Harvest Moon

Also available for: Wii

A downloadable version of the classic SNES game, provided through Nintendo's Virtual Console service.<p>Released for the Super Nintendo in 1998, this is the first in the now legendary Harvest Moon series of farm simulation games. Starting off with nothing but a few fields and empty stables, you must build up your farm in order to reach your ultimate goal -- matrimony!<p>Plant and harvest different crops, buy and breed cows and chickens and earn money by selling your produce. You can court a potential wife from several girls in town, but you&#8217;ll need to work on upgrading that modest house of yours if she's ever going to want to move in!

Release Date: 02/11/2008

Genre: RPG

ESRB Rating: E

Games Ratings

  • 8.5


    Colorful, detailed and overall excellent spritework. Harvest Moon was a late-generation release for the 16-bit SNES, and it used the hardware well.

  • 7.5


    Good music that matches the mood of each day and represents the progression of time, and the game's changing seasons.

  • 9


    With five different girls to potentially woo as a wife, tons of different strategies for how to rebuild your farm and multiple endings, Harvest Moon's home to excellent replay value.

  • 8


    A combination farming simulation and RPG, Harvest Moon offers a compelling design that seems like it would be tedious, but ends up being addictive instead.

  • 8


    The story is yours to define &#8211; after your parents leave you alone to fend for the farm, it's up to you to decide which direction the plot takes next.

  • 8.5


Chatting with the Creator of Harvest Moon

Is Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada more of a farmer or a rancher? Read on to find out!

VC Update: 2/11/08

Two games, two cult classics.

Harvest Moon Review

Working the fields was never so much fun.

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