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<LINK REL="stylesheet" HREF="" TYPE="text/css">When we were kids, we had to walk ten feet in the snow to get to school. We also had to play with boring, non-Zelda LEGOs. Okay, so that first part is a lie, but the second part is completely true - and it's tragic, right? But if one man's noble mission proves successful, future generations of Hylians will never have to pretend they're playing with a blockhead version of Link and Zelda like we did. They'll be able to score the real deal instead.<br/><br/><img src="" /><br/>A Great Diagram of the Zelda Timeline<br/><br/>Zelda fan Michael Inglis has started a CUUSOO crusade to get an official The Legend of Zelda LEGO set made. He's already racked up quite a few votes, but if he has any hope of achieving his goal, he's going to need plenty more.<br/><br/><img src="" /><br/>HYA!!<br/><br/>You can check out his LEGO designs <a target="_blank" href="">here</a>, and while you're there be sure to toss him a vote to support the cause. Sure, the chances of this all panning out is probably slim to none, but you've got to admire the man for at least trying.<br/><br/><img src="" /><br/>Wipe that smirk off your face, Groose.<br/><br/>Never stop dreaming, fellow gamers. Never.<br/><br/><DIV CLASS="IGNE_divider"></DIV><br/><br/><i>Audrey Drake is an Associate Editor of and a proud member of the IGN Nintendo team. She is also a lifelong gamer, a frequent banisher of evil and a wielder of various legendary blades. You can follow her zany exploits on her <b><a target="_blank" href="">IGN blog</a></b> and <b><a target="_blank" href="">Twitter</a></b>. Game on!</i><br/><br/><br><br/><br/>&#169;2012-05-03, IGN Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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