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Advertising Data Is Getting Turned Into A…

The data from our online activities can help shape extremely precise political advertisements, too.

Trump Announces Justice Department Will Propose…

President Trump on Friday announced a proposal by the Justice Department proposal to ban bump stocks.

Top 3 Things You Missed In Deadpool 2 Trailer

Deadpool 2's latest trailer is an absolute beast, but what did you miss from it? WatchMojo presents the Top 3 Most Important Things You May Have Missed From the Deadpool Trailer! Watch to find out everything you need to know!

The Most Famous Introverts in History

Many famous people are larger than life, but introverts can conquer the world too. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the scoop on the three most influential.

Many Say '13 Reasons Why' Is Dangerous; Netflix…

Netflix recently announced the series' second season would feature pre-episode warnings and more resources for viewers.

Report: Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor, Jets Agree…

Former Redskins wide receiver Terrelle Pryor has agreed to a deal with the Jets, reports NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

This Is How The NRA Got So Powerful

This Is How The NRA Got So Powerful

Trump signs spending bill despite veto threat

President Donald Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill to keep the federal government open through September, after threatening to veto. CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports.

58-Year-Old Plus Size Model Takes the Runway by…

At 58 years old, Kathi Callahan is getting back into modeling and says she doesn`t care if she doesn`t fit the regular mold for the job.

Hailey Baldwin Has A NEW Man!: You Will NEVER…

Hailey Baldwin might have herself a new man but don’t worry everyone, it isn’t Shawn Mendes.This new guy, just like Shawn, and her rumored ex boyfriend, Justin Bieber, is a successful musician. Hailey seems to have a type! Brunette rock stars are her go-to…Did you guess who it was before watching the video? Let us know in the comments below!

Will Kawhi Leonard's Handling of Injury Scare…

Is Kawhi Leonard's ongoing drama with the San Antonio Spurs hurting his stock around the league?

Lil Yachty Says He Once Had a Jewelry Addiction

You truly won't believe some of the pieces the rapper has in his collection.

Steins;Gate Elite Coming to the West in 2018

Steins;Gate Elite is an updated version of the beloved 2009 sci-fi visual novel.

The ‘Workaholics’ Guys Have A Hilarious New M…

The “Workaholics” guys’ new movie is a tribute to ‘80’s action films. Anders Holm explained, “I grew up on like, ‘Robocop’ and like, ‘Predator,’ like ‘Robocop’ was like my sh*t. And I wanted to do, like, a comedic take on something and have that kind of violence.” “Game Over, Man!” definitely delivers on its “Die Hard” inspirations. It follows three housekeepers who try to stop terrorists from taking over their hotel. And of course, it features copious amounts of violence and explosions. The guys came up with the idea making the 2011 “Office Campout” episode of “Workaholics.” The improve that made “Workoholics” so funny is definitely present in their new film. “We’re coming from 7 seasons of a show that we did together where we were improving and so it’s just — it would be silly for us to put and constraints on our improv ability. We know each other so well, and it just kind of — it just enhances the movie, really.” The gang said the show was about “36% improvised,” whish they tried to top in their 1st movie. The three are established comedy icons but they had to step up their game for the action scenes. They also did an extensive about of research for the film, so that can be the right amount of authentic. The movie will be released today — so if you’re in need of some action, then look no further than your Netflix account.

Scientists Willingly Got Hacked To Create A Map…

In a new study, computer scientists allowed themselves to be hacked so they could trace how their ransom payments traveled around the world.

Scientists Witness Orcas Killing Calf In Unusual…

In a rare infanticide case, scientists have observed orcas killing a calf.

This is Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Made a…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made an unannounced visit to Northern Ireland. Buzz60's TC Newman tells you why.

Anton Yelchin's Parents Settle With Carmaker…

The "Star Trek" actor died in 2016 after his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled down his driveway and trapped him against the entrance to his property.

When It Comes To Addressing Social Issues, NBA…

How do the NBA and the NFL differ in how they handle social issues? SI Now host Robin Lundberg shares his thoughts.

Royal Wedding Invitations

Royal Wedding Invitations

Tapper: Trump's battle with facts continues

CNN's Jake Tapper says that the President's "battle with the facts" continued during his press conference after signing a $1.3 trillion federal spending bill.

Trump Says He ‘Will Never Sign a Bill Like This…

President Donald Trump said Friday he will sign the $1.3 trillion spending bill despite threatening to veto it earlier in the day.

Sofia Richie Trying To Replace Kourtney…

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are in a relationship that apparently no one wants. Lionel Richie and Nicole Richie both pleaded with Sofia to break up. But Sofia’s transformation to look more and more like Kourtney has not gone unnoticed. Is this a way to solidify her place in the Kardashian family? Is she trying to become stepmom to Scott Disick’s kids? Let us know all your thoughts on this crazy relationship in the comments below!

Are Johnny Manziel's Efforts All for Naught?

Thirteen NFL teams came out to watch Johnny Manziel throw at San Diego pro day. Were they impressed with what they saw?

Bill Hader Remembers the Time He Met Tom Cruise

The star of HBO’s “Barry” tells never-heard stories about his favorite roles—including the one from the children’s movie he doesn’t remember being in.

Here's Why Rick and Morty Season 4 Is Being Held…

During an appearance on Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s SModcast (via Newsweek), Harmon explained contract negotiations between him, Justin Roiland and Adult Swim's parent company Turner is to blame for Season 4's delay. According to Harmon, talks with the network have gotten complicated this time around.

Market recap for Friday March 23rd

Market recap for Friday March 23rd

Why Trump Threatened To Veto A Massive Spending…

President Donald Trump's tweet that said he might veto the bill put Washington, D.C., on edge as the funding deadline approached.

Trump Says He's Signed Spending Bill Despite…

President Trump on Friday said he's signed the massive spending bill.