Game Cheats

Transport Tycoon Deluxe

<P>To activate the cheats below, use the Sign (place it anywhere) and type in the codes listed below.</p><P>Note: Cheats must be in this format: "Cht: Example" or "Cht: Example XXX". Where XXX is a number of your choosing.</p><UL><LI><B>Cht: AllEngines</b> - Lets you have access to all current engines</li><LI><B>Cht: AllVehicles</b> - Lets you have access to all current vehicles</li><LI><B>Cht: Tracks XXX</b> - For XXX, 1 = railroad, 2 = monorail, 3 = maglev</li><LI><B>Cht: Money <desired number></b> - The maximum you can get is 2 billion</li><LI><B>Cht: Subsidy</b> - You cannot create a subsidy of your own; it creates a random subsidy</li><LI><B>Cht: Year XXXX</b> - Limit is 1921 to 2099</li></ul><BR>

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