/> return to the top. When you return a chest containing a bead will appear.<br/><br/>#69 Atop the east tower inside the Catcall Tower area.<br/><br/>#70 Look for a crack in the wall under the stairs at Dragon Palace. Blow it<br/><br/> open and jump inside to find a few chests, one containing the bead.<br/><br/>#71 Use Rejuvenation to restore the missing column at the Soothing Spring in<br/><br/> the Dragon Palace and reach the chest at the top.<br/><br/>#72 Inside a clam in the dragon's garden at Dragon Palace.<br/><br/>#73 Talk to Queen Otohime after completing Oni Island and she will give you<br/><br/> the bead.<br/><br/>#74 Head to south-east Kamui and look for a buried chest to the right of the<br/><br/> dojo, near some snowmen.<br/><br/>#75 In the cave in west Kamui, follow the path to the right when you reach the<br/><br/> intersection. This leads to an ice block with a chest containing the<br/><br/> bead.<br/><br/>#76 Head up to the top of the path that leads to Wep'keer, but turn right and<br/><br/> jump down onto the terrace of the frozen waterfall. Jump down one more<br/><br/> level to find a chest and the bead inside.<br/><br/>#77 In Kamui, just a bit east and a bit south of Wali's house. Look for the<br/><br/> buried chest at night.<br/><br/>#78 Defeat Blockhead Grande in the cavern under the frozen river in Kamui.<br/><br/>#79 You'll find a Bandit Spider inside a cave beyond a cracked wall in the<br/><br/> north of Kamui. Defeat it and return to find a series of Devil Gates. I<br/><br/> recommend you tackle this series of gates when you have THE strongest<br/><br/> possible weapon, a lot of items (I'm talking 20 or more of each battle<br/><br/> item), and about an hour. Your reward will be a stray bead.<br/><br/>#80 In a buried chest in south Wep'keer, on a ledge near the water.<br/><br/>#81 In a niche in the wall of the north-east section of Wap'keer. Look for a<br/><br/> bear next to the chest.<br/><br/>#82 In a buried chest in west Wep'keer, along the path to the highest building<br/><br/> in the village.<br/><br/>#83 In a buried chest in south Wep'keer Square.<br/><br/>#84 On the far east ledge in Lake Laochi/Ezofuji. Use Vine to reach the icy<br/><br/> chest that contains it.<br/><br/>#85 From the ledge in north Lake Laochi/Ezofuji with the dry digging spot,<br/><br/> Vine up to a high flower bud and jump to the northern middle ledge. Run<br/><br/> all the way to the east end to find the buried chest.<br/><br/>#86 Head to the Affun Gate, then look east to find a flower bud. Vine yourself<br/><br/> over there then jump onto the north ledge. There you'll find a dry pool<br/><br/> with the buried chest.<br/><br/>#87 Use Mist Warp on an origin mirror and teleport to the rocky area in south-<br/><br/> east Ezofuji. There you'll find several chests, one containing the bead.<br/><br/>#88 The seventh chest on the path through Yoshpet.<br/><br/>#89 In section 3 of Yoshpet, run to the end and make a right turn when the <br/><br/> arrow points to the left. You'll find a buried chest at the end of that<br/><br/> path.<br/><br/>#90 Talk to Kai at the entrance to Yoshpet after completing the Wawku Shrine<br/><br/> and she'll challenge you to a race. Beat her to earn the bead.<br/><br/>#91 Start by getting to the top of the tree on the east side of Pon'tan, then<br/><br/> jump down onto the large mushroom in the center. From there, use Vine to<br/><br/> get to the south-east house and run to the top. Use Vine again to reach the<br/><br/> lily pad near the entrance and open the chest.<br/><br/>#92 On the lily pad farthest to the north on the west side of Ponc'tan. You'll<br/><br/> need to approach from the west.<br/><br/>#93 Talk to Ishaku in Ponc'tan after completing the Wawku Shrine to get this<br/><br/> bead.<br/><br/>#94 The second chest along the path in Inner Yoshpet.<br/><br/>#95 Before proceeding to the end of section 2 in Inner Yoshpet, you'll see a<br/><br/> path on the left with old purple trees. Follow that path to find the chest.<br/><br/>#96 In a chest in section 3 of Inner Yoshpet, halfway across the wall on the<br/><br/> right side with the paw prints.<br/><br/>#97 Blow up the two cannons at the entrance to Wawku Shrine by deflecting their<br/><br/> fireballs, then dig up the chests to find the bead.<br/><br/>#98 Use Blizzard to freeze the up/down spider on Wawku Shrine 4F, along the<br/><br/> path to the blizzard machine. Hop on it to reach the high ledge and the<br/><br/> chest.<br/><br/>#99 In Wawku Shrine 5F, after freezing the first spider on this floor, use it<br/><br/> to reach a ledge just above the spider. There you'll find some clay pots<br/><br/> and the chest.<br/><br/>#100 You get this at Ark of Yamato after completing the="=" LEGAL / MISC.="<br/"><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/> Guide Credits<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>Thanks to these folks...<br/><br/>1. Clover Studio for coming on strong after the success of Viewtiful Joe. Okami<br/><br/> is easily a must-own title for the PS2.<br/><br/>2. Stephen Ng from for sending me the game. Thanks, bro!<br/><br/>3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his excellent guide for Bart vs. the Space<br/><br/> Mutants guide. It's awesomeness inspired the over 50 guides I've written to<br/><br/> date.<br/><br/>4. Elonka, for the extra stray bead tips.<br/><br/>5. Thank YOU for reading!<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/> Contact Information<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>The address is: darksub01 (at) yahoo (dot) com<br/><br/>The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely respond to<br/><br/>any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without a subject. Put<br/><br/>'Okami Beads FAQ' or something similar in the subject line.<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/> Legal Stuff<br/><br/>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br/><br/>1. &#169;CloverStudio Co., Ltd. 2006 All Rights Reserved. DISTRIBUTED BY CAPCOM<br/><br/> CO., LTD.<br/><br/>2. This guide copyright &#169; 2006 SubSane. The guide was written exclusively<br/><br/> for and will only be hosted at Any tough guys who feel like<br/><br/> taking it and posting it in a public forum will have to contend with<br/><br/>'s legal department.<br/><br/>&#169;2012-06-21, IGN Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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